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Update, June 2, 2016.

I have not forgotten A Matter of Honour, and I truly appreciate the recent follows and favourites attached to the story. Family health issues have been dominating every spare minute and there's been precious little time for recreation. I hope to resume writing soon (but can't promise as, each time I think that, something happens). In the meantime, I sincerely thank anyone still interested in my scribbling for your patience.

A little bit about me... Since I have presumed to submit some reviews, I thought that it was only good manners not to remain completely anonymous.

I came across this web site by accident one day while searching for some information on an anime. I had never even heard of 'fan fiction' until that point. Started scanning some stories, and found a new source of entertainment...

I occasionally review what I read -- if time allows it. Rest assured, if I've at least put the story 'on alert', I like it, and a review will probably be in the offing someday. :) I only believe in giving constructive criticisms, but far prefer to give praise; I'm most critical of my own writing when all is said and done. Yep, I've actually submitted a couple of stories and have had a lot of fun playing in someone else's universe.

FanFiction Preferences: stories that stay in character. I'm most interested in reading fiction about anime (never outgrew my fondness for a well-done animation) and book characters, though I've taken the occasional stroll through the Labyrinth archives. David Bowie... Henson couldn't have picked anyone better to play the part of Jareth. And then, there's Harry Potter, of course. J.K. Rowling's imagination is astonishing. Favourite character? Snape -- by far, the most interesting and complex individual in the series and proof positive that a character doesn't have to be likeable to be fascinating. He had my attention from the very first book.

Personal information: Let's just say that I've been paying my own bills for a few years now.;) When I'm not at work (gad, those moments are getting more and more scarce), I am out in the garden or taking the dogs for a walk. I have several 'rescue' critters (dogs and cats) sharing my home. Fascinated by Irish history (also English and Scottish). Love many kinds of music, but I have a special fondness for traditional Irish.

The pen name is accurate. I read many kinds of fiction and non-fiction, and I'm a devoted fan of mediaeval murder mysteries in particular. I highly recommend Bernard Knight's Crowner John series. Other favourite authors include Michael Jecks (the Templar series), Candace Robb (Owen Archer series), Paul Doherty (of Hugh Corbett and Brother Athelstan fame) and Peter Tremayne (Sister Fidelma series -- set in 7th century Ireland, great historical detail). And, for those who might enjoy a ramble through ancient Rome coupled with dry humour, might I suggest Lindsey Davis? I also enjoy fantasy -- read Lord of the Rings long before the movie trilogy came out.

That should be enough rambling for now...

Best regards,


p.s. last year, I discovered Green Lantern: The Animated Series. (sigh) Just when you find a show with a half-decent plot and interesting characters (Razer), the powers that be decide it lacks marketing potential and cancels it.

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