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Author has written 5 stories for Kingdom Hearts, Prince of Tennis, and Devil May Cry.

Here's my wonderful, long, and very funny profile, enjoy! (If you don't, you don't deserve to read it.)

Things to call me: Keselyx, Kesel, Meeko, Kiwi, Kumquat, or anything else you can come up with... I really don't care.


Shows: Prince of Tennis, Death Note, Yu Yu Hakusho, Sukisyo, Ouran, Bobobo, Naruto, Scrubs, Spongebob, The Daily Show.

Movies: Zoolander, Pirates of The Carribean, Yu Yu Hakusho Movie, Prince of Tennis Movie (animated), Dreamgirls (I have to admit, it was better than I expected...), Oceans 11, 12, and 13, Minority Report, Mission Impossible(s), Batman Begins, The Dark Knight.

Pairings: Prince of tennis: Imperial, Pillar, Ah-Uh, Tez/Fuji. (will add more later. . .)

Hobbies: (I have lots of hobbies!)

I like to draw, write (well duh), run (people think I'm crazy... ), go online, play video games, watch TV, sing, PLAY TENNIS Um... There's a lot of things I like to do. I can't think of all of them though.

Funny Quotes:(yes some are things I said, but I have good quotes! OK?!)

"I was just putteting it..." ~Xiana talking about putteting something

"Watercombmelon" ~Xiana and I messing around with the online doll graphic maker thingy

"Just to throw myself off the trail" ~Xiana talking about her confusing herself (and me)

"Fire! Ice! Fire! Ice! Fire! Ice!" ~Xiana pointing to fiery and icey things

"...exact! I think..." ~Xiana talking about how sure she was

"Uh, Xiana, Xalex is your sister." ~I had to tell Xiana! I don't know how I found this out though...

"The people in my head voted that Yu Yu Hakusho is the best thing EVER!!" ~Those are some cool people in my head

"Life is a metaphor for 'Survivor.'" ~My mind wasn't working well during that Chemistry class

"What's Matt's middle name?" "It should be "Ematics"!" ~Xiana and me, I needed to know Matt's middle name to look it up

"At least you have multiple personalities. I just start referring to myself by my fake name!" ~Xiana when trying to explain the annoyance of having fake people in her head(as opposed to real people in your head, like me!).

"Hey, there's an airplane! And it's in the sky!" ~Xiana on the phone telling me about something strange she saw in the sky.

"Emos don't have ears, they only have pain."~Tamara (math class rocks!! hahahaha!)

"Sticks and stones my break my bones, but whips and chains excite me" ~Stephen (Tamara's friend who I don't know)

"One small step for an Ostrich, one giant leap for a kangaroo rat." ~Tamara being random.

"No. It's going to be either an ostrich or an emu. Probably an emu because emu sounds like emo" ~Tamara

"Emu's don't take steps, they only have pain!" ~Me using Tamara's phrase about emos with emus.

"But sayings have to involve death or a death wish!" ~Me arguing for emu's and bunnies.

"Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, Jack caught Plague and pleaded and begged for Jill to bring his slaughter. Jill said yes, and what a mess she made with all his blood, And then she left torn and beneft at the thought of what she'd done. At her home and when alone she'd think through it with her head, and felt a lick of facination sick at the fact that he was dead." ~Tamara's nursery rhyme.

"How now brown cow?" ~Tamara's and Xalex's annnoying comeback

"What now brown cow? That's what she said, to your mom!" ~Xfish's ulitmate comeback

"They're not aliens! They're people too!!" ~My brother and his crazy logic about aliens being people

"Prepare yourself for the most unpleasant tickle fight of your life" ~My brother's version of a spongebob quote

"What are you doing?""Massaging your forehead...""Ok!" ~Me and my brother talking about how he was massaging my forehead.

"So limes are apples?" ~Xalex, the poor soul that doesn't understand colors and fruits

"We should go calendar shopping!" ~Me suggesting Xi and I go calendar shopping

"Orange doesn't exist" ~Me trying to explain to Xalex that orange is not a color

"Oh Hanukkah! Oh Hanukkah! How evergreen your Hanukkah!" ~Xi and I working on our Hanukkah songs

"So limes are mold covered squids?" ~Xi told me moldy squids were green

"Xalex is the morbidity judge" ~This is what Xi and I decided

"The Extinction was caused by a gum eraser" ~Xi telling me about gum eraser meteors

"Xalex is wearing a dress!" ~I pointed it out, but he said it himself!

"You can have my implants they didn't work." ~My brother giving me his implants... I will not describe it more.

"I need a bed pan!" ~My brother, trying to be annoying

"I'm going to the closet now" ~Me thinking it best to retreat to the closet

"Yeah, but you put a hole in my foot!" ~My brother after I stabbed his foot with a pen on "accident"(big pointy teeth)

"Give back my brain!" ~Me trying to get my brain eraser back

"You squished Emo-y!" ~Me after my brother killed emo-y, the emo gum eraser

"A guy walks into a bar, what does he say...OUCH!" ~Joslyn's funny joke!

"Cheaters can't count!" ~Something I told Aunt Dea after she tried to cheat and then said "I can't count"

"Hahaha! Don't mind me! I'm insane!" ~Xiana, funny, insane Xiana

"Your scarf's all tassle-y!" "..." "See it's all tassle-y" ~Xiana and Xalex talking about an annoying regular knit scarf that would need really long needles

"It's the gift of love!" ~Crazy, crazy Xarndew (my brother)

"... But at least I got the National Forensic League Trophy Case..." ~Some cool blue haired kid.

"Then I saw this pencil..." "It's a crayon..." ~Xiana was telling me about this pen-ahem- crayon she found in Geo that was shiney and firey like Axely's hair!

"I'm playing a triangle see! A triangle!" ~Xiana, listening to her ipod, playing her invisible triangle.

"But why... I wanna play pretty, pretty princess... It's Pretty Jared's favorite game..." ~Xiana... I wanted to play a board game... But I said no pretty, pretty princess...

"What is it... It's all sesame-y and chicken-y..." "Um... that would be sesame chicken..." ~Me. I was being kinda stupid... It was mainly the people in my head arguing... Aloud-ish.

"Plusthe" ~Xiana and my Olde English term for plushie.

"Yeah! We could like go to the dollar store and like buy the hats for like a dollar!" ~A girl named Ashley in my choir

"Sometimes, I see Daniel in the hallways, and I just want to take him and put him in a little box..." ~Funny Xiana (The next five go along with this one)

"And then some other times, I see Xalex, and I think I want to put him in a little box, too..." ~Funnier Xiana

"And then sometimes, I would let them go into a slightly bigger box, and they could be happy together." ~Funniest Xiana

"You know, Xalex, sometimes I see you and I want to put you into a little box." ~Mildy suggestive Xiana

"And then I would put Daniel in a little box too..." ~Straight forward/blut Xiana

"But we wouldn't like being in separate boxes..." ~Xalex not knowing what he's saying

"I don't have time to be emo!" ~Me talking about how busy I am/was and how stressed I am/was

"There's a time for compromise... It's called "later"." ~The BEST fortune-cookie/dove-chocolate-thingie I've EVER read! AMAZING! BRILLIANT!

"That is if mongooses are involved... Or is it mongeese...?" ~Xiana asking a very good question.

"... That's our eharmally math update..." ~The closed captioning failing during Wimbledon Tennis tournament.

"Hey Chuck! I dare you to stick your arm out of the igloo for the entire night!" ~Xi's reply after I asked about how someone could manage to freeze only their arm and none of the rest of their body.

"I can feel your eyes..." ~Xiana when I was reading over her shoulder.

"Watermelons." ~What men need to stuff their shirts with when cross dressing!

"A hole-corner... Like on a pole table." ~Xiana, when we were talking about where emos would want to die...

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Hey is it too much for you to slow down or do you like being sadistic?" evil laugh in reply ~VERY, VERY suggestive Street Fight II, that Xiana and I watch with great amusement. (again; VERY SUGGESTIVE!!)

"What's the difference between a fairystale and a guystale?" "What?" "One starts with 'Once upon a time' the other with 'No shit, this is a true story!'" ~A great joke my brother told me!

"... What I mean is, could you have one king be married to two queens...?" "Only in Utah." ~My brother asking about melding in Pinochle, and my grandpa's reply. XD

"BILLBOARD!" ~My friend Sarah's and my crazy thing for planes when they go by at night... From a LOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGG time ago... I'm not kidding, we seriously had to be high or something that night.

"It tastes like a Shirley Temple." "..." "Uh... The non-alcholic kind!" ~Me talking to my dad about this really good Squirt flavor...

"He can like pinch you and you'll like explode." ~Another quote from awhile ago, I'm cleaning off my desk you see. This one's from Xiana as she was talking about Karasu in Yu Yu Hakusho. I took it the wrong way of course...

"Demily! It's like Emily with a D." ~Me or Xi... I think we were going crazy that night.

"That's what the 'L' in (insert name of person here) means, lickable." ~Xiana when talking about someone with an 'L' in their name thanks to a sign I have on my bulletine board.

"Floormint!" ~Xi and I talking about a mint we DID NOT find on the floor and DID NOT feed to someone with an 'L' in their name.

"Do, we, do, we, do, we, do, we, do, we, do, we!" ~Um... More proof to my insanity.

"Holy Happy Clam!" ~An alternate phrase to "Holy Cow."

"Tchuwu-Ice cream!" ~I don't know about the "tchuwu" but I said that and then saw ice cream... So I said "ice cream."

"Roxy can't be taller than Axel. That wouldn't work, you know?" "Yeah, girls usually aren't taller than guys." ~Xi then me talking about ISWASM.

"You guys aren't having much luck at hockey. Why not take up tennis?" "Tennis? GET HIM!" ~Ryu, from a wonderful, wonderful, suggestive show... Street Fighter II. Though at this time, we were more questioning the fact that TENNIS IS IN EVERYTHING!!

"Fold "A" over to meet "B" to see the punch line appear in the sky." ~This awesome Fruit By The Foot wrapper thing... It was great! Almost as good as the joke...

"What bird is always out of breath after long flights?" "A Puffin!" ~See! Isn't it great?! Well somehow I found it halarious...

"Find the 4 evil aliens that don't fit the pattern and zap them into another galaxy!" ~Oh how we love Fruit By The Foot... Though I'm not sure what this one's trying to teach out children...?

"It's ok! Just gettin an ace here and it'll all be ok!" Djokovic looks to the sky "Voices from heaven!" ~Me shouting to Djokovic when he was playing Moya... And him looking up right after, then Xi, saying his thoughts aloud. Right after I said this he did get an ace, by the way. NO KIDDING! It was pretty cool...

"She's talking to herself. It's not exactly healthy." ~Taixklyn, talking to me! About Xi! Oh the irony...

No Pun Intended...

As believible as it is, NONE of these puns were intended, they just happened... And Keselyx just happened to notice. Though many are cheesey NONE WERE ON PURPOSE!

"They're waiting... Waiting to take over the world!" ~My brother talking about the android waiters at the REALLY REALLY good restuarant Med.

"There's just one thing..." "What?" "Unfortunately, he's religious." "Oh God No!" ~Me and Xi talking about this PERFECT guy for me... Hmm...

"Global warming is a hot topic." ~Xiana's mom! XD

"Hm... There's a cross there." "Good God!" ~Me telling my mom about a cross in a construction site.

"You should 'czech' out this club..." ~Close captioning, when talking about Roger Federer.

"I'm going to have Mountain Dew 'cause that's what I do." ~Xiana talking about what she was getting to drink.

"You can take them off my hands." ~A while ago... Them being the socks. That were on Xi's hands.

"Even if he's not cut out to be a surgeon..." ~Me, talking about my friend Dan, and how he wouldn't be cut out for being a surgeon, though he'd still be a pretty good one... coughcough

Story Situation

In Progress...

Seigaku Goes Global, Sort of: (Yaoilicious) The Seigaku Tennis club heads on a road trip for a tennis tournament on the otherside of Japan. They sure have an interesting route!
He Did It In the Kitchen: A murder mystery story I'm co-writing with Xiana.

In Planning Stages...

Cooking With Fujimaru: (Yaoilicious) Takashi Kawamaru's parents entered in Takashi into a TV Cooking Show host contest, and he won! Now he has his own show with his assisant cook Shusuke Fuji. (oneshot)
Prince of What now?!: (Possibly Yaoilicious, but that's not the focus) A bunch a crazy adventures for the Prince of Tennis characters as they try to find out who's the prince of everything!

In Finished Stage...

A Holiday Tale: (Yaoilicious/not really) A tale of the Lyszerxon family and the visit of some mysterious guests while preparing a holiday feast. And a mysterious gingerbread house competition? Who will win! This is an intro to who I am, not a good story!
Strawberry Dane-ish: (Yaoilicious) A side story for Seigaku Goes Global, Sort of's chapter 3, explaining how Sadaharu Inui met the love of his life. (oneshot)
The Bolero: It was just an average, dinnerless day at the office... Until the phone rang.
Crash and Dash: The rain pours cruelly outside as Ryoma tries to comfort himself from the cold reality of his loneliness.

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