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Hey whats up!

AngelicVampire here! Welcome.

So alittle about myself i guess?

I LOVE Vampires!!! They are my life. Especially Twilight ( the awesome book). Edward Cullen -Swoon!-

I LOVE anime just as much, although i haven't been up to date with any of them yet.. im supa busy, its a surprise i even got to get on and update anything!

I'm ASIAN. my family is form the Philippines, but i was born here! YEAH!

I'm in highschool as of now, taking some classes to become a doctor. Three science classes to be exact! but i enjoy the work, it keeps me busy. Some people think im weird cuz i actually like work. Im not that smart, but I still enjoy the challenge of hard work.

i seriously hate it when people bother me when im working. It annoys the crap out of me. And i might very well blow up in your face if you do bother me. But thats besides the point. Lots of things annoy me. even the smallesr of the small annoy me sometimes on my bad days. Yes, i do have a temper. but doesnt everyone? -Laughs-.. But over all i can be really nice.. if you're on my good side.

Writing is one of my passions and i would take a profession in it if i dont do so well in medicine. But i really dont thiknk im that good of a writer. I love to write and make up stories so that exactly what i do. if its not good then dont read my stories. simple. but i love it when people review them. even when its a bad one. the bad ones i dont enjoy that much but, i cant please everyone!

Music is another one of my loves. I play the violin in my school orchestra and compete with them too.. whenever we go to competitiones.. which is not offten. but when we do i love it. Although i prefer to play on my own and not follow in an orchestra. It gives me a sense of freedom. I listen to rock music and any kind of music really, but mostly rock. Like MCR ( they are sexy!), Three days Grace, FlyLeaf, Korn, ect...

Horror is my life and weird is me! normalcy has never and will never work for me. I love the thrill of getting scared out of my mind. I believe that we should live life on the edge and not be afraid of it. We should explore the darkest corners and come out victorious! lots of people think im a total emo.. and im not. because lables dont work for me. I dont like them. we dont need them.. and i wish i could get rid of them. but i cant its here.. like gobal warmimg. yeah i know that sounds really weird...

Fav colors:

anything paired with black.. lol...

Fav books:


New Moon


Cirque Du Freak series (14 books)

Vampire kisses... all (there's four so far)

Silver Kisses

Demon in my View

Chinese Cinderella

ughhh.. toooo many!

Ok.. so i guess thats all.. message me if you want to talk! K! Peace!

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Vampire love and war reviews
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