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Hi,this is wish phantom!!!!!

In case any of you are wondering,the reason my name is wish I guess its mostly because everything I want I know I can't have(like a boyfriend...) but I know there is an escape:Even though wishes never come true,I can at least have a reason to wake up in the morning...

Ok... Well I don't know about all you people out there but... I"M HAPPY! Well I mean not completely life still sucks but... Me and Katie are friends again! Yay!!!! My friends were a little angry but to tell you the truth, she never had to apologize to me, just wakl up and say hey! Oh well, I'm just glad we talk agan!

Hair color: black-brown,it's like super short(go to my myspace to see it) www.myspace.com/jinxissoawesome

Eye color: brown (cept on a full moon, they turn green!(MOONCHILD!!)

BF:uhhhhh... complicated,VERY complicated...

BFF(S): yayness! pip,key,bubblez,katie-chan, and daniel!!!

( )_( ) (")_(") BUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know this isn't that much of a sudden shock but I'm really not into all that Danny Phantom stuff anymore... I know, it was like a HUGE shock but I guess all that childish stuff just kinda seeped away eventually...

My newest obsession is this show called Fruits Basket. It is SOOOO awesome!!! Kyo and Tohru 4ever!!! but the fact that yuki and his pshyco cousin guy/girl THING hakito or whatever uh just...EEEEWWWWW!!!!!!

I FINALLY got my computer!!! It's this really kewl flat screen and it's got this really awesome flame dragon mouse pad with my own pesonilized wallpaper! It's perfect... Except for one thing... NO INTERNET:(

And in case any of you are wondering why I always put Fly Free at the end of my fanfics...What it means is that people aren't always like me,able to express their feelings into stories,so you must find it in yourself to find your author's spirit and let it Fly Free...

This is my VERY random friend from school,Summer!!!!:Whoooo!!!!meow...I love WoW!!!(she's bored at the moment...we're looking at WoW websites...In case you don't know WoW = World of Warcraft(she's soooo obsessive...) :)

Look, I don't know why, but it seems alot of people that used to be so friendly to me, now just kinda forget who I am...I feel lonely...


P.S. If any of you talk to silver shadow(Pip(Parker), tell him I said 'hi'(he's SOOOO much more clueless than Danny!) Anyway, g2g!!!

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