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Gore & Violence!

Hello, welcome to my little page of doom, yes that’s right doom!

Yes well anyway, I like Naruto, especially the depressing gore angst fics with a slight horror, and comedy is okay it makes me giggle.

Hmm yes I am working on a story right now (yes its filled with violence!) so read it! And review I like reviews for they also make me giggle (evilly)



I need a hobby…

So I came here to spread carnage through out the site. Mwahahahaha.

Don’t try to understand me you might hurt yourself…

I like to draw… but I’m going try this fanfic thing for a bit… yes hopefully there actually somewhat good, and not like you know… crap o.O

Ilike you so when i take over the world, your death will be quick and painless...

I find this a funny question everyone asks me, are you a girl... no... ah.. go die.

Okay now i'm going to tell you what a day in my life is... ahem..

the sun rises but i'm already awake i notice this and i run outside to hiss at the sun, and wake up all the people on my block as i yell "IT BURNS!" i just love pissing them off, i decide its time to leave when the guy next door comes out with a gun screaming at me to, "shut the fuck up!" so i run back into the house knowing that i won that war because i'm still alive, and i dont look like i got beat up with an ugly stick.

i get ready for a 'fun' filled day of school, i dont know why i go to school, my father says i'm dumb good for nothing snot nosed brat, who couldn't find his way out of a paper bag. i find that utterly wrong... if i really wanted to and tried, i bet i could find my way out of a paper bag! after awhile...

anyway i go to school and chill with my EMO friends, who i dont think are my friends because i think there plotting to kill me... really, there insaine! so we wait for jimmy, are amusement, yeah jimmys this little short poser dude who follows me around, he always says 'yeah yeah.' when someone talks, like that retard from the movie the sand lot. we start are day bybeing insulted by the jocks,damn them... and there 'were to good for you so go die, because i dont like your face, you freaks that have no life and most likely sit in the back ofclasslaughing the whole time, and everyone gives you weird looks like your crazy but you know why your laughing its because you sit in the back row silently farting, but no oneknows its you'look that just pisses me off.

so jimmy follows me to gym with his bag of potato chips, that fat fuck, whos short... to short for a freshman he's around, 5,0 were as that is no where as near as tall as me but i dont hold it against him, it's mostly because he eats things he shouldn't, one time he tried to eat the soap thing that goes in the bathroom urinal, i think he was just trying to be cool... but you never know...

gym starts i'm late i get yelled at then charge into my clothes that are all black like what i was just wearing. then the whole class makes fun of me for a good while before they get the hint that i dont give a shit, and plot there doom in the night. i do horrible in every class and every teacher gives me an 'F' for effort, which i seem to lack in...

so school ends and i manege not to get shoved in a locker, yay. i walk home and lay in the grass to only notice that i was laying in dog shit, damn you puffy dog from hell that lives right across from me, i glare at the dog who is standing in the road challenging it to burst into flames, it begins to bark and chase me around the lawn, i dare not stop it looks like its after blood. thank you god for giving me the ability to run. after a while the dog has to crap again and i take this as my chance to get my ass in my house.

i get cleaned up, and my dad comes home shit faced, hits me over the head because 'i'm a dumb ass.' an passes out, i kick him and decide to call it a night. i skip dinner, not like my dad acctually cooks anyway that hasent happened since my mom died.

Around 12 o' clock i come down to get a waffle from the freezer, i like waffles hmm.

Eventful day! was it not? i'm boring... i left out the totally disturbing details... yeah...

oh and some events in this may be... not true! ahh did i lie or didn't i? for the most part no... i try not to lie... the part about the guy with the gun may have been... not true lol okay it was a rake!

Fear me!

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