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Name: Not telling but you can call me Izzy!

Age: One million, six hundred forty seven thousand, four hundred three years, four months, one week, three days, seven hours, and 18 minutes. (that took so long to write!)

Izzy likes:

Kingdom Hearts (Izzy doesn't own the game and goes to her friend's house to play! XD We like to sit and stare at Roxas whenever he appears, lol. But come on, who doesn't? Besides the males out there. Of course then again... who knows?)

D.N. Angel (Dai-chan makes a very nice girl. -giggles- Plus, Satoshi is awesome.)

Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou (-gasps after catching up to the more recent volumes- Wait does that mean that one scene while they're sleeping together was when they did it? Krista (izzy's friend): der. izzy: OMG I DIDN'T REALIZE THAT! Krista: so we noticed. stop screaming.)

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (No! Syaoran, how could you! Oh well... it's not like he's... -stops talking when she realizes that she is about to give away spoilers-)

xxxHOLiC (Extremely funny. I love how Yuuko is such an eccentric. Krista: she likes getting totally smashed.. that's not eccentric... that's actually sort of normal for an anime character)

Gohou Drug (by now you might have noticed that Izzy loves Clamp.)

Bleach (Awesomeness. All I have to say.)

Shaman King (I love Lyserg... such a cute little angsty boy. A total uke but yeah. He's cute. Krista: you're so perverted... going into that uke-seme stuff... there might be little children out there izzy: but it's true! oh cool, it's Ren! I LOVE REN!!! -watching shaman king on youtube-)

Ouran High School Host Club (So many cute guys! Kyaaa! -hearts in eyes-)

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Ranmaru actually kinda scares me... He's like Asaba from Kare Kano except... more...)

Gravitation (I wonder what would happen if someone stole Tohma's hat? Would the world explode? Krista: Wait, who's this guy? izzy: Tohma Seguchi. He wears a hat pretty much all the time Krista: ... even when he is- -Gets cut off by izzy slapping her hand over Krista's mouth-)

Plus Anima (urgh... i can't put the plus symbol... Husky is such a cutie! Okay... I have a thing for cute little boys... But I'm not a pedophile, I swear! Real little kids are very difficult to work with; Izzy only likes the anime ones! Krista: perv.)

Favorite Pairings:

Namine x Roxas (KH)

Takeru x Hikari (Digimon) (I used to watch seasons 1 and 2 during the weekends when I had nothing to do. Takari is just SO cute that I couldn't resist it.)

Ren x Horohoro (SK) (At first I didn't really like this one but after seeing awesome fanfics and fanarts... It rubbed off on me)

Lyserg x Hao (SK) (Ehehehe... My best friend hates this one but I actually thought it was sort of cool... Cause Lyserg is such a cute, angsty little boy and if he fell in love with the guy who killed his parents he'd get even more complicatedly angsty.)

Doumeki x Watanuki (HOLiC) (It's funny how Doumeki is always looking after Watanuki even though Watanuki doesn't want his help)

Kazahaya x Rikuo (Gohou Drug) (Okay... a lot of the pairings izzy likes are by Clamp and have lots of pointless fights...)

Izzy doesn't like:

Her height

The fact that her parents won't buy her games. -cries-

The fact that she is broke right now and can not buy mangas.

Izzy likes to write:

Oneshots, especially ones with waffy, waffy fluff.

Izzy is working on:

Fruits Basket IV: Starfruit: It really didn't look that much like a star. Until you sliced it. But then, cutting her up just to see a fading star would be too cruel. As if he cared. (I am experiencing writer's block on this fruit! nooo! Although izzy is beginning to suspect it has less to do with lack of ideas than with pure laziness...)

Abscissa- When you're abscissa is missing, how do you plot a point on a coordinate plane? A story about a rose, a castle, and mathematics. It's as simple as nCr. (Yet another Namixas ficlet by Izzy)

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