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Well, let's see I could describe myself as I am in real life or I could describe my self as I am in my world where anime comes to life and all my favorite animes and books are intermixed. I just got an idea why don't I describe myself to you as I am in both worlds.

Real world me:

Name:To remain anomynous


Sex: Female

Race: White

Hair Color: Wish it were black

Eye Color: Wish they were blue

Hieght: Well, I'm shorter than my boyfriend.

Personality: Well, I can be some what random. And some might say Bitchy. Well, yeah every once in a while i'll try to kill myself so sue me what ever it's not like you really know me or some thing.

Likes: Love anything ANIME!!! Love my family!!! and LOVE food!!!

Dislikes: Anything that pisses me off and flames in my reveiws.

Favorite Color: Well, i'm not picky.

Status:In a relationship

Writing style: What ever comes out of my head. DUH! (Pickle jars)

Occupation: Student

My world me(also my OC)

Name:Kitana Shortsword


Sex: Female

Race: Elf/Human Hybrid

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Hight: 5'7"

Personality: Always on the quick. Can spot a lie a hundred miles away. Hates most anyone who dares get in here way or if they want her to do something she's unwilling to do. Easily angered (Will get mad at the slightest provokation). Loves her partener to death. Is extremely loyal if you are a good friend. She does not trust easily (Let's say that it took her partener 5 months to be trusted as a confidon even though they've known each other since her partener was born).

Likes: She loves food. (Since she so rarely gets it wuthout haveing to hunt for it herself) She also likes really really hot guys!!!

Dislikes:Hates not getting her way. and anything that gets her mad. She hates exboyfriends (if she didn't break up with them)

Appearance: Black leather pants, Red tank top, Deer skin boots, Waist length black hair, leather gloves, wears her hiar in a long braid so it doesn't get in her way.

Weapons: Katana (no duh!), bow and arrows, several daggers, fans, longsword, the twin blade, axe, and fire bending (in the avatar world).

Occupation(s):Assassin (when she can get the job), dragon rider (in some storys the dragon ispresent in others it is not. ask and i'll say if it will appear.), grocer, actress, gaurd, soldier, and housekeeper.

Partener's Name: Sunset

Partener's Age: 7 months

Partener's Gender: Female

Partener's Race: Dragon

Partener's Appearance: Bloodred scales all through her body except by her feet, head, and tail where it turns into a dark purple with gold tints going though out her entire body. her wings are a translucent dark pink.

Partener's Personality: Independant, loyal, protective, aggresive when angry.

Partener's Likes: Kitana, fire, flying, hunting, swimming, and eating.

Partener's Dislikes: Other humans, men, cows (because they smell), hieghts (long story, started in her first month of life outside her egg...), and really annoying men. She also hates canadians with a passion!!! --(She wrote that in after I said Mr.Fluffy was from Canada, so if any of you Canadians are offended don't attack me, but feel free to attack her)

Partener's Occupation: Just being there for Kitana.

This is now for my boyfriend to write what ever he wants:

Okay evil side!!!!! (Evil rules)

Leader of evilness! Muahaha! Is a umm...ummm... Oh I know! A giant squid named Mr. Fluffy! (But he is not fluffy, he takes it personaly)

Of course it is guy because if it was a girl it would be too easy for her to take over the world, and all you know guys are cooler when they take over the world...In style! (Because we come in the front door) Anyways...

Mr. Fluffy is a giant squid that lives in Canada! His army is a ummm... ummm... Sponges! Yes! Sponges! The dragon power don't work on these weird but killer creatures of the westeren and southeren pacific ocean. So ha! In her dragon's face!!! Oh now look at them all brake dance in front of her dragon's face!

Under construction!!!

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