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Author has written 2 stories for Spirited Away.

name (i perfer not to tell)so i use innitales RRNR

penname I-perfer-2-b-weird-11

fave movie:spirited away

fave tv shows

code lyoko(sp?),teentitens and myth busters (that show is just funny)

fave characters: chihiro& haku :b wat a cute couple!

fave couples : Spirited Away chihiro&haku;teentitens starfire&robin, beastboy&raven;code lyoko jermie&alighta(?),urlich&yumi;harry potter ;harry&hermione,ron&luna,ginny&harry.

fave web site :fan fiction and www.badgerbadgerbadger.com ,and last but not least www.happytreefriends.com!

:b means i'm talking to anyone.

i like:hiphop/rap; blue,crisim,black,angelic white;being weird; writting; being a monkey;laughing mybutt off things!;and dogs!

i dislike: guy who think that thier all that;people who tease fat kids;people who cheat;country music;cats;school(my mums a teacher!);populare girls:the color pink;snakes; and the list goes on for ever!

eye color dark brown looks sorta black

skin color tan

hair color blackdown to my knees

weight skinny about 90-100

hight 5"5'


hi i'm a 13 1/2year old writer and i'm obbsesing over Spirited Away. Its all i talk about. i like to write about it,i have a story called secrets of life and proud both up now.and thats all i can think of.
i also have a friend named Kitten Cat Meow. she has 2 storys up ( i frogot there names -_-) shes a normal (or so u think) girl look at her profile for more.we are cuurently writting a story under the name 'chichi and kitten' keep a wacth for it my loyal readers!
okay i think i should add some qoutes!

"if Jesus went to school...'Jesus i saw u through those spit balls at Moses one week of detention'" my friend jen

"if i only have a brian!"scarecrow from wizerd of oz!

"i wanna go...poo!" me whan i really wanted to go out side and my sister wnated to play in a poo invested yard.

"my booty hurts!" me agin when i was 6.

"hey wanna apple..wait it's a pear!" my friend sarah

'look under the toga!"tacobell thing

"get down from there before i hit u with a pizza!"sarah agian

"i know what ice age means..a lot of ice for a age!"erin my future step sis


"haha!...WHAT!" me when i think something bad and it turns out good!

"i have mastered the force (licks hand and puts toward a face! )haha see u leaned back from me!" my little sister Amelia

"so..bored...(-_-)zzzz"me while people i didn't know graduate( my mom had to graduate with a masters and we had to stay 4 the whole thing)

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