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Edited on May 21 2008.

First off, the NC-17 versions of my stories can be viewed at ficwad(dot)com.

There really isn't much to say about me. I'm American, so I'm sure all of you readers from across the pond are at least slightly amused by my attempts at the Queen's English in my stories. I write mostly Harry Potter fanfiction, but I threw a Pokemon story in as well because I think that particular idea is wasted on the young. The younger, I should say.

Let's begin with my current fics. Before we do, though, I want to make one thing clear. My life is chaotic, and my muse is fickle. Updates will be irregular, and could well be to a new story rather than the ones I'm already working on. I go where my keyboard takes me, and I'm sorry to all of you readers that are really excited for the next installments of my current stories. Everything will be finished, just not in the order you all probably want.

Stolen Magic
I think I could've done this story more justice if it had been just Harry/Fleur, but there's no use crying over spilled milk. I've put too much thought into his other girls to give up on my original planned pairings now. Again, my creative drive for this story is almost nonexistent. It will be finished. It won't be finished soon.

The Blackest Potter
This is my response to the Mother Knows Best challenge on the Potter's Place 3 yahoo group. It's pasted below. I expect to be able to buckle down and get back to writing this in the near future (preferably measured in days).
Potter’s Place 3 January ‘06 Challenges: Harry/Bellatrix Challenge One: Mother Knows Best (Idea courtesy of Xuavis)
After the first death of Voldemort, the wizarding world is in chaos. For the side of Light, it’s a scene of unrestrained jubilation, made more so by the astonishing way in which it has come about. For the followers of Darkness, it’s a time of unexpected fear and abrupt loss of power. But in chaos, there is always opportunity. Bellatrix Lestrange realizes this, and she has decided to make her own grab for power and glory, by stealing the greatest treasure of the wizarding world. A fifteen-month-old child named Harry Potter. (The idea behind this challenge is that Bellatrix kidnaps Harry to raise as her own, believing him to be a power even greater than Voldemort himself, and wanting to control that power. There’s a couple of ways you could go about this, but my suggestion would be to pick up the story later, say around fourth year, with Harry attending Hogwarts under an assumed name and referring back to his childhood with Bellatrix via the occasional flashback. There’s also the option of shifting the setting entirely, and having Harry attend school at say, Durmstrang, or Beauxbatons. How you want to handle the Harry/Bella, Mother/Son interaction, I’ll leave up to you, but I would be willing to lend a hand to anyone who wants to take this up. I think it has a lot of promise.)

Too Late
Right now it's listed as a completed story, but come on, you know you want me to turn it into a nice long fic. Well even if you don't, I'm going to. I'm trying this new thing where I plan at least a few chapters ahead of what I'm writing, so give me a little time. I think all of you Dark!Harry fans will like what I have planned. Also, there will be a sequel, but it won't be what anyone might expect.

The Harry Potter Liberation Front
I've never received such a resoundingly negative response as I did for this one-shot. Apparently, the listed second character HAS to be Harry's chosen life partner, or people get really really mad, like I misled them or something. That was the idea, though! Hermione was the main character of the story. If anything, I should have made her the first character and Harry the second. But when all of you blasted fans got angry at me I obediently rolled over and put his true lover in that slot. Shame on the lot of you for that one. Whatever, I still like it.

Lance's Charges
Yep, I'm writing a pokemon story. It's just another creative impulse firing in my brain that I couldn't ignore. If you ever played the games or watched the show, give it a chance. You might be surprised. I've tried to make the world a bit more gritty and realistic, but only you can tell me if you think I've succeeded.

On to my future projects, that will hopefully become my present projects very soon.

The Second Killing Curse
Amerision, an author here, has a challenge that I'm very intrigued by. I've pasted it below, much like the previous challenge.
A Double Life Timeframe: PostOOTP Genre: Action/Adventure/Suspense

Summary: When Voldemort comes to bypass the wards, Harry finds out the Power the Dark Lord knows not. It is simply the ability to survive the killing curse. Suffering his own killing curse again, Voldemort is cast off as a spirit like before. But what characteristics are passed to Harry this time around? And what else is there to do now that he's gone? Looking back at the corpse, he burns it and puts on the robes... Erasing any evidence of a battle, he puts a charm on his face and picks up the Yew wand, putting his own in his pocket... Taking his place, Harry must live a double life as the boy-who-lived at 15/16, and the greatest Dark Lord in history. Spending his time at Grimmauld place over the summer with the Order, he must escape to participate in the very raids the Order goes to fight... How long can he keep up the charade? And why does Bellatrix keep on looking at him strangely after the Death Eater meetings...?
1.) Harry must start geniunely like being Lord Voldemort
2.) No Redemption, nor any friendship with Snape, Draco Malfoy, etc. Kills Snape as soon as possible.
3.) Harry must stay acting as Harry Potter, boy-who-lived and be with the Order for a good part of the story.
4.) Harry starts growing bored of his life as Harry Potter and his friends (he doesn't hate them, just finds them boring. He can hate them later on..) , and starts looking forward to returning to his Dark Lord duties more and more.
5.) No dumb fluffy friendships
6.) Do something with Nagini. Switching masters to Harry is a good idea.
7.) At least a minor struggle to keep the act, juggle time with Order and keep up with the raids. Harry comes back hurt sometimes from raids, people question him (He isn't quite up to LV's skills yet, but he eventually gets there).
8.) Show Harry's dilemma on how to keep to Lord Voldemort's character, and keep up with the former Dark Lord's skills. He must be studying...hard, or go through a slow knowledge drain from Lord Voldemort.
9.) If there are any ships: Tonks or Bella or Unusual Character. Must be fitting. No Fleur. No Slash. No H/Hr, H/C, or H/G.
10.) Must duel Dumbledore at some point, most likely later on.
Oh come on, you can't tell me you wouldn't want to read that!
I think it'll be even more fun to write than it will be to read. Don't worry, rabid Harry/insert girl here that hopefully isn't (but still might end up being) Ginny fans, I'm sure I've got the ship for you in my bag of tricks somewhere.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention (Tentative Title)
Once again the PP3 yahoo group comes through with an excellent challenge, one that I can't pass up. This one was submitted by a guy named Bryan Tait.
Idea 3 – Feral Child
Feral children, also known as wild children or wolf children, are children who've grown up with minimal human contact, or even none at all. They may have been raised by animals (often wolves) or somehow survived on their own. In some cases, children are confined and denied normal social interaction with other people. There have been a number of stories written about Feral children the most famous being Tarzan created by Edgar Rice Burroughs and Mogli from Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book Series. There are also several examples of Mythical characters that have comparable experiences. I have only ever seen one Harry Potter story that explores this idea and that is Hidden by eQuasarus which can be found here.
The main difficulty in developing Harry into a Feral child is how to get him into the wilderness or some other environment where he can be developed into a Tarzan like individual. One possible idea is the one eQuasarus uses in that he is intentionally abandoned by the Dursley's. Another used by Burroughs & Kipling is that Harry is rescued and adopted by animals after his parent/guardians are killed in the Wilderness. Both of these are not impossible to execute if planned out well and no less implausible than many of the lead ins used for Crossover Stories. The development of Harry as a feral child might be made even more interesting by considering the effects that his accidental (wild) magic and parseltongue abilities might have on his interactions with the other wild animals. Appirition would be a useful skill for getting out of dangerous situations or to food in inaccessible locations. If Harry does possess some degree of Metamorpimagus Ability or an Animagus Form such a natural environment may encourage its emergence or the discovery of some entirely new form of magic use that could be the Power that Voldemort knows not... "Necessity is the Mother of Invention."
Once you have got Harry into the wild and charted his growth and development you then need to find a way to have him rediscovered by the wizarding world and brought back (Biting and Clawing most likely) to fight Voldemort. You also need to consider what effect his absence has had, perhaps the wizarding world has almost forgotten or never realised he survived, or perhaps they have searched for him but most have given up hope of ever finding him. If he has missed out on attending some of his early Hogwarts years how have things changed from canon, did Hermione & Ginerva die, Voldemort get the stone and rise sooner, Sirius Black catch and kill Petigrew only to be kissed before the truth could be discovered, etc… The you have to decide how you are going to handle Harry's reintroduction at the very least Harry would have terrible problems communicating with no ability read, write or even speak English or likely any other human language the only way I can envision him communicating initially with others is by some kind of mental speech which would possibly be only simplistic concepts. (Food, Warmth, Danger, etc…) There is also the matter of how he will adapt to the complex rules of human society when all he has ever know is the primitive natural world. How you handle most of these questions will depend on whether or not you want to write a happy Disney-esq. story or if you would rather write a darker investigation into how there is perhaps not such a great difference between humans from animals.
I'm hoping to manage a careful blend of the two. I'm not sure if I'll ever be a good enough writer to pull off the latter, but the former seems a bit trite to me. I plan on using this particular story as a challenge to the romantic in me. Sure, all of my other stories definitely have pairings, but there are way more variables to explore here. It should be fun.

The Ambition Series (Tentative Title)
Ok, so here's where all of you Harry/Hermione fans can come out of the woodwork and forgive me for my earlier sins. After all, I'm providing you with not one story, but a whole seven-story series. I'm not completely sure where I got this idea, but chances are it (or something like it) popped up in one of the many yahoo groups I'm a part of. Luckily, I think it was more of a collective surge of brainpower than anything else, so hopefully no one will be yelling at me for stealing their idea.
Dumbledore drops Harry off at the Dursleys. That we know. We also know where both McGonagall and Hagrid stood on the issue. But where is the rest of the Order in all of this? Did they all just blindly follow Dumbledore's lead like Hagrid? Did they go along against their better judgment? What if they decided not to go along with him at all?
A select few Order members are less than pleased with Dumbledore's decision. Afraid to confront him directly, they do the only other thing they can. They kidnap him. While alarmingly similar to "The Blackest Potter" at that point, I can assure you that the similarities end there. How will the rest of the world react to his disappearance from the safety of his Muggle home? Will they even know?
Trust me, that's only the tip of the iceberg.

The Boys-Who-Lived (Tentative Title)
A writer on the PP3 yahoo group by the name of TimW came up with this idea. In fact, he submitted a rough draft of his first chapter just yesterday, and it really sent my gears spinning. You have his idea to thank for my profile being updated, and for my newfound determination to get back to writing. But enough about him.
We all know the traditional "Harry goes back in time" stories, and a few authors have even taken a stab at "Boy-Who-Lived!Neville goes back in time" fics as well. This idea combines the two into one beautiful ball of chaos.
My own version of this idea involves three very different worlds, though we'll only get brief glimpses of two of them. Harry and Neville both beat their own Voldemorts, but both were left with nothing to live for. They both choose to go back in time to stop as much bloodshed as they can. They want to finish Voldemort off before he can come back and become a true threat. The twist is, Voldemort in the third world never fell. There is no Boy-Who-Lived.
I don't think I want to tell you guys anything else I've come up with. It's fun to surprise you readers in AU stories anyway.

That about covers all of my future projects (at the moment). I've got a couple more stray ideas in my head, but I always do. Until they form something more concrete, I won't bother putting them down here.

There's no real need to recommend my favorites on this site, as they can all be viewed below. You can also see my favorites on ficwad through my homepage link. That being said, I figured I'd take a minute to point any readers to a couple of other fics (or authors) that aren't located here.

On Portkey(dot)org:
"Kissing Lessons for the Beginner" by Amethyst
It's a fluffy piece that I first read quite a while ago, but one that I'd still vouch for. It also has a solid lemon scene in one chapter.

"Vox Corporis" by MissAnnThropic
A great "perfect Harry/Hermione" relationship story. The chapters are short, but there are quite a few of them. Read it even if you can barely stand Harry/Hermione.

The Obsidian Warlock submits his works there. He's without a doubt one of the finest authors I've ever had the pleasure of encountering.

On SIYE(dot)co(dot)uk:
I have an account there, so I imagine you can check my favorites, but the one EVERYONE (even you Harry/Ginny haters) should check out is Sovran (the author). His Harry/Ginny AU series is glacially slow, but superb.

On Fanficauthors(dot)net:
It's hard to recommend stories or authors from this site. For the most part, it's all good. Everyone can find something they like there, so if you don't like one author's stuff, try another. JBern is usually a good place to start.

On Patronuscharm(dot)net:
The site is very new, so it's not hard at all to peruse its entire contents. I can assure you that you won't be wasting your time. I have an account over there, even if I haven't submitted anything yet, so feel free to check my favorites there if you want. They're pretty much DLP (darklordpotter(dot)net) incarnate. A somewhat disagreeable and intolerant bunch, but damn they can write. You might want to check DLP for fic recommendations as well.

On to my personal likes and dislikes in fanfiction.

I'm not too picky, except about grammar. I'll rarely read a story with terrible grammar. In terms of ships, I like Harry/UnusualGirl, but I'm happy to read a good Harry/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Harry/Luna, Harry/Cho, or any other Harry/Female fics. Even incest fics don't bother me in the slightest. I'd be lying if I said Harry/Multi and Harry/Harem fics weren't fun to read, but when it comes down to it, the most important thing is an Independent!Harry who's actually intelligent and thinks for himself, meaning he doesn't go from blindly trusting Dumbledore to blindly trusting someone else, be it a new teacher or a lover.

This list is actually quite short, but it seems long because I have to go into pretty fine detail to explain everything.
Poor grammar.
Slash. Sorry, it's just not my thing. I've got nothing against gay folks, but it's not the kind of Harry I want to read. I can handle slash in side pairings, though some are easier to accept than others.
Severitus. That means Snape is actually Harry's father, right? Yeah, I fucking hate those stories. Even any story that involves Snape dating Lily in the past bothers the shit out of me, but I'll still read it. Actually, it bugs me when he loves her from afar, but never gets his chance with her. As far as I'm concerned, fuck DH (and HBP, while we're on the subject), it's completely unrealistic. Snape wouldn't hate Harry if he loved Lily, plain and simple. I don't care how much the kid looks like James, Snape would get to know him better (especially since he WASN'T EVEN RAISED A WIZARD) before making that kind of judgment. I don't care about his personal demons. I don't care about his weakness as a person. Snape sucks.
Redeemed!Malfoy. I can buy it over long periods of time, or in an AU story where he's raised right, but suddenly throwing him into the heart of everyone's relationships is like something out of a soap opera. 'Nuff said.
Ron/Hermione. I plan on writing it at least once just to prove I can, but I sure as hell won't like it. They're too argumentative, they'd never get along. All of those post HBP stories that involve them suddenly becoming the perfect couple are impossibly OOC. In all honesty, I don't really like Ron's character, so I think that's a big part of it (Hermione's one of my favorites). It takes a truly superior author to bring out the best in Ron.
Ginslut. Quite popular after OotP came out among Harry/AnyoneButGinny shippers, but I just don't like it. She goes from being impossibly shy in book three to being vaguely friendly in book four (though nothing too extreme) to a friendly, vivacious girl in book five to a manipulative whore in post OotP fics? I think not.
Songfics. The ones that merely quote songs at the beginning of some chapters don't bother me, but fics that either have the entire song at the beginning or end, or those that actually put the lyrics between paragraphs, bug the hell out of me. I'm not saying they shouldn't exist (just thinking it), but I am saying that I don't read them unless they catch me by surprise. The big exception to that rule is whydoyouneedtoknow's fics on fanficauthors(dot)net. She uses songs in a lot of her chapters, but her stories are so good that I'm willing to overlook such flaws.

I'm too tired to come up with more things I hate. Maybe some other time.

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