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Hi there! I'm S. Schumaker, but you can simply call me Sherry if you like! I'm a 26-year-old college graduate with a BA in English Literature. I'm a big lover of reading and writing and do hope to one day become a published author. Anyway, I've been writing fanfiction since I was about 12 or 13, but since all of my older work sucked, it's unlikely you'll be able to read it. I've taken everything I could find down from the world wide web, mainly due to my own sheer embarrassment of it, but also because they were generally terrible stories with bad plots and awful spelling/grammar mistakes.

Anyway, please take a look at my newer works, which hopefully are better than my old stuff. I'm trying a new thing where I set update dates for myself and the readers out there...kinda like a personal goal to shoot for. So, head on down the page to learn about my current stories, their statuses, and even stories I intend to write in the future! Remember to review!

June 4, 2012...

FF.net has recently posted information regarding stories that are rated MA and has been very clear that they are not allowed here. Because I do not wish to be removed from this site, a few chapters of "A Love In Reverse" have been removed and replaced with an information word document. Basically, I have decided to upload the story in it's entirety to my livejournal account: . I know this is considerably inconvenient, but I'd rather follow the rules and have you go off site to read these chapter than lose my posting privileges completely! All the other "tame" chapters remain on this site and until further notice, the other chapters will be available on that link above. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this issue, please feel free to leave me a comment or send me a private message. I check everyday for reviews/messages from here so please don't hesitate to ask. Sorry for this troubling update.

May 30, 2012...

I do not have any further updates at this time, but I do want to sincerely ask for readers to leave me reviews and comments. These are the best motivators for me! Also, I have been getting very excited about revealing my new fic, "Insomnia" to you all! Expect a first chapter in a few days time. Also, if anyone has good websites or reference materials into tropical typhoons, please let me know! I need some research for a future SM fic I'm planning! Thanks!

May 22, 2012...

I've finally uploaded a new chapter to "A Love in Reverse"!! I'm very excited to finally get this chapter out. I'm expecting only one or two more chapters to the story before it's completed! I hope the long time readers of this story will come back and check it out after all this time! Please let me know what you think and be expecting more from me in the coming weeks. I hope to get the story polished up and finished for you soon and more Sailor Moon fanfiction out as well! Thank you for sticking by me and enjoy!

March 8, 2012...

Today I added another drabble to "Quickies: 100 Love Drabbles". I still haven't received any feedback on these and I really would love some. So, if you could check them out and tell me what you think I'd be really happy!

Also, I've finally started working on "A Love in Reverse" again. I have completed the edit for Chapter 7 and uploaded it! I am currently still writing the new chapter eight, but the creativity is flowing tonight, so expect that up in a day or so! If you have followed and loved this story since it's inception, please let me know what you think of the changes that have been made! I hope you like them and again, I am SOOO sorry for taking so long with an edit for this work! Please review and let me know what you think. Much love!

Previous Aliases...

Back in the day, when I had the terrible stories... I used to write and publish under many different pennames. Probably to rid myself of the embarrassment and flames I'd naturally receive by using my real name. Anyway, recently I've gotten a lot of emails saying how I'm stealing so-and-so's work when in fact it was mine to steal. So, if you feel you've already read one of my stories before, you probably have, only under one of the following aliases:

Sailor Sherry, Lemon and Lime, Watermelon Seeds (yes, they are all me!!)

In Progress...

All right folks. You know me. I'm terrible at updating! So I'm not promising anything new for a while. I have been writing, very sporatically, in all these works, but I have two full-time jobs, so my time is a little stretched. I will eventually finish all of these, just give me time! Thanks!

Title: Quickies: 100 Love Drabbles
Series: Sailor Moon
Chapters So Far: 2
Next Chapter Progress: 0 Percent Completed
Next Chapter Release Date (estimated): 5/31/2012
I have finally returned!! I know that people want updates to my other works still and probably could care less about some silly drabbles, but these are helping me remember what I love about writing and why I really started! Please take a look at these and leave me reviews. I need to know if I can still hack it in the fanfiction world!

Title: A Love in Reverse
Series: Harry Potter
Chapters So Far: 9
Next Chapter Progress: 5 Percent Completed
Next Chapter Release Date (estimated): Middle of June 2012?
After many years, I finally have a new chapter uploaded. Please R/R. I hope to have this story completed within another chapter or two.

Title: Handcuffs
Series: Kodocha
Chapters So Far: 7
Next Chapter Progress: 15 Percent Completed
Next Chapter Release Date (estimated): ??
Unknown at this time when I will continue.

Title: Peeping Toms
Series: Sailor Moon
Chapters So Far: 4
Next Chapter Progress: 10 Percent Completed
Next Chapter Release Date (estimated): ??
This is one of my older stories that I had originially written under the alias "Sailor Sherry," but I've loved it so much that I decided to revise it and re-post it! Updated a little late this time, sorry! I'll try and get better at it!!


Title: Telepathically Connected
Series: Marmalade Boy
Chapters: 8
After nearly five years, I've actually finished it! I hope you like it!

In the Future...

Sailor Moon
Inspired by the current storm Beryl (he he), I hope to write a story following Usa/Mamo as they survive a tropical typhoon. Hope to begin working on it the next few days, but I do need to do some research regarding appropriate terms first.

Title: Insomnia
Series: Sailor Moon
Genre: Romance
Rating: T/M
Pairing: Mamoru/Usagi
Plot: Days on end spent fighting Youma, Mamoru and Usagi, completely sleep deprived, will do anything to get some rest.

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