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Sir, I wanna buy these shoes, for my momma please.

It's Christmas eve and these shoes are just her size.

Could you hurry sir?

Daddy says there's not much time

You see:

She's been sick for quite a while

and I know these shoes will make her smile and I

want her to look beautiful

If momma meets Jesus to-night.

~ Christmas Shoes by Newsong.

Hey Everyone! My Real name is Emmy and I Live in the dungeon of my black despair!

I have a Beagle named Kiawah and a little Brother and sister. I have two loving Parents,

Proud member of the Dramatic Black Cloak Addicts, You can find me on there as 'KrazyKirby'

Please Everyone call me Emmy or Die. ( @@)

God bless you with a wonderful day!
A Blooming singer, Emelie

Faith is to believe in what you do not see, the reward for faith is to see what you believe

What your luffly author wishes to wear: Flannel Red Pj's with white snowflakes on 'em no socks or anything. A blue, no sleeved shirt covered by a comfurtable dark gray sleeved sweeatshirt, and it's a Wisconsin one.

I ship: Maureen/Johanne Roger/Mimi Collins/Angel, Ponyboy/Cherry, Sweeney/Mrs. Lovett, Anthony/Johanna

98 percent of teenagers do or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent who hasn't, copy & paste this in your profile.

My Books that are meh favs: The Holy Bible

Harry Potter, The Phantom of the Opera, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Cronicles of Narnia 1-5, PHANTOM by Susan Kay, The Outsiders, That was then, This is now; Rumble Fish, Taming the Star Runner, Tex, Rangers Apprentice, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse,

Movies: Harry Potter; Narnia; Hoodwinked!; Phantom of the Opera; To Kill a mockingbird; A Christmas Story; The Grinch that stole Christmas; The Polar Express; Lord of the rings; Lassie; The Outsiders, Over the Hedge, West Side Story; Rent; Chicago; Kiss me Kate; Grease; The Karate Kid; Sweeney Todd; Enchanted; The Game Plan;


My Angel, My Dear: A poem I wrote, free-verse, about Christine going back on her d

escision. Not one of my favorite poems. Rated: K+ Progress: Complete. Pairing: ErikXChristine

Safe: Another Free-verse for Phantom. Just a poem I wrote when I was having a writers block. Not one of my best works. Rated: K+ Progress: Complete Pairings: None.

The Dream Of Heaven: I LOVE This one! I think it's my best works, song-phic based off "Castle on a Cloud" Religous. My other Kay based Phic (Meow? is the other, if you were wondering) Rated: K+ Progress: Complete Pairings: None.

The Final Hour: My first Phantom Poem. I love it muchly. Warning, Character Death. Erik's, to be persise but on the good note, he goes to heaven!. My Only Leroux based Poem/Phic. Rated: K+ Progress: Complete Pairings: None.

Funny lines my friends and I have said:

Danny: Worlds Worst Neighbor.


"I can imagine Judge Turpin pulling out "Sex for Dummies" and showing it to Anthony on accident" ~ Me.

"The Tango-Ralph! Gotta dance til your...Diva? Is throughhhh!" -Me. Talking to Shoe. About Ralph Macchio. Yyyeahhh

"Kiawah, I am on a quest to retrieve something of sugar, chocolate and...dough..."- Me.

-Cleaning up the trash my dog got into- "I WANNA COOKIE!"-M

Emily: U'd be a good leader. U no when to give out cookies...

Me: . Thank you. -Shoe and I over AIM

"Sodapop is Diet, and Johnnycake is sugar free..." ~ Once again, I and Kate...

"It's under the influence of ZOMBIE PENGUINS!" ~ I and Kate

"Johnnycakes, are very yummy!" ~ Me

"It's a small butt world!" ~ Kate and I after watching "The Outsiders" at one in the morning.

"Sodapop has big feet" ~ Me

"I do whatever the voices in my head tell me too" ~ One of my Spanish teachers buttons.

Ponyboy: D: But Penguins CAN'T tapdance! And they're not real penguins! AND WHAT'S WITH THE REAL PEOPLE AND FAKE PENGUINS?!

Me: Welcome to Pixar. Population: 500 animated, 50 real. Enjoy your stay. ~ Ponyboy after Happy Feet.

Johnny Muse: Well, sorry I don't take up enough space to be remembered at a stupid Movie House! ~ Johnny Muse, when he had to "run" to catch up with me when I accidentally left him at the "Happy Feet" Theature

Me: My Johnny muse thinks I'm smart, pretty and funny. (He does, feel free to ask him anytime)

Danny: Now if only it was true. ~ Me and my brother, yesturday (1-2-07) While going to the Movie Theature


"Give yourself a HUGE tip, on me, then Fire yourself." ~ My Brother to my Sister while playing a game.

Kate: "When I grow up I want to be a CHEESE farmer."

Me: "Kate... Cheese comes from Cow Milk..."

Kate: "NO! I will have cheese grow from the ground and they will be Cheese Trees!"

Me: "What Color is the Sky in your world?"

Kate: "Blue, But it rains Milk."

~ Kate and I during lunch.

Kate(after watching "stranger then you dreamt it"): "I wouldn't mind living with Erik..."

Me:" I wouldn't mind either, even though it'd be cold"

Kate: "And smelly..."

Me: o.O "Erik lives near a LAKE not a SEWER!"

Kate: " I TOTALLY knew that..."

~ Kate and I last weekend

Dad: "Why don't you just wear headphones?!"

Me: "...I'm afraid I'll lose them..."

"Screw Disney World! I HAVE A ROLLY CHAIR!" ~Me

Faith is to believe in what you do not see, the reward for Faith is to see what you believe.

~ My Youth Leader on a post-card she sent me. I dunno if it's from the Bible or not. -scratches head- I just love this saying though. (Edit: It's from the bible)

" In a KILT!" ~ Kate and I

"never steal Eriks teddy, it makes him sad."


"Beneath the Cafiteria, we know she's there, she's gives us homework, it's everywhere!

And when the class begins, we always find, OOOOUUURRRR TTTEEEAACCCHHHEEERRR has a worksheet for us to do, and we're runnin' out a time!"

~ Me and my Song-Spaz Friend M.C.

"Is that some B.S.?" ~My L.A. teacher, and she means book sneaking. Silly goose.

Emily: Can I borrow a piece of Paper?

Me: What's the magic word?

Emily: ...

Me: ...

Emily: I love you. (No, she is not gay.)

Me: O.o

~ Me and Emily in L.A... again

Me: "I used the Magic of Scotch Tape!"

Emily: Ohhh Getting a little complex, are we?" ~ Me and Emily during L.A. one day,

"Can You pass the Squee?" ~ Emily when I yelled 'SQUEE!' and had to tell her what it is. She still doesn't get it. Poor Lass.

"Fog is cool, it's not clear enough to be mist, but not dense enough to be a cloud!" ~Me to Sarah(TOTS)

"IT'S A BENDIBLE TEDDY! WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR?" ~Me at my friends house, when my other friend found a bendible teddy bear from UNICEF(However ya'll spell it.))

"Courderoy is evil, it's the reason that we started the revolotionary war with the british." ~Me, don't ask.

"Mommy, we're here to buy swords, not toys. OH LOOK! JESUS!" ~ My sister in a oritmant/Christmas store seeing a nativity set.

"No all he needs to do is slick back his hair and put on a white mask and sing then, he'll be the perfect crush." Me, to my friend when she asked me if my crush was perfect. ((-drools-))

Emily: Heh Elm!

Me: Yeah?

Emliy: Hows Stuff?

Me: Whats stuff? OH! You mean shutuff! (Shu- tuff its a term our choir derector uses)

Emily: Yeah sure, shutuff,

Me: -screams-SHUTUFF TASKTIC! ~Emily and I walking to our track meet !

"ARE YOU WRITING IT DOWN!? DON'T WRITE IT DOWN!!" ~ Patrick, his reaction to me writing down below XD

Everybodys a winner inside. Only, real winners get candy! ~Patrick in French class (don't ask and don't tell him... he almost tackled me for writing it down)

You humans and your entertainment ways... ~Me at the movie theater.

I don't care how dam high the grasshopper jumps! JUST SHUT UP! ~Claire in study hall when i kept muttering 'The grasshopper I tell you JUMPS JOLLY HIGH!

"Damm Richard who thinks my cowboy boots are sexy felts!" - Bobby(friend) at the kiddie park

"Hoora for ferret boy!" -Me after watching the fourth movie.

"Well I'll be darned!" My dad after just finding out there's a light on the video camra.

Claire: Every 8second, someone dies because they smoked (true fact here)

Me: -looks at clock- One Misssissippi Twooo mississipppi

Claire: EMMY

ITS THE OPERA GHOST! ~Me at my brothers 5-a-day preformance when the lights went out.

Danny(brother): I don't have any girlfriends.

Me(mutteringloudly): Thats 'cause your a homo

Mom: EMMY !! ( FYI my brother's not homo... I hope he's not anyway!!)

"Hand at the level of your eyes. DAMMIT! HANDS AT THE LEVEL OF YOUR EYES!" ~Me going downstairs to the basement of my aunts house.

Claire: "Your crazy!"

Me: Oh AM I? -laughs loudly and evilly-

Claire: Yes.

ANTS FROM HELL! -Me five minutes ago when a huge ant crawled on the desk

ELLO POPPETS! LOVELY DAY AN' OLL 'AT! ~ me pretending to be british

"PMS is my past, preasant and future!" My to my dad when he asked my why I'm drinking hot chocolate in the summer

" I've got a lovely bunch of sexy Phantoms deededeede there they are running away from me! Sexy ones hot ones, one in peters tights!" ~me in an e-mail to my friend

Me: Erik needs a hug...

Claire: You do that... -later-

Me: Erik needs a hug...

Claire: OK -later-

Me: Erik needs a hug


Me: I can't, he's dead that's why he needs a hug :(

Claire: Whatever...

Me: Whoever I end up going out with must dress in all black, have a horrible disfigurement, live under an opera house, sing and have a sensitive side.

Dad: Emelie, I'm afraid you're going to live alone.

I am in the car with my mother=


Mom: -whispers- Strange girl..~ Me and my mom...

~is on a chatroom with one of my DBCA buddies~


friend: O_o

Friend: You're weird...

me:... O)_o maybe I am~ Me and ES one night!

TV/Book/Movie lines:

"Link, what were Patrick Henry's famous last words?"

"...Kiss My ass?" -Hairspray

"She stole my Garter!" ~ Velma Kelly CHICAGO

"I gave you a GOOD haircut!" ~ C. Thomas Howell... again... on the Commentary

"Ponyboy as a Roman Senitor!"~ C. Thomas Howell on the Commentary

"Man, That's gross!" ~ Johnny Cade THE OUTSIDERS

"Alright... get your jollies." ~ Johnny Cade THE OUTSIDERS

Ponyboy: How come you don't worry about him -gestures to Sodapop- So much?

Darry: Man, that's one little brother I don't have to worry about. He can use his head for at least one thing, to grow hair on!"~ Darry and Ponyboy THE OUTSIDERS

Darry: Man, That guy sure had sharp teeth...~ Darry THE OUTSIDERS

Steve: I dunno, Soda, I think it makes me look tuff. Whadda you think?

Soda: I think it makes you look different.

Steve: Whadda you mean, Different?

Soda: You have a hole in your mouth. ~ Steve Randle and Sodapop Curtis, THE OUTSIDERS

Debra: "When I want to talk to Raymond, and he's watching TV I know I only have 30 seconds during the commercial break. Unless there's a woman, a truck with big tires or God forbid a MONKEY!" ~ Debra, Everybody loves Raymond.

"I LIKE PIE!" ~ Frank from Everybody Loves Raymond.

Squidward: Spongebob, let me explain this to you: I order the food, you cook the food, People eat the food. We do that for twenty years, and then we die. ~ Spongebob Squarepants

"I'm so nefarious, that means I'm evil!" ~ A vocab movie in L.A. we were watching.

"Have you ever given a driving lesson before?

In a mini-van? No, think of it as a Bradley assualt veichle(Sp?)

Yeah... espically when Zoeys driving.." ~ The Pacifier

London: I'm back! Who missed me?

Everyone: -silent-

London: I brought presants!

Everyone: rushes forward We missed you a lot! ~ Suite Life of Zach and Cody

"When in doubt, Bring out the pepper!" ~ Sheen from Jimmy Neutron.


"WHere is it? Where's the thump-thump?" Capt. Jack Sparrow.

"I'm Doing the Laundry!" ~ The Tick (It's a show on toondisney that my brother watches)

"hahahaha! The Blond boys a LUSAR!" ~Subway

"Who could possibly figure that out? That's completly mental!" ~Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire

"Harry! Take my waist!" ~Parvarti, from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

"Ronald would like me to tell you, that Semus told Parvarti that Dean told Ron that Hagrid was looking for you...

Harry: Wait What?" ~ Harry and Hermione from Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire.

"May I have anything I want?

"Within reason

May I have two of them?

Why should you need two?

So that I can save one when the other is used up

What is it you want?

Erik I've had quite enough of this silly game now if you don't tell me what you want you shall recive nothing

I want- I want two

For Gosh sakes! Two what?

kisses" ~ Susan Kay's Phantom Page 30. HA YOU CAN"T SUE ME NOW!

Now, it's time for!


From now on, I Emmy, promise to be more descriptive in my stories!

((May 29)) I Promise to be on and update more.

Thank you for your time.

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