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Progress: So my laptop decided to crash unexepectedly, along with a good chunk of chapter six. Now I have to wait a few days for it to come back to life, if it does at all. I hate my home computer, so I hope it does. >.

WHY HELLO THERE. How you may have happened to stuble upon my profile, I do not know. Maybe it was an accident, and you are desperately clicking the back button at the moment. But if you are here to possibly learn who I, KK, am, then read on!

Or not. Your choice.

So. First off, my real name is Kirstin, but everyone around here calls me KK. My pen name originated when I first started here, sharing an account with one of my friends whose name also started with a K. Sadly, its been a while since I talked to that old friend, and we parted years ago. I live in British Columbia, Canada, and I really wish it would stop raining. Anyways, I'm here for the same reason we all are; I love to write. Currently the only section I'm into is Harvest Moon, and I doubt thats about to change. I'm extremley comfortable with writing in this fandom, and have made a few internet friends through it. My writing itself...I guess you could label most of it as "Fluff". Yes, romance is my specialty. If you scroll down my list of stories will mostly consist of oneshots, with a few abandoned longer stories at the bottom. (please ignore those...)

Over my time here, I have learned many things, but one stands out; do not start what you do not intend to finish. Ah...story of my life. (sweatdrop) There are many authors I know who can start a story, and then progess the plot with anything that comes to mind. As you can see, that has not worked for me so far. I also strongly believe this is not a good way to write. If you intend to be a novelist one day as I do, you cannot simply add random things to a plot as you please. Thats why with my latest story, I took the time to plan out the beginning, middle, and end. Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying my method is the only one. Some who wanted to be, say, a scriptwriter (Hannah XD) needs be constantly coming up with new plotlines to progress the T.V show, or whatever they happen to be writer for. All I'm saying is thats just not my style.

This is turning out to be a bit of an essay, so I'm not gonna bother going into detail about other aspects of my life. I'll make it short; other than an author, KK is the following; a volleyball player, singer, stage actor, American Idol mega-fan, dreamer, obsessed with Disney, annoying, loyal, speed reader, and overall rather unusual person. :D

No day but today.

My Works:

So, over the past few years, I have never actually managed to finish a mulit-chapter story. But I have many oneshots, and my latest full length I am determined to finish. I'm not going to list them all, so I'll try to describe a few through categorizing.

Most of my fics consist of romantic/attempted humour oneshots. I like to try out new pairings, and I had to recently challenge myself by writing a yuri story for something on the Village Square forum. So if you like a quick, fluffy read, then you can go check those out. Again, I plead you to stick to the newer ones.

The unfinished multi-chapter ones are not worth mentioning. Ahem.

Finally, the writings I am most proud of, are those that take place in my little MayxStu universe. (Or MaSt, which is the name it's seemed to have taken on) It all started with an entry for a VS contest. I was spontaniously struck by the idea of the two chidren of Mineral Town grown up. Honestly, it onlty very loosely fit the theme, but I wrote it anyway. And, huzzah, it managed to win. So I decided to contine. After another one-shot, I am currently working on a full length. Some say my interpretation of May is quite different, but they enjoy it. So if you would like to witness the peak of my writing skills, those would be your best bet.

Kay. So theres another little section of my pointless profile. It may increase. It may not.


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on hiatus
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