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Ey, I'm DragonWalkerDEW, though I normally go by Dragon or just DragonWalker. I tend to read in my spare time, which is a long time after school. As for what I tend to read it's pretty much anything as long as it catches my attention, the main two ones to catch me is "Humor" and "Adventure" with a somewhat good summary. Two anime examples of this is HDN and RWBY

Ey, I'm Jack, or Dragon's Alter-ego/OC, I tend to be just like him on the internet, yet different as well in some ways, such as he's shier yet I'm a bit braver.

As for me, I'm Yin, the one that always goes into a story for Dragon that's a Self-Insert or Reader-Insert, and trust me it's both hell yet heaven, mostly hell.

And I am Terrent, now if you excuse me, I have to teach Yin a lesson he missed~

WHY?! *Runs off*

Well... That happened.


Name: DragonWalkerDEW

Speaking: Example

Alias: "Dragon", "DragonWalker", "Creator of Last Dracon", "Dualiet Draqo"

Age: 16

B-Day: October 20

Gender: Male (Jack: I said that in the about...)

Other info/Main OC's :


Name: Jack "Dracon" Darkas

Speaking: Example

Alias: "The Last Dracon", "Warrior of Duality", "Grand General Drokahn", "General of Ten Armies"

Gender: Male

Age: Physical - 21 years. Mental - 21,000 years.

(Aka his age ratio is 1 year to 1000 years)



Name: Yin "Fatum" Ficta

Speaking: Example

Alias: "The Unlucky One", "The Man of Fate", "He-Who-Rages", "The Grand General's Assassin"

Gender: Drift - Male. Stories - Undefined.

Age: Undefined



Name: Terrent "Nightmare" Tenebris

Speaking: Example

Alias: "The Hero's One True Fear", "Reaper's Dragon", "Embodiment of Darkness", "The Bladed Reaper"

Gender: Male

Age: Physical - 20,000. Mental - Primordial


(In order of 1-5)

Anime: RWBY, Neptunia: The Animation, Angel Beats!, Highschool DxD, Sword Art Online.

Reasons: 1{ Weapons, Grimm, and Legends.} 2{ Interesting take on the game and plenty of funny moments.} 3{ THE FEELS! And the concept of the world there.} 4{ Concepts of supernatural life and the personalities. (Darnit Ise)} 5{ Good music and a unique take on gaming, not that many Full-Dive consoles here are there?}

Movies: Star Wars, HTTYD, Ender's Game, Ratatouille, Battleship

Reasons: 1{ An old time favorite, and got me hooked onto it with "Phantom Menace", a true work of art. Shame Lucas ain't working on it now.} 2{ Another Old Time favorite, and because of my love of dragons.} 3{ The concept and plot of the story was enough to make me watch it, and after I watched it... I instantly wanted a sequel as it was just too darn good. And combine that with its explosive climax... Yea, good movie.} 4{ Yet another old time favorite, and still is!} 5{ While many say it was bad, I say it's good because it had a somewhat unique plot, two of my favorite actors, and as well the rare "Old beats New" vibe it has.}

Characters: Kanade Tachibana, Ruby Rose, Ender Wiggins, Blanc, Kiba Yuuto.

Reasons: 1{ She is at the top due to how she truly acted in Angel Beats, wanting everyone to move on. Yet because of that, she lost her friends. At least if I somehow go there, I'll try my best to stay with her. So lonely she is.} 2{ Her optimism and will to make everything right impacted me hard to be fair,. Sure, she is a bit childish, but her skill combined with the previous two make an ally that will help you in fights and keep your spirits up.} 3{ This brave soul is on here due to him wanting to make things right and seeing the truth, after learning about the game's 'true' meaning.} 4{ To put it simply- She reflects me alot. Brown hair, cool personality, likes reading, likes their siblings, and gets mad easily... coincidence?.} 5{ This guy needs a hug honestly... and learn about love considering girls call him a 'Prince'. Mainly a hug due to his past though.}

Music Artists/Bands: Skillet, Sabaton, Fallout Boy, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Groundbreaking

Reasons: 1{ Their "Unleashed" album is what got me into them, and DAAANG! LOTS of good beats in there!} 2{ Them referencing history tends to get me a lot, and accompanied with the rocking music...} 3{ Their songs "Immortals" and "The Phoenix" got me with both the meanings in the lyrics and the music in the background. Phoenix for battle, and Immortals for casual or breakthroughs.} 4{ HAAAIL TO THE KING! Hahaha, anyways, good music and as well as powerful vocals, meanings, and sound effects.} 5{ With "The Vengeful One" and "Save Our Last Goodbye", excellent Meanings, especially in the latter's case. And for "Immortalized" and "Indestructible", good music in general. All meaning and music, but they focus on one or the other more.} 6{ While being a solo artist, he makes some EXCELENT music! Try listening to the "Anarchy" albums and you'll see what I mean.}


  1. Each of the main Three OC's is based on one of my personalities, Jack being the one that shows more often and is based on my imagination, Yin when I'm a bit pissed or annoyed, and Terrent when I'm raging or serious.
  2. Little shoutout to BlueKat12345 who's profile actually got me to make this finally, on here at least.
  3. Most of my stories/books will be on Wattpad, which is under the same username as here. I will post a fanfic here later this year though. (2018)
  4. My Chinese Zodiac would be a Snake, particularly a Metal Snake.
  5. I'm a Christian, but I also believe in multiple gods as assistants, or Sub-Gods. After all, if you think about it: How is God supposed to keep an eye on everyone at one time?
  6. I'm at school between 7 AM and 3 PM in Central Standard Time, so don't expect me to respond in that time.
  7. I'm American, if it wasn't obvious with the note above.
  8. I am interested in learning new languages, the main three being Latin, Japanese, and German.
  9. I tend to have a... somewhat wild imagination to put it simply. Hence why Jack is quite OP, though there are some characters that can topple him. I.E. Virgil from DMC, God, and- (in some cases) -Saitama from One Punch Man.
  10. Between 3PM and 12 AM, I am very active as I am on my tablet at the time, so message me during then.
  11. My username originally was from the Star Wars MMO-RPG called "Clone Wars: Adventures", and when it shut down, I carried the name on so it wasn't forgotten.
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40k: ToyHammer by Rogue Vector reviews
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