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Author has written 8 stories for Fairy Tales, and Homer.

Little about me: I like horses, history, and hats, and alliteration. :) I'm LDS (also known as Mormon), and attended BYU-Idaho. Wohoo!! I have seven brothers and five sisters. Honest. I was born in a city, but at heart am a country girl. I've been writing since I was about twelve, and although they are pretty cheesy, I still like to look over my first works and see how far I've come. I hate pink and love bare feet. Perfume stinks and mud smells delicious. Romans rock and Egyptians are just ew. I like people and find them very amusing in how they think...usually it's pretty ridiculous.

My long absence and inactivity is due to some major changes in my life. I am now happily married to the most amazing man in the world. I care for our infant son, and life is grand. I promise to finish everything I start here. And I do sneak in to see if there are updates to my favorites...

So...earlier I said I wouldn't rant because I didn't like it. Well, I lied. I'm about to rant. Please fasten your seat belts.

8 Things That Make A Story Beyond Average

1. The characters are real, likeable. I don’t want some perfect angel who fights amazing and doesn’t have a flaw in her gorgeous features, that’s too annoying. People are wonderful in their own ways, but they have fears and faults. Characters got to have the same. They have to make mistakes, and people have to be annoyed with them. Fake fantasy people make me grind my teeth and roll my eyes. Make ‘em real, base them off someone you actually know and make me come away feeling like that character is unique. If I met them in real life, would I know ‘em?

2. Clear writing. Please!!! If you know you are not an amazing grammar and spelling guru have someone (at least you) reread your work! Now, I have been guilty of this myself, but when a story is simply riddled with obvious mistakes, the readers are lost. Not only is it confusing but there are plenty of English maniacs on this site who will go crazy if your writing is full of red marks and flags. If you have poor grammar, spelling, punctuation etc, you will look dumb. I’m sorry, but no one will take your writing or story seriously and you’ll lose readers.

3. Clean writing. Why in the world would you want to put graphic sex scenes somewhere? That stuff is special and shouldn’t be publically displayed to innocent readers! That’s something for people to experience and keep to themselves. PLEASE there are so many good stories out there that are ruined by awkward moments that make a reader feel so uncomfortable. This goes for vulgar language, (if you say “he swore vehemently” we get the picture just fine), graphic violence (I get enough from TV thank you very much), and of course slash (WHY??? Please spare me!) If you are determined, to continue with unclean scenes please warn us in the beginning.

4. Humor. Even if it is a dark mystery where evil reigns and everyone is concentrating on getting their true love’s attention or dethroning the villainous tyrant, we need a break! A story should engage a reader’s emotions, and humor is the best one.

5. Goodness. No matter how much evil there is and no matter how messed up your characters are, please include some morals. There are always innocent good people to make up this world. A story should be inspiring and leave the reader with the feeling of completeness and hope. A happy playful child. A friendly fussy old lady. A crazy awesome preacher man who can’t go a day without doing something for someone….I don’t care, something! Not just in the main character because he/she has enough on their shoulders.

6. Twist in the plot. Figure it out yourself so we’ll actually be surprised. It’s what makes your story unique from everyone else’s. It keeps the reader going.

7. Romance. Ok, so not every story needs it, but it sure does help! Something about this though. I’d like to know WHY they love each other. Too often I find a story where they simply fall in love, commenting often on the attractiveness of their partner. Is that it? If the cover is all you care about dear, the relationship is going to fail the first time someone gets a wrinkle. Don’t go into a rant of their good qualities like a job qualification. It’s got to be included in the story as the natural progression. Only you can figure that out.

8. NO CLICHES!!!! Ok, of course there are exceptions and sometimes they can be pretty funny. Don’t say “her eyes lit up the room like the sun” say something else! The dramatic flair can only go so far, and must be used very carefully. Don’t go into careful detail about everything, like the threads of every dress she wears to the ball. If I wanted to read lengthy, I’d read Charles Dickens, he’s brilliant at it. Too many clichés and dramatic fluff makes me mutter, “Ok, fine I’ll read and maybe review just to be nice, since the poor author obviously doesn’t have a lot of reviews anyway.”

Ok, I’m done with my rant. I thought about pushing myself to ten things, but realized that would be cliché! Hey, we’re all learning and I’m guilty of several of the above guidelines. Please be sure to tell me! The bubbly happy reviews are wonderful and I absolutely adore them, but the ones that say, “You misspelled this word.” Or “This part doesn’t flow or make sense because….” Or “You’re character stinks” are the ones that stay in my inbox and I reflect on. They are the ones I use.

Completed Works

The Captain and the Spy is the cheesy story that I started when I was 12. I promise it's not so cheesy that you'll need crackers. I take full credit for making up the names Dasian and Anaella.

A Prince A Horse, and An Adventure was written especially for fanfiction because I wanted to be like all the other amazingly creative fairy tale writers out there who cleverly drew out lives and stories of royalty and romance. I had a lot of fun with it, and it is easy to see how my writing has matured from beginning to end. Basically it's about a rather careless prince (we shall call him Lance because Lancelot is really too romantic and heroic for our dorky main character) who decides to run away from an unwanted marriage. He meets tons of whacky people and begins to mature into an acceptable ruler of his huge country. Unexpected things happen though, that he did really want and he has to face 'em. Yes, talking frogs, drool, girls, fanatics, and your own mount can be dangerous.

It's Not That Easy was, like many of my stories, a spur of the moment idea. If I hadn't received such a warm welcome from the reviewers and readers I would have abandoned it a long time ago. Thankfully however, Ana Maylin, the spunky kitchen girl was able to tell her story of frustration, adoration, irritation and confusion. It is basically a crazy love...pentagon thing that has a lot of confusion and hot tempers because that's what Ana Maylin has. Prince Charlie is cold and quiet. Christopher is clumsy and cute. Beric is brash and bold and Ky is just there... I was able to stuff romance, humor, politics, cruelty, battles, witches, families, and cooking into one story and almost everyone came out alive.

Special Note! I have actually named my first son Beric! AND he was born in May! Coincidence? I think not! Anyway I thought you might think that's cool*

Wake up Rose is short and...well it could be sour, it could be sweet, or it could be just be down right disappointing. It depends on who's side you are on, the princess in the tower or the prince just finishing off the dragon.

The Calm Before the Storm happens to be the odd one, located in Homer's section since it peers into a moment in the midst of that infamous Trojan War. Next to Hector his sister Cassandra is my favorite character of that tragic event.

The Haughty Princess. Ah, Ruthia I do love thee. You have to admit that an arrogant gorgeous princess can be quite amusing to read about. Especially if she's got a ruggedly handsome odd man making her life difficult in so many ways. This is not an original. I read the Grimm's version of The Haughty Princess and took off on my own. She is one character that really leaves me no choice but to write what she says.

Works in Progress

Think Again is a stand alone sequel to It's Not That Easy. The star, Tabby, is a mix of Ana Maylin and Beric with a good dose of herself and just a hint of Smudge. She likes her life of freedom about the estate, casualness with the soldiers her Papa trains, and closeness with her family. All this cracks into a mess of confusion, jealousy, fear, and even death, but streaming through the cracks are friendship, love, discovery, and fun. You might think you know what's going to happen, but be sure to think again.

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Rose never thought that telling her father she loved him would get her kicked out of her home, made to wear rushes on her head, and made a servant in another household, nevermind falling in love.
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The mountainous country of Bamfr desires a royal marriage to seal the contract of peace with Alkahad. The princess of Alkahad detests the idea and considers King Karl an uncouth barbarian. She decides that her newly arrived lady-in-waiting, Eithne, is her solution.
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You'd think being the daughter of General Beric and Lady May would mean I would be at the top of society. You'd think being around eligible bachelors all my life would give me an advantage into them liking me, or me liking them. You'd think I'd be beautiful. Nope. Think again. Stand alone sequel to It's Not That Easy.
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Ruth is a pretty proud princess. She is very unmarriagable and her father is at a loss. But she is capable of being forced to the altar. But to a beggar? Just when she thinks she's slipped out of it, kidnapping and drudgery occur. I thank the Grimm brothers!
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You wouldn't think a kitchen girl would be this deep in the complications of love. I mean hot sauce I'm a kitchen girl! And I almost wish I never met the prince. Almost. Things are crazy, including Charlie, May, Beric, Alyce and a little thing called love
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Dasian is in trouble. His current spies are treacherous, causing terrible losses to his rebel army. He meets up with a fairy and reluctantly lets her spy. Some Romance...Wrote this thing when I was 11! Please reply!
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