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Author has written 6 stories for Animorphs, StarCraft, Song of the Lioness, Bible, and Lord of the Rings.
Welcome all!

LT here, and this is my little blurb out to you!
I'm a writer outside of fanfic, and am working on several original projects of my own unrelated to other works of fiction. As such, though I will attempt to update weekly each piece, but no promises. Also, if there is a particular story you (my readers) would like to see update more often, just emal away to me telling me so. I'll try to keep a list of when stories will be worked on.

Current standings of stories:
1. Animorphs: Morphlings (Not updated for this week.)
2. Journal of Luke (Updated for this week)
3. Loki's Rebellion (Not updated for this week.)
4. Following Michael (Not updated for this week.)
5. Shadowhand (Not updated for this week.)
6. Unnamed Harry Potter Alternate Book 7.
7. Sixth Istar (Updated for this Week)

A note on number 5 and 6:
Shadowhand will end about three quarters through the writing, because of issues regarding the plot at that point. Work is being done to correct the problem to make the story work, but there is no guarentee this work will be done before reaching the 3/4th mark.
The Unnamed piece is being written, and will be submitted once completed in full, most likely around the release of the seventh book itself.

A Note on 2 and 4:
Journal of Luke and Following Michael are NOT, I repeat, are NOT in the same continuum. They are completely separate pieces. However, in the near future, two new Journals, Journal of Mike, and Journal of Gabby, will be out, and they ARE in fact connected to the Journal of Luke. I may right a piece on Lucifer, but only if I see significant interent in PMs and comments asking for it.

-LT out

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