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Hey everyone. I'm back! Although none of you know me, the Power Rangers crowd is about to become very well acquainted with me. Let's go on an adventure together.

Divinitas Intereo.


February, 25th, 2013 Monday 4:23 PM Central Standard Time USA

Hey everyone. I just took about a three week break from Plight of the Falcon due to the fact that I am severely busy at the moment. I don't plan on doing that again, and I'll be pumping out the story as fast as I possibly can--I've actually been told by some of the people I know and write with outside of fanfic that I should kind of slow down on the pace and everything, but I don't want to leave you guys waiting, and the story is honestly only just getting started. There is so much to do, so many stories to tell and so many different fragments to work with. I know I originally planned for this to be a quick go to thing, but my mind has come up with all sorts of ideas that I want to use, and there are so many different teams and characters that I have to work with. I want to have as much fun with this story as I can, and I think that while doing so I can still revolve a lot of it around my centric plot, however, I want to have minipots, story arcs, and plot points that I can have fun with. I've made, for me, a fun universe to play in and I want to enjoy it. I also want to implement the other characters and teams more, so yeah. I hope you guys and gals reading this thing are cool with that. As it stands I plan on this story being about 3 or 4 Acts, with each one having a large degree of Parts dedicated to it. I know that Act 2 is going to have a good number of parts with scenes to it just because there's going to be so much stuff to explore. I don't want to rush it, and miss out on a bunch of cool little mini reunions and meetings. So, like I said this should all be fun.

Oh, and so you know, I'll be keeping you guys updated as much as possible using this page--like letting you know how many more days till an update and what not. Also, I'm more than down to discuss my fanfic, Power Rangers in general, or pretty much anything with anyone; if any of you feel like hitting me up, please do so. It'd be a blast to talk to you guys.

On another note--I plan on being at Morphicon 2014, I know some folks from here talk about having been before or wanting to go. To those of you who have been, what's it like? To those of you who want to go, Sup?



Name: Divinitas

Age: 21

Nationality: Hispanic

Likes: Anime, Games, Books, Music, and writing.

Dislikes: Reality T.V

Profession: Musician/Aspiring Professional Author under the tutelage of David Wolverton, and Kevin J. Anderson.

Current Works in Progress:

Plight of the Falcon:

This is the story that I am currently working on. I've been at it for all of 3 days now and I've jotted down around 14k words. I should be pumping out more soon. Hopefully you cats stick around for more of the story.

Future projects currently in the works:

Power Rangers:

Broken Wings:

I've been plotting this story out right along with "Plight of the Falcon". While POTF is a very light story, Broken Wings is actually a very heavy and gritty story. The original Rangers are all involved to some greater of lesser degree, but it is going to be a very conflicting and interesting story. I haven't finished the plot that I've had rolling in my head. Luckily I know the beginning, middle and end of the story very well. Now I just have to connect the dots of the major plot points. It'll probably start being published sometime around the time that Act III of POTF is being put up.

Without You:

This is an extremely gritty story that has been in the back of my head while writing both POTF, and Broken Wings. The premise is pretty simple. Kim stayed and found happiness in Miami. Everything including Dino Thunder happened. Tommy is living in Reefside, still teaching there when he's made away of the fact that Kimberly has been murdered in Miami. When he finds out that it wasn't just a random happening, he calls in his former team mates with one goal in mind: bring down anyone and everyone who had anything to do with Kim's death. Depending on how I'm feeling, this will probably be posted either when it's finished, or when I've got several chapters of it finished so i can post a good chunk of it all at once.

A word from the Author:

Hey guys, I would just like to personally take a moment to thank any and every reader that takes the time out of your day to read the stuff that I put up on this site. I know that a lot of the stuff that I'm going to be putting up isn't going to be near as perfect as I would like it to be. I'm just going to let you know that I'm not bothering to edit anything that I'm throwing up on here due to the fact that I spend a good portion of my day editing, rewriting, redrafting, and re visioning a lot of original work written by me, or by other aspiring professional authors. What you're reading is basically the first draft that I post up as soon as I write it. Aside from a once over I give it, I don't really put much time into editing these stories. I would love to have a beta reader read these stories before I post them, but I think I beta reader might have some troubles keeping up with the pace that I post things at. If anyone would like to volunteer to go behind me and do it, I'd welcome that, but otherwise--yeah.

Either way, lots of love to a lot of you. Oh, and if you'd like a chance to see Jason David Frank back on screen as Tommy Oliver, why don't you give Saban a call and give them the same message that Jason Frank is asking all his fans on his official facebook page: "I'm down" the number for Saban is (310) 557-5230 I've done this, his fans have done tihs, and Saban is actually pretty cool about the call as well. They even thank you for the call, so if you have a chance call Saban and let them know that you'd like to see him back in spandex.

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