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Aloha mai kakou!

My name is Kaleialohalani and I live in Lahaina, on Maui. I am 19 years old and finally an alumni of Lahainaluna High School, graduating class of 2008. I'm currently enrolled at the University of Hawai'i at Hilo. I'm majoring in marine science and Hawaiian studies, both of which I have a passion for. I have a lot on my hands now but I love to learn and that's why I love school so much. My friends think I'm weird, but I just think that I'm unique. I love to express myself and that's another reason why I love to write stories. I love to write Inuyasha stories because of my unique imagination and use of words that allow me to paint a story for readers to experience themselves (or so my reviewers say). I tend to draw an audience emotionally into my writing and I have had many positive reviews that are a huge inspiration to me. I thank all my reviewers for their reviews!

Hobbies- I love to write my Inuyasha stories. I like to draw anime... and I love to listen to music. I love to go to the beach and I love to dance hula.

Fashion- It has to be comfortable and it has to be cute, but I like to dress like a boy @ times too... :)


Anime- Inuyasha, Blood , Trinity Blood, Basilisk, Bleach, G Gundam, Escaflowne, I think that's all (for now, hehe).

Book- Dark Series ( by Christine Feehan), Black Dagger Brotherhood Series (by J.R. Ward), Twilight Series (by Stephanie Meyers) (the movie was great by the way)

Anime Couple- Inuyasha & Kagome, Gennosuke & Oboro, Saya & Hagi

Color- Sapphire

Animal-Nai'a (dolphin) and Honu (turtle) and Lio (horse) :)

Sport- Volleyball, Basketball & Football

Song- She Gimme Love, Romeo, Let You Know, Official Girl, Halo, If I Was A Boy

Well is that enough about me? I think so. Okay well hope you read and like my stories. Don't forget to review my stories. Thanks a bunch. A Hui Hou! Malama Pono!


'Imi au ia 'oe e ke aloha la. A i hea la 'oe i nalowale iho nei.

(I am searching for you, my love. Where have you disappeared to?) - Napua Greig

~Upcoming Stories~

Upcoming Story (In Progress)- Two people in two different worlds. She is a miko, guarding the Sacred Jewel, and he is a hanyou, prince of the Western Lands. But they fall in love. A forbidden love.

Pairings: Inu/Kag, San/Mir, Sess/Rin, Koga/Ayame

Kagome is a miko and her family are really strict about her holding the standards of a miko. She was raised a miko and she knows her dutes and what's expected of her. She protects the Shikon no Tama, which was given to her from the ningen royal family of the East. They live in a village next to the royal family's castle that she protects from demons. The castle holds the royal family and monks and priestesses who help her with her duties. She is always in solitude. No one is supposed to touch her because of her purity and the fact that she needs to be kept pure in order to take care of the Shikon no Tama. Her mother, father and brother all support her, and she believes that she will forever be the guardian of the Eastern Lands and give her life for the jewel.

Inuyasha is a hanyou prince of the Western Lands. His elder brother, Sesshomaru, is the full blooded Taiyoukai, King of the Western Lands. He is respected in court and loved by many for his sympathizing ways for people. Sesshomaru wants his brother to find himself a mate because he sees that his brother is not happy. So Sesshomaru has been holding balls for Inuyasha to find his mate, which has not been successful. Another ball is coming up, and Inuyasha has had enough of his brother's sniveling in his love life. He decides to run away the night of the ball so that he wouldn't have to go. He runs to the Eastern Lands, unsure of what to do now, but waiting it out until morning when the ball is over. But that night, Inuyasha found something that gave him a reason to stay.

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Two Hearts Align reviews
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