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I"M BACK!!!!

ehehe, hi?

As I've said above, I am now back up and running, be it not so smoothly.

I'm not going to try and explain why I was gone for, basically almost a year, not only would it take far to long, but it would be beyond emotionally draining for myself, not to mention I doubt any of you would care enough to read it all

So let’s suffice it to say that the last year has been... well in general, majority of it was unbearably painful and complete hell. No you don't get details, live.

Now for another thing I have to say... Sorry?

I know lots of people are most likely very unpleased with me, for that I apologize, but other then that there’s nothing I can do about it, so be happy I'm back or leave me alone. I've never been a patient person, or one to put up with people to begin with, and this following year has made it even less likely that I'll take your complaining. Sorry but it's true, I couldn't control why I was unable to post, so it's not my fault and if you want to get mad at me for me not being able to update because of certain events, well go screw yourself.

Trust me if I had a choice in the matter, said events would never have happened, so don't complain to me.

With that all said... I LOVE YOU!!!

Now on to business.

I have at least three new stories that are bouncing around in my head, but I won't post them until I have three chapters written out and a structured plan of how I want each story to go. My other stories I just made up as I went, and while it worked at the time, I want to be more organized this time around. Why does it matter to you? If my stories are already planned and have a set-ish plot, WAY faster updating since I'm not making up everything as I go. So those should be up and running within the next week-ish?

About my older stories? I'm not sure.

I will most likely continue with Jealous, but I have to tweak it first. Shattered Emerald I will definitely be continuing, but I have to work and think about how I want the story to go before I update.

And Morbid Dreams? I have no idea.

I want to continue it, but whether that happens depends an a few things. First, how much my writing style has changed. I Hope I have learned a lot more and improved in a year, but then again I haven’t been really writing this whole time, so we shall see.

Second I need to tweak all the chapters to my liking, and maybe the storyline/plot a bit.

A third, well if I still get writers block. Right now I have no idea what’s happening with this story, so for now it's on hiatus.

I'm going to work on my new stories and my other two older ones, and hope desperately that I get inspiration for where to take Morbid Dreams.

So until I update, I really do love you all and am so sorry for being gone so long o.O I hope everything works out, for all I know half of you are gone and the other half hates me so I will get no reviews and my stories will die off, though I hope not.

Since I've found that I've missed writing so much, and it's one of the few things in life I can do to help vent out my feelings, because I am not an "open" person or the type who "talks" to others about their issues.

But anyways, I LOVE YOU!!

Yours, forever and always

S&T ( Katey)

P.S: I am currently looking for a beta, a good one. Because...

Beta= Less spelling mistakes, awkward sentences, over repetition of words/phrases (Which I've noticed, to my great annoyance, I do ALOT) AND I'll have someone who will hound my about updating. So..? Any takers?.. I love you C: (It's a smiley face o.O.. Leave me alone. -.-;)

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