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This is an account shared by Gandalf-Dumbledore-Obi-Wan and Yarthorwen Bloodhawk, AKA Natalie and Sarah, AKA Old-wise-wizard-obsessed and Evil Lady of DOOM! Now here is some random information about us.

Genders: We're both girls, although sometimes I wonder if Sarah is human...

Names: Natalie and Sarah, AKA Gandalf-Dumbledore-Obi-Wan and Yarthorwen Bloodhawk.

Natalie Hobbies:
Reading, writing, playing the Sims, e-mail, hanging out with and talking to friends, reciting poems from LOTR, making up additional verses to poems in LOTR, reciting/memorizing passages from LOTR, reciting all of Gandalf's names(Gandalf, Olorin, Tharkun, and Mithrandir but I think I'm forgetting one -gasps in horror-), going on Mugglenet and laughing at the Wall of Shame (H/Hr shippers are delusional. DEE-LOOSHE-UHN-ALL. Same goes with D/Hr shippers.), yelling at my little sister when she invades my room, and stealing junk food from the fridge

Natalie Hates:
Math, spinach, cheese, Jar Jar, Palpatine / The Emporer, Anakin / Padme scenes ("I hate sand, but I love you!" "Not as much as I love you!" "For you I would do anything, even kill all the Jedi, including the poor, innocent, cute younglings and OBI-WAN, MY MENTOR AND MASTER WHO RAISED ME FROM A CHILD DESPITE THE FACT THAT AS SOON AS I CAME ALONG HIS MASTER IGNORED HIM AND ENDED UP DYING AND HIS LAST WORDS WERE ABOUT ME AND EVEN THOUGH HE HAS EVERY RIGHT TO HATE ME HE'S BEEN A BROTHER TO ME AND A WONDERFUL JEDI!" "Oh, ANI!" -kiss kiss kiss-), being thought of as an Orlando Bloom fan-girl, being thought of as a dumb blonde, bratty "popular" girls, the song Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, getting my hairband stolen time after time after time by my friend Herena(she specifically requested that I put that under my Hates list), the EVIL and insulting songs that my friends make up about Gandalf, and the STUPID toy Elmo my little sister has that sings and dances the Hokey-Pokey- although now it's broken forever. YAAAY! ...of course, I had NOTHING to do with its breaking... -looks innocent-

Natalie Likes:
Books, maps on the insides of books, the Sims 2, roller coasters, Bob Dylan (his songs are so cool... even though it's impossible to figure out their meaning...), The Daily Show (it's so FUNNY!), Monty Python, playing my French Horn, Oldies, and classical music.

Natalie Obsessions:
LOTR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Phantom of the Opera, and the Beatles (no, I'm not in love with them, I just REALLY like their music.)

Sarah Hobbies: Taking over the world, jumping on the trampoline, and getting first chair in band.

Sarah Hates: The way that the good guy's ALWAYS win, The Secrets Of Droon series, and people who act dumb in front of their friends for no particular reason. (not even to be funny.)

Sarah Likes: Succeeding in taking over the world, Prince Zuko (from avatar: the last airbender.), chocolate, doom, blood, and the smell of my shampoo.

Sarah Obsessions: grins

Natalie's Favorite Bands: Simon and Garfunkel, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and the Beach Boys. Why yes, I do love Oldies. XD

Sarah's Favorite Bands: I don't relly have any favorite bands, EXCEPT FOR MINE! TAKE THAT YOU INFERIOR BAND PERSON! throws spit rag at Nat (just because Sarah's in Advanced Band, she thinks she's better than me. Intermediate I isn't all that bad. and Advanced is nothing to the Beatles, Sarah. NOTHING! hysterical laughter ~Nat)

Our Favorite Authors: Rowling, Tolkein, C.S. Lewis, D.J. MacHale, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Harper Lee, Robert Louis Stevenson, Agatha Christie, P. G. Wodehouse, and Jonathan Stroud

Our Favorite Books:
LOTR, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, Harry Potter, King Arthur (does that count as a book?), To Kill a Mockingbird, Sherlock Holmes, A Series of Unfortunate Events and An Unauthourized Autobiography, the Pendragon series, Watership Down, all the Bertie and Jeeves books and Blandings books by P. G. Wodehouse, And Then There Were None, Murder on the Orient Express, and more.(LOTS more.)

Our Favorite Movies:
All the LOTR movies, The Phantom of the Opera, all the Harry Potter movies, all the Star Wars movies (excepting the Anakin/Padme scenes), Pirates of the Carribean, The Secret of Roan Innish (I have NO idea how to spell that; it's Irish), Chicken Run, Ice Age, Wallace and Gromit, Mulan (the only Disney girl ever that kicks male butt), and Life is Beautiful (REALLY sad, but very, very good), and basically any Pixar movie (I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY JOINED DISNEY! NOOOOO!).

Our Favorite Characters:
From LOTR: Gandalf, Eowyn, Pippin, The Witch King, Boromir, the random orc in one scene that Natalie discribed as "handsome" (I DID NOT! I said he looked human for an orc, which SARAH took to mean that I considered him handsome. Sarah is delusional, so don't listen to her. ~ Natalie), and Faramir
From Harry Potter: Dumbledore, Snape (HE'S A GOOD GUY!),McGonnagal (spelling?), Lucius Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange, and Narcissa Malfoy (I loved Chapter Two, 'Spinner's End,' from HBP)
From Star Wars: Obi-wan, Leia, Count Dooku, Vader, and R2D2. Palpatine has a butt forehead.
From Phantom of the Opera: The Phantom(AKA Erik), Madame Giry, and André of the Awesome Masquerade Rooster Hat
From Watership Down: Hyzenthlay, Kehaar, and Bigwig
From the Pendragon Series: Bobby, Mark, and Gunny(I've read the first six books in the series)
From P.G. Wodehouse: The Efficient Baxter, Jeeves, Beach, Sue, the Empress of Blandings, and Lord Emsworth

Our Favorite Actors and Actresses, and our favorite rolls they play:
Dan, Rupert, and Emma, who of course play the Trio, Richard Harris / Micheal Gambon (Dumbledore), Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf, Magneto, and, freakily, Macbeth), Maggie Smith (Professor McGonnagall), Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy), Keira Knightley (Elizabeth Swann and whats-her-face in Bend it Like Beckham), Miranda Otto (Eowyn), Billy Boyd (Pippin), Christiphor Lee (Saruman and Count Dooku and Willy Wonka's evil Dentist dad of doom -snickers-), Dominic Monahoaudljasjf (I have no idea how to spell his last name, but he's Merry in LOTR and Charlie in Lost), and David Wenham(Faramir)

Our Favorite Animals:
Dogs, Dragons, Peregrine Falcons, Horses, Phoenixes (FAWKES!), Dragons, Snakes (that would be Sarah), etc.

Natalie Ships: Basically all the canon ones. H/G, Hr/R, L/T (LupinTonks, which is personally my favorite. Lupin needed that.), D/P (DracoPansy), etc. No slash unless it's canon. No ANYTHING unless it's canon. The only non-canon pairings I can live with are things that aren't specific, such as McGonnagalDumbledore or LunaNeville.

Sarah Ships: yet to be updated

TV Shows: Survivor, Naruto, and Avatar. I (Natalie) listen to MuggleCast, but that doesn't really count as a TV show. Oh well.

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