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My Name: I usually don't reveal my name on the internet because it's so unique, but I feel obligated somehow (?). It's Claryn. Weird, huh? And thats pronounced claire-en not clareen or claran or whatever. No I didn't make it up, lol. My parents did though. Weirdos.

My nicknames: Clet! Yes. I know it's weird. SHUT UP! I also have more like Mark Rapt-Savannah, Ramen (cause my curly hair looks like ramen), Cletty, and Cletitton.

Age: 16

Appearance: Brown curly frizzy bushy hair, green eyes (but I wear contacts that make them even more green), I'm about 5'1, wait, but now I'm 5'2"!!! Now i'm 5'3"!!! i'm not the second shortess person I know now, and i have proof cause I went to the doctor! Woot! But actually I like being short. I'm not fat or skinny, just regular. Yep.

Sports: I don't watch any sports, or play any sports besides volleyball. But I LOVE and I mean LOVE volleyball.

My favorite things: volleyball, playing the piano, baking, internet, reading, music, hot guys

My obssessions: The Twilight series!!! I LOVE those books. I may write a Twilight fanfiction, but either I'd have to find a way to make it humorous or -gasp- write a serious fic.

Adam Lazzara and Matt Rubano!!! Not only are they amazingly hot, but they are hilarious and in one of my favorite bands!

Gaspard Ulliel! He is soooo amazingly gorgeous. And the perfect Edward.

Things that suck: Doctors, needles, any amusement park ride (bleh they make me sick), sickness, mean people, when your socks fall down in your shoes, when it's the middle of the night and you realize you don't have any toothpaste/a toothbrush/contact solution, when you have a huge project due/test the next day and you realize you haven't done it/studied, Rose from FMA, when you run out of rigth green contacts and have to wear plain ones so you have one brownish eye and one brigth green one, audiences... I mean child molesters.

Things I'm scared of: Hieghts, food that's past it's expiration date, eating food that's past it's expiration date and getting food poisoning, things that swing in a circle really fast that are only attached by a small string, cockroaches, and medicine.


I just wanted to throw that in there because it's so true! I think he is so perfect for Edward that I get angry when people suggest anyone other than him! Even Stephenie Meyer herself said that Henry Cavill was her favorite Edward! Grrrr he isn't even good looking!! GRR! Gaspard is gorgeous and just so... Edward-like!! GAH! Sorry I had to let out my frustration.

Favorite Quotes (I'm pretty sure they're actually all from Adam Lazzara and Matt Rubano):

"This is the longest conversation I've ever had while sitting on another man's lap." - Matt Rubano

"We are Taking Back Sunday and we are here to eat your babies... for lunch!" - Adam Lazzara

"Adam: What does chaos taste like?

Matt: My outside guess is chicken." - Adam Lazzara and Matt Rubano

"I just remember the room spinning and lights flashing and him being like 'Come on dawg, we're outta here!'" - Matt Rubano

"You guys are trying to work, and I'm just trying to rock! You guys are trying to work, and I'm just trying to rooccckk!" - Adam lazzara

"Now I think that's video camera worthy." - Adam Lazzara, after the clip of him in a thong

"Byaaaa!!! Get away from Oprah!!! Ahhhhh!!!" - Adam Lazzara

"Adam: Man my hair feels so silky smooth...

Matt: On that note." - Adam Lazzara and Matt Rubano, Matt on Adam's lap

"I wear my sunglasses at... the VMAs!" - Adam Lazzara

"Hey ladies, if you come down and see Taking Back Sunday playing you can get some of this: chest hair." - Adam Lazzara, with the words "chest hair" on his chest

"We're in Clearwater, Florida. Mattie no shirt. As you noticed he has shaved right here the other day. Looks good." - Adam Lazzara

"Tour! We're on tour! Tour! Tour tour tour! Video camera! Isn't this exciting? Look! Look what we do!" - Matt Rubano

"Adam's getting blown... DRIED! Sorry... I just couldn't resist it." - Matt Rubano

"If you turn your head farther to the left we'd have to be legally married... actually we never will be in this country." - Steven Smith to Adam Lazzara sitting in between his legs

"The Sauce isn't going anywhere, and neither is Adam. You gonna stay right here with me. Your very pretty, yes you are, yes you are!" - Steven Smith, petting Adam's head

"I'll... be your... distraction!" - Matt Rubano, singing

"You might remember before when I said don't ever call me when I'm golfing. Dance or- Dance or no- Dance or no dance! Golf, then dance. Golf, then dance. I won't interrupt the dance for the golf, you don't interrupt the golf for the dance." - Matt Rubano

"Well don't f--ing feed them then!" - Adam Lazzara

"And I... I... will always love... Eric! DARLING I... will always love... youuuuuuuuu... hu... dude you should have gotten it the first time. Now we're just beating a dead horse." - Adam Lazzara

"You look good today! There is nothing wrong about you! Where'd you get that smile? Mmmm mmm!" - Adam Lazzara


Fullmetal Alchemist: Truth or Dare:The cast of Full Metal Alchemist plays truth or dare! A new character with come in with each chapter. Is over!!! Sorry I didn't go out with like some huge end guys... but I've just kinda... lost intrest in it. In fact I've kind of lost intrest is Fullmetal Alchemist all together. That happens to me. And to not leave you guys hanging, Wrath didn't die.

If the Military Got a Coffee Machine: Just a random humor fic because I was bored and I couldn't come up with anything for Fullmetal Alchemist: Truth or Dare at the time. Reposted for fixed mistakes.

If Ed and Al Were Two Inches Tall: Another random one-shot! Yay!

Random One-Shots: Because I seem prone to writing one-shots when I can't come of with anything for Fullmetal Alchemist: Truth or Dare (my only on-going fic), I just made a whole fic for them!

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