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Introducing...Sarif in five seconds! Updated!

Yo! I'm a Florida native who attended secondary school and am currently attending college in the frozen north. I have somehow managed to do without necessities like Moonpies, actual HOT sauce, decent fish and crabcakes that are NOT made out of salty bread for all this time, but as a side effect have become (slightly) insane, and require an Anime fix to maintain the semblence of normality. (GTO,GITS, FMA,Chrono Crusade, anything Studio Ghibli, manga, Gargoyles, Batman, Iron Giant, The Incredibles). I read a lot; in fact, looking to see if there's a book in my hand is probably the surest way to tell whether or not it's really me (if it isn't, that's okay. It's probably safer to go up to them).

If you want to see illustrations and story-realted images go to

Two main projects for now: a continuation of FMA after Conqueror of Shamballa in two main sections. I couldn't stand to leave (attention! SPOILER ALERT) Ed and Al in Germany, so I wrote a fic (an actually plausible one, I did research and everything) about how they get back home. (End spoiler alert)

I'm a sucker for happy endings. Story's entitled the Bridge of Wings, with the first chapter to premier sometime before I go back to school this Sept.

That's the first part. The second part is about Ed and Al's lives, about ten years after the first part. Fire and Light: Sequel to Conqueror of Shamballa. Strangely, I chose to write that one first. Five chapters so far; various shorts spinning off of it as I go along. I'll post the chrononlogy here soon, for those who wonder about the little things like ages and dates and stuff.

Chapter List:

Bridge of Wings:

1. Invocation

(forthcoming) 2. Prologue: Debt

Fire and Light:

1. Chapter One: Al in a Day's Work

2. Chapter Two: The Shadow of Steel

3. Chapter Three: Small Price

4. Chapter Four: Masked Intent

5. Chapter Five: Children of War

(forthcoming) 6. Chapter Six: Those Who Consent to be Chained

Niko's Birthday-complete- FLUFF WARNING! NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! Arrival of Ed's youngest.

Concepts I'm currently toying with:

-Three Alchemists Walk into a Bar...- Bad, bad jokes, and fun with the FMA gang. Not AUish; I really believe this would work.

-A Life Revisited- Directly after BofW, Glimpses of Edward and Winry's honeymoon

-The Road to Xing- between BofW and F&L, how Ed earns his Colonel's bars and his name spreads eastward...

-A Day Without Elrics (or Why Edward Will Never be Promoted Again)- Where's Fullmetal? At home of course; everyone's sick and Ed has been enlisted as nurse.


Hi everybody. Updates will not be on time like I hoped. I apologize for not following through on my stated schedule once again, but I fear I must do battle with issues--large, nasty, drooly ones--and so I am donning my armor to do so and realizing that mail gaunlets leave you kind of hampered in the typing department. I may not have anything for you until June.


Provided I don't get eaten, of course... - -;

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