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Hi, and welcome to the Croutons Anonymous group therapy session for socially challenged cretins.


Hi, my name is Emma, and I'm a socially challenged cretin. But enough about me, let's talk about me.

Age: 17

Personal Facts: I'm an English student (the lesson, not the country) who studies Media, psychology, Law, on the side. Hopes one day to become a stinkin' rich journalist and bringing in mucho bling bling (i.e: lots of cash). Of course, if I happen to win the lottery, then all plans are null and void.

Am currently busking for money to afford a ticket to America or Down Under. You know me, I'm the one with the harmonica and pitbull terrier.

Hometown: South En-ger-land. Home of football yobs, incompetant sports teams and - of course - me (spot the difference!)

My greatest pet peeves:
What makes me spit food? Well, a lot of things. But some things in particular:

1. Ash and Misty's *coughcough* relationship. There are so, so many reasons why this just makes me fall off my chair in hysterical laughter. A) Ash is a cretin. B) So are all the characters. C) So is anyone that believes they'll be taken seriously.

But that's what makes it fun!

In my oh-so-humble opinion:
The writers are sadistic, bored, and are all doped up to the eyeballs. If they weren't in their office filling supposedly innocent cartoons with crossdressers, horny teens, and barf-a-rific pre-pubescent romances, they'd all be just sitting at their desks drinking their skinny tall lattes and playing air hockey. Yes, it might sound fun, but where's the love?!

fave shows: Friends, Neighbours, Spaced, So Graham Norton, Triggerhappy TV, Da Ali G show, Absolutely Fabulous... whatever prevents me thinking too hard and takes me away from the drudgery of life.

Fave food: Last weeks pizza which I just found under the couch.

Shippings: I'm fairly open-minded (yes, such people do exist). Whatever. Gymshipping mostly. Deeeeeal with it.
Shippings I dislike: You've probably already guessed, but... AAML. I'm sorry, I like the characters, but never together. It's incredibly irritating seeing one cliched, done to death story after another. Allow me to give y'all an example:

Ahs nd Msty wre fghting.

i hate u ash kutchm, said msty.

no i hate u msty, said ahs.

i secretley luv him but cant tell hm that, thort msty

oh msty i luv u, sed ash

i luv u 2 ash, sed msty

they kissd. the end.

Ok, I know that was a little inaccurate. After all, I used comma's and full stops.

Please don't take this the wrong way. There are excellent stories out there and some of these pokeshippy authors I've spoken to are very nice people who are very good writers and I love you all. Air kisses to all of you. The only problem I have is with people who throw out the kind of stuff I just demonstrated. There are too many of them. I'm calling the Bad Grammar police.

Anywaaaay, I believe that nothing *will* ever happen in Pokemon, because lets face it - its a childrens show. Not a mushy teenage soap opera like Dawsons Creek where they tackle issues or relationships. That's why I watch Pokemon. Because. it's. plain. stupid.

Obviously, some militant, die hard fan out there has disagreed with something or possibly everything I have said, so if you want a slanging match... or to just generally chat (which is nicer, if a lot less exciting)... I have an email as you can see above, or send me a message on Yahoo IM and MSN. My Yahoo name's emma_ukgurl (yes, it is a lame name, whatcha gonna do about it?), and I have finally figured out the MSN so contact me at emma_penny8@hotmail.com. Go on, do it. I just love yapping away to people! But I'm kinda boring.

Not much.

Having to do work - One day, Arse met Sofa. A love affair was born.
Soap Operas - Wow. Mindy the dentist is having an affair with her husbands sister who is secretly dating Jack's evil twin who's brother is in a coma because of Mary's dog who is secretly sleeping with the hamsters mother. Do plots get any better than this?
People asking me what I'm thinking - Nothing. I'm thinking nothing. When will you learn?
Young children - It's not that I don't like them. It's just that they scaaaaaaare me.

Now quotes - for the sake of looking smarter than I am.

"If you think you are important - put your hand in some water, take it out, and see how much of a hole you've left." -- Bruce Davies

"All the things I really like to do in life are either illegal, immoral, or fattening"

"Man's greatest invention - the car. Designed by a computer, built by a robot, driven by a moron".

Now if you'll excuse me, I think the goldfish are calling me.

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