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September 2010

So life has gotten in the way of my dreams of writing. That's just how life is, isn't it? Oh well.

I've started a new story based on the old 80's movie, The Labyrinth. As I find time, I'll write and post. The first three chapters are posted. I hope, if you've read and enjoyed Flashback, you will enjoy this one, too. I've had fun with it so far. I am working full time, now, so I most likely won't be updating as quickly as I did with Flashback. What a precious gift I had back then...The gift of time to spend doing what I love most. Don't waste it, if you have free time, because you never know when that luxury will be taken from you.

May 15, 2008.

I know, I know. I'm so far behind on everything to do with this account. I'm so far behind that I haven't even removed Jingle Bell as I said I would...over a year ago. (Don't think I'm going to bother taking it down for now. I may get back to it some day. Who knows?) lol. And I'm in the process of moving again. Within the US, of course. I'm not looking forward to it, but that's just life I guess. I won't be doing any new fan fics for now. (Big surprise there, huh? lol. If I haven't in two years, why would anyone think I'm going to now?) Other than moving and looking for a job once I get to my new destination, I'm working on getting my non-fanfic work published. Right now that takes priority. :)

New Update: April 4, 2007 -- I'm afraid I'm going to have to call it quits on Jingle Bell. I just don't have the time right now to finish it. So I'm going to be removing it from the site. If I find a little time to finish it, I'll put it back up. But I don't like to have things left undone.I'm all moved, of course. :) We've been back in the US since August 2006. It sure is alot colder where we live now, but me thinks that's about to change. I'm not looking forward to summer. I think it might be worse here than it was in tropical Brazil! But for now, I'll be enjoying the cooler spring weather. I have also changed the home page link. It's now pointing to my MySpace page. Go have a look around if you'd like. So anyway, have a great day, where ever you may be. :)

Update: July 21, 2006 -- I've started a new fic. See it down below. Don't know that it'll go as fast as the last one. I'm in the middle of packing and moving, so don't have the time (or at least I shouldn't have the time) to write a whole lot. Of course, between boxes I am trying to run to the computer for a few minutes to keep this part of my life alive and well. :) If you have read any of Jingle Bell and enjoyed it, please take a moment and drop me a line, even if you don't send an actual review. I'm not desperate, but I want to know if the time I'm taking on this is worth it. And...You'll make my day if you do. :)

Hey y'all. I've moved on in my blog, but the question will still be there..."Why is Jason hot?" So if you're a fan of Jason Isaacs and you wish to comment, it's not too late. :) Just click on my homepage link above.

Public thanks to all who have already gone by there and left your comments. I think it's pretty unanimous, at least on one's the eyes! Oh...those eyes! (chills)

Flashback is now complete. I've had a blast, and I've learned alot. I've made some new e-friends, and I hope we can all stay in touch. I've got to get back to my "real" life for a bit (the family will start to complain if I don't.) but I am trying to think up what to write next.

Reviews are and have been nice. I wouldn't mind even critical ones should I get some, but if you do send me one of those "flames", please let me know WHY you hate my writing. Constructive criticism is always welcome. I've been working with critique groups for many years, and my skin is thick.

Thanks for taking time to stop by. : )

God bless,


P.S. Go take a look at The Window of Time by mlb-lopes. That's my teenage daughter's story. Her first fic. She'd love some good reviews, but please, no flames for her! Or...grr! You'll have Mama Bear (me) on your back. (grin)

And go take a look at When We Two Parted by gc Diane. Another Patriot fic (what else?) and although it's just started, it's good! You're missing out if you don't read it. No, she's not my daughter, just a friend I met here on So I have no reason to plug it except that it's good. It's in my favorite stories if you need the link. And after you read, REVIEW! Reviews really help creativity. :)

And while you're at it, if you haven't read the others in my favorites, take a look at them as well. :) Blood Red Flag is good, and complete (And TR is working on a sequel! Yowser!). My William is a good start, but unfortunately, has not been updated in awhile. Waaah! But if it gets some more recent reviews...who knows?

About me:

Age: I'm not a teen. I'm a bit older. :) But I was a teen once...long, loooong a...Well, a few years back. (But if you read my blog, you'll be able to figure out my age if you're really that curious!)

Occupation: Mom. Wife. Writer. Studied to be a teacher, taught for two years until I got married. Married to a pastor. The sexiest pastor in the world, imho. (Sh...don't tell anyone...but he's even sexier than Jason!)

I lived in Brazil for seven and a half years, until August 2006, but I'm now back in the US. I am a hopeless romantic, history buff, love stories in First Person narrative. Most importantly, I'm a believer in and follower of Jesus Christ. For that reason, my beliefs will, without doubt, spill into my work, even if not writing a particularly Christian piece.

Contrary to what many might think, the fact I'm a Christian does not keep me from having fun in this life. :) I'm firm and uncompromising in the basics of my faith, but I have an open mind about discussing points of view that might be drastically different from my own. I don't believe in shoving my faith down anyone's throat. I see it this way. Jesus gives us a choice whether to believe in Him or not. Who am I to take that right away from anyone?

Some of my favorite movies:

Knight's Tale-- Love that Black Prince! And Chaucer is just too funny. Didn't really form a bond with the bad guy in this one, although he's kinda on the cute side, too.

Pirates of the Caribbean -- Gotta love Jack Sparrow. Hands, everyone, if you agree with me that Jason Isaacs would have made a MUCH more interesting Norrington. Might have given Will a run for his money with Miss Swann. Hm. Then again, nah. I like it the way it is. :)

Lord of the Rings -- Isn't Legolas a DREAM? Aragorn is ok, too. But my favorite character unfortunately dies in the first one. (sigh) Maybe I'll have to invent someone to go rescue Boromir. Love Sam, too. Love his loyalty. IMveryHO, he's the true hero of the whole thing. (movie version, at least. Haven't read the books.)

King Arthur -- Oh my...Arthur! Those eyes! Yep, he's got them (tantalizing eyes) too, even if he IS the good guy. I'd like to see Clive play a bad guy some time. He'd be good at it. And then there's Lancelot...

National Treasure -- fun movie, but the best part of it is...well, you know. The bad guy! Go Sean!

Pride and Prejudice -- I can watch that movie over and over again. The music, oh, and ...the setting, lovely and ...Mr. Darcy! swoon!

And of course, The Patriot -- I am a die-hard American patriot, but those Green Dragoons, one in particular, are enough to make a patriot girl turn loyalist! Well, in theory, maybe, but not at heart.

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