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Author has written 11 stories for Warriors, Danny Phantom, Wicked, Cats, Harry Potter, and RENT.

Description: 16-years-old, short brown hair (and an emo haircut), 5'2" (and a half!), blue/green/gray eyes, freckles (my mom is convinced I'm gonna get skin cancer. Gee, thanks for the support, mom), pale skin (being goth AND Irish, I never see the sun), always wears glasses (NEVER contacts), always wearing black (its the goth in me :P), usually found singing, or joking aroung with friends.

A lot of people tend to message me sayin that they are just like me. That's cuz I'm the average happily heavy American teenage white Jersey trash girl. Well...I do have some umm...unique(?) qualities, but that's for my friends to know and you people to never find out. Ok? Ok.

My pen name is xWiCkEdxGhOsTx, but I usually work under the name Elphaba, Fabala, Fae, or Elphie since thats my name. If you are going to e-mail/review me, call me that. And don't give me the crap that I like Wicked so much I faked my name. I get that enough at school. Elphaba is the name, don't wear it out.

Gender- female...duh!

Status- taken (by the most amazing boy on this Earth!!)

Personality: sarcastic and different like Elphaba (that includes her singing skills!)(Wicked), gothic and moody like Sam (Danny Phantom), strong and kick-ass like Suze (Mediator), innocently sluty and stubborn like Holly (The Wedding Singer), optomistic and out-going like Tracy (Hairspray), romantic and funny like Kate (Avenue Q), brave and adventurous like Firestar (Warriors), love-hopeful and understanding like Julia (The Wedding Singer), dedicated and an attention-whore like Maureen (Rent), and finally clumsy and unpopular like Mia (Princess Diaries)

10 Random Facts about ME!!:

1. I growl in my sleep

2. I haven't worn color in 5 years (not voluntarily, at least)

3. I don't eat anything that once lived in water

4. My room was customized for me, by my dad, with a loft bed and a whole wall filled with Broadway playbills, tickets, ads, and posters

5. I haven't truely enjoyed pop, rock, metal, or alternative music since the 6th grade

6. I despise Paris Hilton and anyone like her

7. I've had braces for 4 years (that's 2 years longer then intended)

8. I fall asleep listening to music

9. I have only moved once before

10. the first movie I ever saw in theaters was 101 Dalmatians (when I was REALLY young)


song- mostly anything from Wicked, Avenue Q, Hairspray, Little Shop of Horrors, Brooklyn: the musical, The Sound of Music, The Music Man, Forbidden Broadway, Altar Boyz, 42nd Street, The Producers, Cats, The Wedding Singer, Rocky Horror Picture show, and Rent (or anything Broadway!)

food- baby back ribs, mashed potatoes, corn, bagels, muffins (they have to have some kind of chocolate in them though), junkfood, Twerpz, Fresca, Snack Packs, and pizza (not all together though...ew)

movie- Harry Potter 5 (plus the rest of them), The Wizard of Oz, both Princess Diaries movies, Lady and the Tramp 2, Little Shop of Horrors, Hairspray, The Wedding Singer, Happy Feet, Employee of the Month, Billy Madison, 50 First Dates, Secondhand Lions, Disturbia, and Cats

book- Warriors series, Harry Potter series, Wicked, Son of a Witch, Princess Diaries series (I like the author, sue me!), Mediator series, Teen Idol, 10 Things to do Before I Die, How my Private Personal Journal Became a Bestseller, Bras and Broomsticks, Frogs and French Kisses, Oh my Goth, and The Isabel Factor

TV show- Danny Phantom, I Shouldn't be Alive, High school stories:scandals, pranks, and controversies, Made, Family Guy

Singers/Bands- Idina Menzel, Stephen Lynch, Eden Esponisa, John Partridge, Jacob Brent, Ellen Green, Jesse L. Martin, Savage Garden, and The Robbie Hart Band (true, they aren't real but they ROCK in the movie!)


UR MA'AM ~~Kaitlin, Mariann and me (instead of 'yo mama')

I'm the other daughter, Elphaba, I'm beautifully tragic. ~~(Wicked) Elphaba (she was so totally talking about me)

I don't cause commotions. I am one. ~~(Wicked) Elphaba (Ditto- so totally me)

...Gator... ~~ Me and Kaitlin (no real reason for this one...)

Before you critcize someone, walk a mile in their shoes, that way, when you critcize them, you're a mile away, AND YOU HAVE THEIR SHOES! ~~Unknown (must have been someone funny though!)

E' GODS! ~~Me, Mariann, and our entire cast of The Music Man

Did somebody say FIRE! ~~Roy (haha...Roy)

I'm not fit... ~~Alec (after being put in football class in gym)

You are coming to the carnival with us and we are going to stuff you with all the zeppolies we can fit in your giant mouth! ~~Me and Kaitlin (to Alec)

Oh my God! It's Heather from the kegger! ~~Me, Kaitlin and Mariann (to Heather...duh)

God, your just like Jeff! ~~Some drunk girl at Josh's wedding (to Emma)

Your disgusting. Your pants are icky, and I hate you. ~~Me, my sister, and our cousin Emma

Wait up, Muffin! ~~Me to Alec

I AM afraid! ~~Eddie

Where's my phone? ~~Mariann (btw, she was asking her mom, who she was talking to on her phone)

Would you like a Twizla, sir? If so, please state your location now... ~~Me, Mariann, and Kaitlin (from last year, but when I remembered it, Pepsi came out of my nose.)

Attention K-mart shoppers! Is Elphaba in the building? ~~Eddie (when I wouldn't answer him one day in Youth Group)

Not today, Capt'n Dildo! ~~Dane Cook (me and Katie were laugh SO hard at this during play practice, we fell over)

No! I mean the breakup as in the movie! ~~Flash (he was actually talking about someone he likes breaking up with her boyfriend at lunch that day, but lots of people were listening, so he lied for once)

Your mom's a ghetto tree!! ~~Lexii (I tried to teach her how and when to use "your mom" jokes properly... I guess I'm a bad teacher)

No! No! Naughty KOOL-AID!! ~~Eddie (lol, one of the reasons I love this guy: he so so freakin RANDOM!)

I fuckin' love you, man! ~~DJ (she thought it up, but it is now a running joke at our lunch table and Eddie almost choked on soda when he heard me say it once. ((it is not uncommon to hear this screamed down the hallway, accomponied by a teacher (((usually Capt'n Dildo, our name for our World Cultures teacher))) giving us, yet another, detention)))

Elphie, --sigh-- I think you're a virgin. ~~Kaitlin (do NOT ask!)

Guys, just SHINE! ~~ Kelsey (one of our choir songs is called 'Shine' and it's kinda weird, so being us, we make fun of it and Kels was REALLY random that day)

I like your booty, but I'm not gay! ~~Katie (crazy times at band camp...)

We don't twirl flags! We twirl them! Wait... ~~Mariann (sigh I still love her though :P)

I know! We have to wear these all the time. We stick balls up them! ~~Heather Z. (I love my Guard girls)


Rap music, most healthy food, the color pink, braces (which I just got off after 4 years!), getting up early in the morning, eating fish or any seafood, running/any game that has to do with any kind of ball (except football) in gym, and long sleeve shirts (they make my arms look really long and skinny; more so than they already are)


swimming, reading, writing, drawing, dogs (I have one, a Brittney Spaniel named Blaze), summer (no school), fall (not too hot, not too cold + my b-day), Broadway music, playin the guitar, New York City (who doesn't? Living in Jersey, I get to go there all the time), hanging out with my friends, Dane Cook (that Dane Cook is a silly bitch), colorguard (just joined this year and I can't get enough of it!), the colors green purple and black, and Rupert Grint (Oh my god! I've loved Rupert for like... ever!((for the freaks who don't know, Rupert Grint is Ron Weasly in all the Harry Potter movies)))

Idols- Idina Menzel (she rocks at being Elphaba! And Maureen), Rupert Grint (he's a great actor and he's HOTT), Jesse L. Martin (yes, he is from Law and Order but I like him cuz he's from Rent), John Partridge --Mariann and I squeal with glee while Kaitlin looks at us in disgust-- (he is The Rum Tum Tugger in the movie of Cats and he is SO HOTT! It helps that he wears spandex the ENTIRE movie), Adam Sandler (he's really funny but I think he is much better in more serious roles like Robbie or Henry), Dane Cook (see above ), Haley Joel Osment (he is so CUTE! He's in a tie for first with Rupert Grint on the hotness scale)

Songs that describe me:

Won't say I'm in Love- from Hercules

I'll be there for you- Friends theme song (dedicated to Mariann and Kaitlin and everyone at Antioch XIII)

I'm not that girl- from Wicked

Defying Gravity- from Wicked (me)

It Sucks to be Me- from Avenue Q (me...duh)

At the Beginning- from Anastisa

The Wizard and I- from Wicked (me)

For Good- from Wicked (me and Mariann)

Crash and Burn- by Savage Garden

Truly, Madly, Deeply- by Savage Garden

Schandenfreude- from Avenue Q (don't tell me that you don't agree with this song!)

Purpose-from Avenue Q (mainly, this song is what everyone wants)

If I Told You- from The Wedding Singer

Not that Kind of Thing- from The Wedding Singer

Right in Front of Your Eyes- from The Wedding Singer

Can't take my Eyes off You- from Jersey Boys

Crazy for this Girl- Evan and Jaron (though for me, it'd be Crazy for this GUY)

Couples I approve of (in no perticular order)

Tracy and Link from Hairspray

Elphaba and Fiyero from Wicked

Taylor and Faith from Brooklyn

Collins and Angel from Rent

Roger and Mimi from Rent

Maureen and Joanne from Rent

Penny and Seaweed from Hairspray

Marian and Harold from The Music Man

Kate and Princeton from Avenue Q

Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight from Warriors

Leafpool and Crowfeather from Warriors

Firestar and Sandstorm from Warriors

Graystripe and Silverstream from Warriors

Danny and Sam from Danny Phantom

Harry and Hermione from Harry Potter

Robbie and Julia from The Wedding Singer

NeWs!--4/3/06--I got a new account on Fiction Press.com! I'm CoLlInSXAnGeL-4eva check out my stories that I made up off the top of my head!

NeWs!--4/4/06-- okay, sorry to all fans of Danny: the Musical. I'm tryin really hard to focus on the state testing that we're doin at school and to update all my stories, including Supernatural High. Excuse any late entries and please accept my apologies in disappointing you...I really am tryin!

NeWs!--4/10/06-- tonight I am workin on the latest chapter of Danny the Musical so all you fans can raise the roof! Sorry if it's too short but I want to get it up before tomorrow when I see Hairspray! Yea! I can't wait!

NeWs!--6/16/06-- if you haven't already noticed, I posted the next two chapters in Danny the Musical yesterday and the day before. I'm working on the next chapter, called Musical Boot Camp, where Danny and Sam go to play practice.

NeWs!--9/12/06-- I finished Danny: the Musical the other day! It was sad to end, but I found out what the title of the sequel is. My best friend, xGaLiNdA-fIeDxPhAnToMx is writing it and its called Danny: the Musical 2- No Day But Today

NeWs!--10/22/06-- Sorry, but my computer broke down awhile ago and I had to wait to get a new one. But, I'm back now and I'm definatly going to make up for lost time. I might just add a chapter to all my unfinished stories.

NeWs!--11/12/06-- HaPpY BiRtHdAy to me! I started the third chapter to Tugger's Trouble (finally!) and I'm writing a new Rent story! I might post it now, if I'm done, but I'm not sure I am yet. We find out what this year's school play is tomorrow!! I'm so excited!

NeWs!--11/16/06-- EwWwWwWwW!! The school's play is The Sound of Music. No offense to anyone else, but I personally HATE that musical. I'm trying out for Lisel, Marta, Brigetta, and Gretal. (Lisel gets to kiss Rolf and that's who Eddie's trying out for! Must. Get. Part.)

NeWs!--12/27/06-- I just updated The Musical Life of Danny Phantom and New Bohemians! Sorry it took so long but with all school work and now the play coming up, my free time is pretty much done. Guess what? Eddie gave me a Christmas gift! (just so you know, this is awesome because he's a junior and I'm an eighth grader). Since I love Wicked, he gave me the piano and vocals book and said that he'd love to help me with my talent show song anytime! I really love him (and anyone who is actually reading this)

NeWs!--1/11/07-- I'm writin the next couple of chapters in The Musical Life of Danny Phantom and New Bohemians as we speak so they will be up soon! Today was THE best Eddie day ever! I talked to him all day and I love him so much!

NeWs!--1/24/07-- I posted a bunch of chapters in New Bohemians the last couple of days and I'm havin some trouble with The Musical Life of Danny Phantom (I wrote and re-wrote the next chapter almost 4 times and I'm still not happy with it.) So that might take awhile. Sorry, I'll posted it as soon as I'm halfway satisfyed with it!

NeWs!--1/27/07-- Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. If it wasn't a Friday, then it would have sucked even more. I found out that Eddie is in love with a bitch. Also, I told one of my best guyfriends (Flash) that I liked him. Now he won't talk to me. I lost all insperation and won't be writing for awhile.

NeWs!--3/13/07-- okay! I have a new-found faith in life! Yes, Eddie has a girlfriend, but that's okay! Because I know he still cares about me! Okay, so today, we took a state test called the GEPA and its HUGE for the 8th graders at my school so anyway, it was the math section and I didn't have my calculator so I asked to borrow Eddie's and when he gave it to me, the Valentine's Day candy-gram label I sent him was on the cover! It had a little teddy bear on it with hearts and it said "To Eddie, Love Elphie" he smiled when he handed it to me!! OMG! I love him more then ever!

NeWs!-- 4/22/07-- I've decided to write a memoir. I know, you're all SO excited to hear more about my life. It should be pretty good though. Believe it or not, I have quite and interesting life. And some AMAZING love life stories! (as some of you will already notice ((see above))) Check it out on FictionPress! Here's the link to my profile-- http://www.fictionpress.com/u/519376/

NeWs!-- 8/24/07-- I finally updated The Musical Life of Danny Phantom and I am still working on the next chapters of Tugger's Troubles (no, I didn't forget about that story) and New Bohos. They should be up soon if I get time to finish them. I have band camp for the next 2 weeks so I dunno how long the stories will take. Spinning flags for Colorguard at a 7 hour band camp for 2 weeks can take a lot out of you. Happy Birthday, Rupert Grint!

NeWs!-- 11/8/07-- Yea, so I haven't been on in about 3 months... Since then, I got my braces off, Eddie's going out with my friend Katherine, school started and I'm already flunking every class except Honors English, Creative Writing, and Marching Band/Choir. It kinda sucks, so I haven't written in awhile. I'm sorry. I'll try and update as soon as I have a minute of free time.

NeWs!-- 12/15/08-- It's been over a year... wow. I really hope to update soon, but I've been so swamped with sophomore year; it's insane! Well a quick fill in on life: I'm dating my friend Elliot, I'm Nancy in my school's production of Bye Bye Birdie, and life is good. I have a few things to write about, so I should be updating soon! (I'm not making any promises though!)

Typing my name:

with my toes: elphabbaa

with my nose: elphaba

without looking: e;phsbs

with my elbow: elphyaba

with my tongue: elphhhaba

with my knee: fvr.l'nnhjmdfsnmj vf (the only letter I got was l, and its in the wrong place)

behind my back: ejphama

with a pen in my teeth and my eyes closed: elpyaba

That was fun...

My YouTube Channel= http://www.youtube.com/xWICKEDxGHOSTx - check it out! I might be making vids to go along with some of my stories!

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