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Author has written 8 stories for Beastmaster, Boston Legal, Yu Yu Hakusho, Justice League, Psych, and Torchwood.

HEEEEELLLLLOOOO! I'm LadyroseDanielgirl.

I love fan fiction, its an addiction really. Like crack! But I don't do crack, its really bad kids. Mostly I wrote stories that I try to finish then get distracted oh look a kitty.. um... like that. I like justice league, supernatural, bones, criminal minds (NOT REID), I like Boston legal, CSI cuz NICKY is a hottie and many, many others that have escaped me mind.

I mostly hand write Justice league, which of course is centered around FLASH because he is my favorite hero. don't worry, I'll share him! jk i hope to be writing more now that I quit my job.

When I do post-when is the key word- please review, just know that I'm still a struggling writer and words can hurt! And in case any of you have not noticed I'm a little bit hyper!!

Characters I LOVE:

Ianto Jones- Totally love this guy, from Torchwood. Besides being really cute, he is a smart guy! I'm a big fan of JANTO, Jack and Ianto are meant to be together forever!!

Nick Stokes- Well first off, tell me who can resist that smile? Tell me?! Everything is big- i mean better in Texas right(?)- have to keep this PG. And he is just perfect. Another thing is that he is just strong. Much stronger than Sara, she was only trapped under a car. He was abused, had a gun pointed at him, thrown out of a second story window, stalked by a creepy dude, then kidnapped and buried alive. but he gets back up and rides that CSI horse again. She go off crying about it! Jeez. but i have issues with Sara anyway. (never liked her much)

Flash (Wally West)- I think i loved his humor first. He is just awesome, and i love the fact that the justice league is so dependent on him. Like the justice lords, great episode but they could have gone so much further. and then its the red hair, how cute is that the fastest man in a red suit is also a red head! HAHHAHAH love it.

Dean- l love him, sexy and his personality. plus i love his determination to keep his brother safe. I'm totally the same way... well minus the supernatural hunter thing, we are the same.

Derek Morgan-{Criminal Minds}his training and his composure. I kinda wish the show would do more with him than they have been.

SIDE-NOTE: I use to really like Reid because he is kinda cute but then i saw a clips of him behind scenes and his is a jerk (think of darker words and insert here) I totally hate him now that I can't get through a show without making fun of him in some way. Its really how I cope with who he is.

Alan Shore ?- Come on! because he is Alan, the fast talking, mind blowing, quirky lawyer that speaks faster then i think sometimes. I love how his character is written because he is such a great guy without the attention of being a partner. And he takes care of Denny, in the brotherly way you dirty minds!

Captian Jack Sparrow- Because he is Jack, this will be my reason for everything really. I love his history and just who he is. Not like other pirates, but his speech makes my day too. I love Johnny Depp and have seen almost all of his movies.

Edward- (NOT TWILIGHT!!!!)Another Johnny Depp character, he is a great actor. But this character was so kind and quiet that it pulls at the heartstrings.

Tsuzuki-Okay this is Descendant Of Darkness, a manga, he is the main character and totally cute. Another character that is based off me but its not! I wish though! he is a reaper basically and collects the souls of the dead but as the story goes on you learn more and more about his tortured past that the villain is trying to trying to bring back. Great art if you haven't seen it and the story makes more sense when you read the series.

Cherry Cat- this is a character from my favorite book: Vampire by John Steakley. It a great book if you want a vampire book without a lot of romance. Cherry cat is a hunter with a sense of humor. He is the kind of character that shouldn't be a hero but he is and is just waiting for the fates to come and tell him that there was a little mix up. Then he'll be taken to a desk job. Mostly his word, so not mine. The book mostly is where the vampires aren't as seductive as others like Twilight. It is not twilight.

And Jack Crow- Jack is the leader of the vampire hunters in the book above. he is funny, strong, scared when he needs to be and write to be human. The author makes him to be like anyone in his situation and realistically. i love how he says "Rock and Roll" to motivate himself. Its a great book and pretty easy to read. If you've read it, tell me what you think.

Kurama- I fall in love with him when i first saw the tv show and never looked back. He is just so amazing. i love yoko too. I really have a thing for guys with bad past and love to read about them even more! In my opinion there is not enough Yu yu hakusho fan fiction out there with Kurama in it. JK there is plenty but not enough time to read them. sad

Mei-Toku - this is a character from Li-ling Po, a manga that i read a lot. It sad that he isn't the main character because there isn't enough in the mangas about him. I wish there was more. In one of the books he was mistaken for a woman and about be married it was so funny to see a con man try and seduce him. I love the series.

Gibbs and Tony- I love the pair and any story with them in it because who can get enough of the head slapping? and they are very hot TOOO!! Blues eyes of a silver haired Fox and the sly smile of loyal brown eyed puppy.

All of NCIS- I love Abby, she is so cooooool. Nothing else will describe how much I like her, Ziva is cool. Totally started to like her when she fall in love with that dying man. Mcgee is the perfect boyfriend. I want to clone him and take him home. To have on tv and at home, the perfect family? Right?

Batman- i want to hug him. Really i do, because he is a broken man in a body suit. Love the new movies and i love the justice league show with him. I think a great pair is Fl/ Bm... anyone else?

Sean Jackson and Holden B.- They are from Valentine's Day, the 2010 movie. I loved these character when I first saw this movie. They are both adorable and should have had a little more screen time.

So i love characters! nothing will ever change that.

Because this is fan fiction and I own nothing but the new plots, so don't you dare sue me!

I'll make this claim on every story. Fiction is fiction and should remain fiction!!

Enjoy and remember...

Its a cruel world out there and your all beautiful people!

PEACE! Lady of the Rose/DanielGirl

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The Fate of Realities reviews
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Yu Yu Hakusho - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Crime - Chapters: 3 - Words: 3,686 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 5/26/2009 - Published: 12/31/2008 - Kurama M., Hiei
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