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Author has written 16 stories for Metal Slug, Saber Marionette J, Marvel, Command & Conquer, Pokémon, StarCraft, and Prototype.

Alias: Kenovin, Mr Annoy, MegaAuthor
DOB: 11th Jun, Malaysia
Skill: Doodling character I find it inspiring, fan fiction story according to the facts given, reading war novel like Halo, Immediate Brainstorming
Likes: Creating characters out of thin air (mostly for Fanfiction stories), stories with strong facts and major cliffhanging (Like Halo 2 "Finishing the fight sir" then shows a credit about Bungle... EPIC SHOCK!!!)
Dislikes: Cheap and predictable movie ending (seriously), Lousy ending from cheap Fics, Yaoi content fics, and weak storyline. NO HORROR MOVIES FOR ME THANK YOU!
Motto: "..."
"Write on, for ever lasting peace!"
"You sir, earn a Favorite!"
"Gotta Write 'em ALL!"

General video game interest: 'Classic' FPS, RTS, Fighting game (easy to learn, difficult to master type), Horror-Survival, Sand-box games, JRPG, Base Management, Brain teaser, 'Classic' platform shooter, 'Classic' platform adventure, Bloody hack-and-slash and at least 6-12 hours long gameplay length game.

General video game disinterest: Sport games of any kind, Pure Horror games, games that make absolutely no sense in terms of plot and storytelling, Fighting games (learn this combo or you'll lose type)

General music interest: Mostly J-pop music, occasionally some good old English music as well. Video game music is best and always worth listening to.

General music disinterest: Todays English music; they're full of hack, too emotional and too much sexual appeal in form of music.

General show interest: English shows that had good action, humour, character development and slight horror as well as a wealth of information on today and future society. Shows like CSI (all three series) or History Channels is not only entertaining to watch, but also rather educational. Certain number of movie that manages to live up with the hype and shows more than expected that gives its original taste. Anime shows that has good plot, character development and actually allows the audience to CARE for such episode in a given general EPISODES and has an absolute ending. Certain number of anime that catches these quality is 80s, at best.

General show disinterest: Music TV (they are horrible), Pure horror shows/movie, Adult Cartoon that had tons of adult, toilet and sexual jokes (don't ask; I just find is all offending. Plus, they remain the same after so many years of airing and have no character development whatsoever), Hollywood Movie in general (their old cliché story is getting old; hero meet villain, hero got damsel in distress, villain catch damsel, hero rescue damsel, hero had relationship with damsel in a sexual way, hero kill villain, rinse and repeat.) Anime shows that spans over 200 episodes and still has nowhere near the ending (good lord how many more episode do we have to wait!?)

About me: Greetings fellow Fanfic writer. I'm Megaauthor, Chinese origin living in Malaysia. I write fics during my free time (it turns out that writing fic is also consider a hobby whenever I'm not playing computer games), and are generally only write them when I have an actual idea how it would turn out and have a definite ending for said fics. My English is bearable, though my grammar is somewhat lacking for better use of vocabulary, since it is my second language (I speak Hokkein, a type of Chinese verse, despite not being able to write in Chinese) and Malay is my third language (mixing up with the local has its benefits). Generally I love to share tons of idea brewing in my mind regarding about fanfiction, since it is easy to make a simple story and ensure the plot is as interesting as possible and catches the attention of many.

Generally I like Action and adventure theme fics, a little humor in general that is good for laugh and a sense of hurt/comfort fics. However, since I'm a spot-on writer, my fics tend to be have well verse fact based on the fic I'm writing, not assumption and guesses, purely cold hard fact inspired fics, and anything that bounces off that in principles are not favored by me.

I'm not known for my writing skills or my grammar, but I'm known for my lengthy reviews. Those who I give long reviews means I personally like their story while shorter ones only promote a hint of love/hate situation. I generously poke out some fun facts and gives extra hints or ideas to those who befriend me, as well for typo error checking (since my grammar is rather weak, spotting typo mistake is the best I could do).

Special Thanks:
Soldier of the Future (for an awesome idea to cram tons of games into one, just don't overdo it man)
UltimateB3ll (Goes to Law school now and had not heard from her. Still, Credits goes to her for Beta)
Avatar-of-Kane (For being the only dude to have an awesome Command and ConquerXStarcraft as well as lending me the Info Zone. God I'm an idiot for not thinking this before!)
Lil Einjeru (For being my sister, no seriously, your Mai Hime Fic is the only thing that keeps me away from Love/Hurt related Fic)
Super Chocolate Bear (Most Epic, detail and hair risen fic ever produce, and a great Fanfic too, especially his Half-Life series!)
Sydney Grise (Great Megaman Fic, though confusing due to their name change. Will review your Vocaloid fic soon)
Z98 (aside of his weird name, he is a good Diablo fic as well as Command and Conquer fic.)
Luvweaver (wherever you are, your SMJ fic inspire me to do my first SMJ EVAR! I miss you man! I miss your awesome SMJ FICS!!! COME BACK!!!) Read his fic in here or here

Update: (30/7/13)

The third chapter of Starcraft AU Tiberium Trilogy is up, unfortunately I have to split it up to two chapters. The reason behind it is because the last chapter is suppose to be figuring 4 heroes going into the enemy territory attempting to place the nuke, but along the way I have to develop each character their own personality, their traits and battle analysis, as well as attempting to reveal what the enemy really are in the first place. Don't worry though, there is a lot of action and humor going on, as well as very heavy emotion at the outcome, so it is safe to say I did rather well in the execution.

However, doing three chapters non-stop without touching my own Fic has been bothering me, so I will delay the final chapter part 2 for a bit as I tackle several of my own fanfic before returning to this awesome universe. This way I can continue to gain more insightful ideas to add into StarCraft AU as I go along.

Thank you for your patience, and I'll see you guys next time!


Update: (18/9/13)

A new fanfic chapter is now complete, this time another Pokémon fanfic. This one however sets on Soldier of the Future (SOTF) own version. Another fanfic will be up soon - Saber Marionette J to U Revival Chapter 04, provided that I manage to finish it off before doing some Halloween fanfic for October. I have also add the Fanfic Progression Status to those who are curious regarding the said fanfic in my care.


Update: (22/9/13)

Another chapter done, this time its my long running (well, before it got deleted and remake that is) fanfic! Nothing much to say except to make progress the next chapter. Still can't believe I manage to finish this one in record time - 15 days to be exact. Oh well. Next fic, Starcraft; Blackout! Get ready for a sci-fi/ horror fanfic with a dash of creepypasta!


Update: (1/11/13)

BOO! Its Halloween! And despite being here in Malaysia and not celebrating such festivity, I guess I can't pass up the chance to do a Sci-fi/Horror story fanfic. Now that it is complete, I'm going to continue with Avatar's Special Chapter. If your reading this mate, sorry for making you wait; but the last chapter will be done by the end of November!

Dev Ideas;

This is new to me; but as I continue to produce wonderful idea for fanfic purpose, more ideas came to play in my head. From simple ideas to plot, to storyline and eventually branched into an actual fanfic, the urge to make these idea into reality is... well... intoxicating. These are generally my idea, and I'm hoping to make these fanfic came true in the near future... hopefully before I grew too old and wondering what this blinking box, stationary board and some gibberish object to my right is.


1. Through the Grimoire; Diablo 3
The idea of Final Fantasy character on a Diablo 3 setting has begin to creep on me. Since the hero in Diablo 3 is powerful but dull, I intended to change that by removing the Diablo 3 heroes and throws in 5 Final Fantasy Tactics A2 races, the Hume, the Bangaa, the Moogle, the Nu Mou and the Viera, all with FFA2 gear, all with FFA2 class change ability and with Diablo 3 inventory slots. Yes folks, I'm going to break this game to million of tiny pieces... and its going to be EPIC!

2. Pokémon Sinnoh to Kanto, Raine Reddin's Epic Quest
An original Pokémon female character from Sinnoh who is suffering a rare Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD), Raine Reddins, being unable to help her father, Horums Reddins to do business on a Poke Mart due to her age appearance of an 12 year girl, goes on a Pokémon Adventure of her own. She is the much earlier Raine Reddins on my own fanfic, and is depicted as naïve, childish and stubborn character in her initial years as a Pokémon Trainer before becoming a well distinguished, top trainer. Her goal? To meet up with the Pokémon Trainer named Ash Ketchum, and to have a battle with him. There will be a lot of Manga cast Pokémon Trainers as well, such as Green, Yellow, Blue, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, so on ad so forth in this (or rather, her) epic quest. The story will end as soon as she reach Kanto, and whenever I want to continue from there is yet to be told.


Street Fighters - Sakura Ganbaru! Wild Bloom

A sort-of sequel to the Japanese Manga with the same title, Kasugano Sakura has graduated from her high school days in pursue of... Being a physical education teacher! Yes folks, she intend to become a teacher to teach the student the wonderful world of Street Fighting! And she is doing rather well protecting the school she work in by protecting her student and ward off bullies from rival schools. That is until the new headmaster who sees street fighter as a barbaric sport wanted Miss Sakura to drop what she is doing and pursue the goal of baseball of all things! She will not have it!

Fanfic Progression Status;

1. Starcraft AU Tiberium Galaxy; Primus -Final Chapter -
2. Operation Blacklight Purity -
3. Saber Marionette J to U; Revival
4. Street Fighters - Sakura Ganbaru! Wild Bloom

Story created so far;

Special Commission Fanfic;
Starcraft AU Tiberium Galaxy; Primus (3/4 chapters complete)
The United Earth Directorate has been defeated, they are now currently retreating towards parts unknown where the Zerg Swarm finish the UED off from the face of Koprulu Sector... or did they? From the highly addictive story arch from Avatar-of-Kane comes a spin-off canon story on how the UED presents remain on Koprulu Sector and beyond!

Pokemon Uprising; Legends
Up on Mt. Silver, the legendary trainer known as Red watches the world from below, waiting for his worthy opponent to appear. He has defeated many who claim to be better than him, and yet Red find no satisfaction at dealing with Trainers who's ego boosted by their greed of wealth, fame or power. Archeus, the Fated Legendary Pokémon appear before him and strike an interesting conversation with the enigmatic Pokémon Trainer. Bases on the SOTF Pokémon Uprising universe.
Update: - Completed

Full Length Stories:-

Saber Marionette Catagory;

Saber Marionette J to U; Revival(Not complete)
Took place right after the second last episode of Saber Marionette J to X where the saber girls sacrifice themself to save Terra II and their origin planet Earth. Although the girls are reborn as a human, Otaru begin to had a feedback due to his heatlh what's worse is that an outside force detected Terra II's present and launch an all out exploration to conquer Terra II. Otaru and the new Saber Girls had to reestablish and counter back, but can they survive when these exploration team has much higher technology than them?
Update:- Fic is now on-going, no further update until otherwise

Metal Slug Catagory;

Metal Slug 6(Complete)
Metal Slug 6 in a wacky way with explosive action and full of non cameo characters such as Lina Inverse and Soviet Marching band. As Marco and the team exhausted by the entire Morden/Martian thingy, a new enemy arise, and what more better way than to call them again? So get ready those guns and boots, forget about brushing your teeth and peeling potatoes soldier, it's war, and I mean it!
Update:- No update; this fic is complete

Prototype Crossover Catagory;

Operation Blacklight Purity(CROSSOVER)
KILL, DECEIVE, CONSUME!!! That is the main theme for this fic! Happen prior before Prototype 2, as the military now boosting defenses all around NYC, Alex Mercer, who had survive the nuclear explosion off the coast of New York City is now station at Red Zone infected area for some quiet time when he is challenged by none other than Marvel heroes and villains! Though the most dangerous man had little to do but to stay away from such affair, the moment they cross the line is the moment they provoke the slumbering beast to feed! Generally speaking; ALEX MERCER IS PISSED!
Update:- Fic is on going

One-shot storys:-

Good Fridays. (Complete)
Its been months, perhaps years after the last bloody conflict between the Rebellion and PF squads. With such quiet moment, Fio asked Marco out on a date. See what happens when a good date turn horrible wrong, and in a good way too!

Bikers and Angel. (Complete)
After the War Tarma decided to finish up his custom bike to show how great he is, but with Eri close to ignoring Tarma's warning not to touch his bike, how then will he find a solution? read to find out!!

Operation First Date (Complete)
Direct sequel to Bikers and Angel, Eri wishes to apologize Tarma for burning his garage and his custom bike thus she offer Tarma that she will do anything to repay the damages. Tarma use this opportunity to go out on a date which Eri is unfamiliar with, expect humor and romance to the max.

Christmas with Prince Kassad (Complete)

Prelude of Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour of some sort... General Alexander and two Chinese General are to find and identify the whereabouts of the enigmatic Stealth General, and it so happens that Prince Kassad is gladly give them a hand! What could go wrong? Well for starters... Prince Kassad IS THE STEALTH GENERAL!

[Prototype] Black Civil War (Complete)

An AU version of Operation Blacklight Purity; the story focus on how the Blackwatch won against Alex J. Mercer when they authorise Operation Firebreak earlier in the game, killing Mercer. Due to the cover-up of the said explosions, Marvel heroes blame the destruction of New York City on Villains who in turn were innocent bystanders. Both were on a neck to neck battle when the The Super Organization Powered Act and People's Ideal, Public Act offensive bill comes into law, forcing the costume heroes and villains to either submit and register or to be hunted down and trial for untold crimes. To makes matters worst; the Blackwatch returns, and this time, they are now marking every colourful Marvel mutants and they will either capture the mutant quietly or kill them on site. SOPA and PIPA puns ARE intended.

A Day Called Valentine (Complete)

The three marionettes learn of a special day meant for lovers back on Earth called Valentines day. A day where boys and girls who love each other would do what seems to be a magical dream. Problem is, none of the automaton girls knows how to do this the first time it was around! Read as they all carefully tries to win the heart of their master Mamiya Otaru in a battle against one another and keep on beating Hanagata Misturugi sorry character off script! 4th wall will break sooner or later.

Raine's Quest; Red, the Pokemon Master (Complete)
Raine's Reddins is on a quest in search of Ash Kethum throughout the Pokemon world only to syumble upon an enigmatic Pokemon Trainer named Red at the top of Mt. Silver, who so happens to be the world's first Pokemon Master! This story is focus on my own Original Character only. This character may or may not be a canon to Soldier of the Future own design character which I submit a year ago (2011). Go read his Pokemon Heroes; Uprising fic for a different version of Raine.

Hell March to the Apocalypse (Complete)
Ever wonder what it was like during the first Soviet invasion, where the ground is trumbling with the sound of the Soviet march, the reddish tank over the horizon, the flying rockets slamming into your home, and the biggest tank no man had ever seen steamroll your neighbourhood and crushing any liberty and freedom you ever have? Relive that moment in the worst case scenario of the unprepared Allied forces caught with their pants down in these short, suspense tale of the second war, in Red Alert 2!

Raine's Quest; Raine VS Red (Complete)
A direct sequel to the first one, Raine continue her story telling on how she lost her major battle against the one and only Pokemon Master, Red. Lost and shocked, she return home in depression and on the verge of giving up her dreams of being a Pokemon Master herself only to found herself face to face with the Pokemon Champion Jimmy Ethan of the Johto League, who also happens to be the young man who defeated Red and earn his rightful name Gold.

Starcraft; Blackout (Complete)

A Sci-fi/horror fanfic, it tells tale of the Dominion capital ship Battlecruiser Blackout that has lost communication for 6 months on a Protoss space. After discovering its location, the Dominion send in a retrieve party. A Dominion Hercules Transport Shuttle are send in to reactivate the Capital ship, only to have the team of highly skilled soldiers to witness the unimaginable horror lies waiting for them, and these are not Protoss, Zerg or Terran's doing. If it is an enemy they cannot truly kill, then they are royally fucked. Halloween Special Fanfic.

Fic no longer in production:-
-Megaman X; Corrupt Justice
This fic has been long, dragging legacy of the once famous Megaman franchise. Because of Capcom misused of this legendary blue bomber (who also happen to be their flagship), I no longer feel compel to complete the series or make another chapter for this fic. This is my second fic I made, and though my first one was salvageable (Saber Marionette), this one unfortunately cannot be reconstructed due to heavy number of OC being in the fic itself. To all authors who contribute their OC to me, I thank you all for your support thus far, but today this Megaman chapter is commencing shutdown, and there will no longer be another Megaman Fic until further notice.

-Marvel vs Capcom (working title)
No, this is no April Fool joke; I'm shutting this down. If you wanna blame somebody for this tragic, blame it to Capcom. Many people weren't on the forum and little respond to make it any less lively (perhaps it was a mistake to even open one in the first place,) so the entire story is one big led down, and a waste of space. On the plus side, I have to worry less about the next big chapter.

-Declassified; Metal Slug 7
A long and story short, I had a hard time letting this story go. I love me some shoot 'em ups expecially on the platform. I love Gunstar Superheroes, I love Contra, I love Metal Slug, I love those games because they can push your mentality to the max with crazily difficulties setting, I love these games because you get to fight awesome, badass 2D sprite boss which could take up an entire length of the screen, I love anything which screams out Platform and Shoot 'em Up. So this one is a tough decision my fellow fan writers. I thank every single one of you who post a review for this fanfic (especially you SOTF) but it is time to close the curtain for our heroes on the Metal SLug universe. Perhaps when I find an actualy idea, a general idea, I'll redo this fanfic again.

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Pokemon Heroes: Uprising by Soldier of the Future reviews
Team Rocket has resurfaced, and Ash has finished the Sinnoh League yet something reminds him of an old friend in Alto Mare. With old and new friends coming together, an all-new adventure begins as they discover a new type of evil waiting over the horizon...and secrets that were never meant for mortal knowledge.
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 33 - Words: 533,394 - Reviews: 245 - Favs: 112 - Follows: 89 - Updated: 3/7 - Published: 1/30/2011 - Latios, Ash K./Satoshi, Jimmy/Kenta, Riley/Gen
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He had been captured; Alex Mercer knew that much was obvious. But if that was the case, why had his captors just left him there without security? How had he ended up in a bunker buried in some kind of giant desert? Where was everyone? And when the hell did bottlecaps become currency?
Crossover - Fallout & Prototype - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Suspense - Chapters: 14 - Words: 88,765 - Reviews: 467 - Favs: 640 - Follows: 715 - Updated: 1/23 - Published: 10/11/2012 - Arcade G., Courier, Alex M./Zeus
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Crossover - StarCraft & Mass Effect - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 6 - Words: 78,697 - Reviews: 415 - Favs: 1,178 - Follows: 1,361 - Updated: 12/24/2013 - Published: 3/24/2013
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Crossover - StarCraft & Command & Conquer - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 29 - Words: 297,309 - Reviews: 228 - Favs: 118 - Follows: 110 - Updated: 11/30/2013 - Published: 6/23/2010 - James R., Kane
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Peace has come to Sanctuary since the defeat of the Prime Evils. However, Marko Ramius, last of the Companions of Order that faced the Three, knows that this is but the calm before the storm. Seeking allies, he prepares for the inevitable invasion.
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Batman meets Alex Mercer who is seeking to redeem himself for his past by ridding Gotham of its crime, but with extremely lethal methods. Now The Caped Crusader must find a way to contain Mercer before the Living Disease murders all but one of the super-villains in Gotham after the city is once again cut off from the world... with all of them trapped in it.
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Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Friendship - Chapters: 12 - Words: 156,094 - Reviews: 136 - Favs: 32 - Follows: 21 - Updated: 6/20/2012 - Published: 10/28/2010 - Ash K./Satoshi, Pikachu
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