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What am I suposed to say? I love fan fiction. I was suffering from withdraw symptomes when my school blocked with no reason. It seriously said,"Blocked: Reasons: Not Listed" I was ready to pick up the computer and throw it. I have read for a long time and a friend of mine wrote and posted a story using my help. Duing my withdrawl, I got a story stuck in my head and I had to write it. I put it up to make the voices in my head shut up. I wrote it and am proud of it and don't really care what anyone thinks of it. I have another story idea I'm running with. Naruto and Shino. It's called Hive. I am still writing on Liar's Place, but Anything has gotten a little slow and I could use help, any ideas are welcome. I have a lot of new story ideas and will soon type and post them. Deal with it if you don't like it. The stories are good. And Dark Orb agrees with me! So there!! My profile Image is a pic for my new story Left Hand of the Devil. Read it if you wish to understand.

-Ax or DD, whichever you perfer

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