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Hello everybody, my name is CenasAngel. I love the WWE and I love to write, it's mostly what I do in my spare time and as you may have guessed I love John Cena, why...well look at him.

Fav Male Wrestlers

John Cena- Totally hot, wait scratch that, beyond hot. So adorable and funny, sweet, lives life tothe fullest. But truthfully speaking I would like him to lose the title to HHH at WrestleMania, just because I wanna see what happens if he does.

Triple HHH- I know the only reason he's so popular is because he's married to Steph. But I like him, he's funny to me and a good wrestler. Time to Play the GAME! ( Spits water into the air)

Edge- Sorry to Cena, but this guy is funny, I love watching him do segments and what not.

Booker T- Good wrestlers and does great commentating.

Chris Benoit- Great technical wrestler, love his smile.

Finlay- He may be a heel, but this guy knows how to wrestle. Horrible teeth though.

Randy Orton- He's good looking in his own way, not my type though. I had know idea how tall he was.

Rey Mysterio- This may be my top favorite wrestler of all time, I love high flyers. He looks good with or without his mask.

Eddie Guerrero- I miss him so much. All time great wrestler and funny as hell. R.I.P Our Latino Heat El Paso's finest, WWE's greatest.

Shawn Micheals- HUGE fan of this guy, love his finsher Sweet Chin Music.

Spirit Squad- Even though they suck as cheerleaders, the can hold their own in the ring, did you see that clothesline off the trampoline?

Stone Cold- Didn't give a damn about anyone or anything, but his beer. Gotta love the RattleSnake. Why isn't he in the Hall of Fame?

Kurt Angle- HOW COULD I FORGET HIM! Great wrestler, great entertainer, deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

Mexicools- Psicosis is so cute and Super Crazy is awesome in the ring. Together they will become the next Tag Team Champs.

Undertaker- Can't forget the Ol' School, I just wish he would come back as the American Badass on the bike one more time.!

Matt Hardy- I perfer him with his brother, but hey you can't get what you what all the time.

Boogyman- Doesn't creep me out one bit, it took me a minute to realize those were actually worms he was eating COOL!

Batista- Not exactly my favorite, but he can wrestler and he looks cool, (coughs- can't do promos or segments for shit-coughs)

Fav Divas

Stacey Keblier- How could you hate her. I like her because she's a natural beauty and she's tall like me.

Melina- I have no clue why everyone hates her, she can dress her ass off, love her entrance, she's pretty, but I can't stand her screams.

Sharmell- Basically I like her because she's the only black girl besides Kristal.

Kristal- Love her as an interviewer.

Least Favorite Divas

Maria- The evil bitch must die for kissing John Cena, so fake can't wrestle or do segments. Why in the hell did they fire Christy and not her!


Sable- Slut and she slept with Vince gross!

Ultimate Parings

Melina/John Cena- This is the ultimate couple, who can't see that.

Micheal Cole/Tazz- They are so funny together. When I become a commentator I would love to work with them.

Eric Bishoof/Theodore Long- Look above

Kurt Angle/Mickie James- I imagined them together, they look like a cute couple.

Shelton Benjamin/Kristal- Look above

My stories will be diversitied, meaning every story I write will feature a different main wrestler. If I run out of ideas for that then well I'll just use the same wrestler.

Favorite Rappers

50 Cent

Ja Rule

Three 6 Mafia


Young Jeezy

Ying Yang Twins


Too Short



Lil Kim

Bay Area- Where I'm from, reppin the B-A

Favorite Bands, Singersor Groups


3 Doors Down

Green Day


The Exies


Alter Bridge

Scott Stapp

Maroon 5

Peter Gabriel


Favorite T.V. Shows

Wild N' Out

Girls Next Door

The Soup



A.M. Raw

The Gauntlet

My Wife and Kids

America's Next Top Model

Ed, Edd and Eddy

Fairly Odd Parents

Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Kenan and Kel- I know that's not on anymore, but I still like the show

The Parkers

Will and Grace

The Boondocks

Robot Chicken

Chappelle Show

South Park

Favorite Songs

Tatu- All the things She Said

Young Jeezy- Go Crazy

John Cena- Beantown

John Cena-Right Now

John Cena- Know the Rep

John Cena- Bad, Bad Man

Rush- Summertime Blues

Alter Bridge- Find The Real

AC/DC- High Way to Hell

TLC- Waterfalls

TLC- Girl Talk

Seal- Kiss by a Rose

Ying Yang Twins- Ay Yi Yi

T.I.- Bring Em Out

E-40- Tell me when to go

Dem Franchise Boys- Oh I think They Like me

Eminem- When I'm gone

Busta Rhymes- Touch It and the remix

Remy Ma- Conceited

Cassidy- I'ma Hustla

Beyonce- Check on It

Big Pun- It's so Hard

Tupac and Bigge- Runni

Tupac- Until the end of time

Tupac- All about you

Tupac- Dear Mama

Tupac- Keep ya head up

Game- Hate it or Love it

The Lox- Money, Power, Respect

Lil Kim- Lighters Up

Lil Kim- Whoa

Juvenile- Rodeo

Scott Stapp- Great Divide

Scott Stapp- You will soar

Scareface- My Block

Scareface- Smile

Price thingies

Since a lot of people seem to have those price range things, I' ve decide to have some on my profile too.

Chain-Gang Medallion- $25.00

WWE Championship Spinner belt- $349.00

Chain-Gang Basketball Jersey- $140.00

Wearing nothing but that while John Cena's standing in front of you in only his boxers...priceless.

Black Skirt- $20.00

Black Boots- $30.00

Matching Black Shirt- $15.00

Cost for Hair and Make-up done to perfection- $50.00

Looking that good laying in the ring after your boyfriend just RKO'ed you...priceless.

Can of soda- .50 cents

Bags of your favortie chips- $1.00

Carton of Chocolate ice cream- $3.00

Watching from your bedroom while HBK kisses Vince McMahon's ass...priceless.

Plane tickets- $90.00

Hotel Reservations- $100.00

Wrestling Tickets- $45.00

Sitting front row at your first WrestleMania...priceless

Hustle.Loyalty.Respect. Niggas, PEACE OUT!

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