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Hey guys, Raptor here. Well past due for a profile update. Anyway, I'll cut straight to the chase. Big changes coming in all my stories, and I'll also be advertising for the next chapter's now.

Tale of the Tactician:

Updates have been coming slow for this, my greatest work. That is about to change. Before, I would replay the same level in SS repeatedly to get the run-down on the chapter planning. However, much has changed since then. Sain has joined the group, I have been adding tidbits to change things(Like Lyon blasting Mark), as well as Florina joining Ephraim's group, and Navarre, Stefan and Karel showing up. So, I will no longer be keeping the dialogue and the plot exactly like the game. Instead, I will continue changing things while following the route of the plot, which should allow me to update much more.


I had reached a standstill at War. However, I decided to add characters from different FEs to the mix, and should be having an update with Karel soon.

The Frelian Ball:

Is complete. No changes in it. However, I have plans for a new story centering on Cormag and set after The Frelian Ball. The Amalgam has returned and is after Cormag. Cormag knows something is following him, but everyone else thinks he suffering from Post-War Trauma. What will Cormag do?

Flames on the Farm:

Possibly the sotry with the biggest change. The only plot left for Flames on the Farm is finding out who is after Nephenee. In lieu of that, Zihark will(In the next few chapters) decide someone is after Nephenee, and take her to Melior for safety. It will, hopefully, become a thriller/mystery story.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Fire Emblem:

I really have no plans for this story, but I'll be winging some new chapters out soon. Hopefully some great new plot ideas will hit me.

A Not so Secret Confession:

I've been getting sporadic reviews telling me to make a sequel. Let me know what you guys think. Sequel or no?

The Forgotten Hero:

Will not continue. No OCs were ever given, so it won't continue.

All for Love:

For the Sake of Memories, Just Another Day and For the Sake of Memories all fall into my new series, All for Love, following Eri and Harima as their lives continue. More One-Shots will be coming.

No Place for Us:

Will continue as is. The biggest change coming is that Jill will be joining the group, and she still carries a torch for Ike. What will Lethe do? I would eventually like to connect this story with Tale of the Tactician.

-Raptor, out.

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