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Hello and welcome to my profile. First of all, thanks for being interested enough in me to stop by and read what I have to say about myself...

My name is Ben, I'm almost 29, I live in Chicago and I am transgender (female to male).

I started writing when I was a little kid. I would journal constantly and began writing poetry and fiction stories. From age seven, I would take books that I knew and create my own worlds. Many years later I came to know that as fan fiction. I wrote American Girl fan fiction for years. I also wrote a lot of fiction based off of Lurlene McDaniel books. I really enjoyed taking characters that had already been developed and writing my own stories and adventures for them.

Around age nine I began writing All My Children fan fics and at ten I added General Hospital to my list. I wrote in those genres for a very long time. And it was in those genres that I discovered that millions of others did this, too...and in fact, it had a fiction. I posted my stories to messageboards and created a website (that is long gone) for my stories. One of my best moments was writing a fan fiction for the character of Faith Roscoe on General Hospital, when she first joined the show. I posted the story at her messageboard (board is still up, story is LONG can see the website here... http : // www. cynthiapreston . com (just remove the spaces). Anyway, Cyndy was still very new to the show and used to post at the board all the time. She read my story and wrote me an amzing personal message telling me that she thought I was talented. It was the highlight of my life, let me tell you!

I moved into the world of Degrassi and Queer As Folk next, becoming a huge fan of slash. I had never really written slash before, but once I got into it, I loved writing it. I've also drabbled in Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, Billy/Dom, and Lost. About a year or so ago, I got really into Rent and began writing for that.

I had known of this website for a long time and read stories on here constantly, but had never posted on here. I was intimidated by the size of this website and, as many of you know, it has become much easier to navigate in recent years. Once I began writing for Rent, I couldn't really find a decent board to post on, so I decided to take a leap and post it here. However, sadly most of my Rent fics have been abandoned when my Rent muse ran away from me.

Recently I discovered House and began immediately playing in this amazing world. I love writing House/Chase and House/Wilson. Chase is my favorite character, as I relate to him better than any of the others. I currently have three House pieces on this site. Two complete one-shots (which is odd, because I honestly hate writing one-shots that aren't purely PWP) and one WIP. I truly enjoy writing for this genre and have several stories in the works on my computer, which once I get Fragmented Pieces done, will find their way on here!

As you can tell, House has now been replaced with Glee. Even though most of the time the show drives me nuts, I really love the characters of Kurt and Blaine. I'm a huge fan of the actors, as well. I finally decided to upload my Glee fics that were finished. I may eventually start loading some of my WIP's so I can get motivated to start writing them again!

I love (LOVE) talking to fellow writers! I truly enjoy discussing my work or your work or others work! I love getting feedback (as does any writer) and many people are surprised when they find out that even if I've written something, if I hear a great suggestion, I will go back and re-write. You can e-mail me, PM me, or send me an IM on AIM at imchasesgirl7 or xherstory6 (although to be honest, I'm not usually signed stand a better chance with the e-mail or PM) and I will happily respond. I also love making new online friends, so send a message my way and let's chat and get to know each other! Also, I always check my story stats...anyone who reviews my stories, author or story alerts me gets their profiles read. I love seeing what you guys write and read and what you have listed as YOUR favorite stories. I'm also infamous for NOT favoriting stories on here, simply because I book them on Internet Explorer lol. Anyway, I hope you continue to enjoy my stories as much I love writing them!

Peace, babies!


Okay, since I knew I was never going to finish those Rent stories that have been sitting here for years, I finally deleted most of them. His Addiction, Love Heals, and Sins of the Father have all been removed. I left Thicker Than Blood (because it's complete) and I left Daddy Loves You, because I can't bring myself to delete that one.

I also added a few new stories. These were all one shots that I wrote for a messageboard contest almost two years ago. I like most of them, so I posted them. Anniversary, Losing My Religion, and Hallelujah are not the greatest things I've ever written, but I like them and I hope you guys do, too.

For those of you who have been following Fragmented Pieces, the sequel is in the works and will be posted sometime soon (I'm not giving a definate date because real life has been a little crazy). For those who have been following Me and Emily (the long version) there should be several one shots coming up over the next - I'm not sure how long. I've got one written, but it hasn't been typed up yet. Anyway, I really appreciate all of you who read my stuff and especially those of you who review!

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