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I've decided it was about time to update my bio. I was becoming quite embarassed about the old one...cough cough

I'm a girl (despite the name Domitan. I just think it's cool) and I love to read. Seriously L-O-V-E to read. I also love to make up stories about my favourite books and their characters. At the moment, I'm in a Harry Potter groove (for pete's sake, the book and the movie are so close I can ALMOST taste them!!! EEEEK! I CAN'T WAIT!!!) so I'll be writing mostly about Harry Potter. I'm a Harry-Ginny and Ron-Hermione purist, but I like to mix things up in my stories. Since I already know that they'll be together, I might as well experiment, right?

I'm soooooooo insanely excited for Harry Potter! I've set up all my Harry Potter Lego and placed it, in chronological order, on the shelf above my bed. Pretty obsessed, huh? Well, what can I say? I'm a Harry Potter nerd! I actually won a Harry Potter Trivia Contest once. Also, I just read the first six books in less that two weeks. I didn't exactly keep track, but I'm starting again tonight. And I jsut finished the sixth last night. Talk about Harry Potter Overload! I just can't wait for Harry Potter land to open in 2009! Florida here I come! My friend and I have already planned a road trip! Woo!

My favourite couples are:

Ron and Hermione
Harry and Ginny (THE BEST!)
Fred Weasley and me (YES)
Kel and Neal (my friends were like 'no way! change it to kel and dom, so i did, but then i realized that i do like kel and neal BETTER than kel and there!)
Alanna and Jon (I like Thayet and and George, don't get me wrong, but I will never forgive Alanna...EVER)
Daine and Numair! (even though there are a few problems with the age difference(...), they are my fav couple that Tamora Pierce has actually kept going.)
Aly and Nawatt (even though he's a crow..hey..I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!muahahaha)
Shade Silverwing and Marina Brightwing (even though Shade's DEAD!)
Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann
Arwen and Aragorn
Eowyn and Farmir
Sam and Rosie
Jessica Wiebe and Jake Gyllenhaal 3 3 3 (pretty much married)
Squidward and Sandy
Gerald F. Brommer and Matte
Nicole and William Moseley (Peter in Narnia...woo!)
many many more!


A New Hope: A loverly tale of Alanna and Jon. I do like George with Alanna as well as Jon with Thayet, however I was always angry at Alanna and Jon for breaking up. In this story, Alanna goes back in time and marries Jon! Aren't you so excited? I sooooooo am!

That Fateful Night...erm...Afternoon or the Tale of Emily: (the whole title didn't fit...soooooo mad.) Anyhoo, this story was born when I was walking home from school with my friend Chalareia, also of She actually has a story similar to mine, but her's is actually serious. I was dying of hyperness, and pretty much wrote the whole thing on the spot with Chalareia dying of laughter beside me. So, we both almost died, but see what happened from our near death experience? PURE GENIUS, I tell you!

The End of Daine and Numair As We Know It: I was sitting in front of my computer, waiting for the best show on the entire planet, or in the history of the entire planet aka LOST and this little gem popped into my deranged mind. Someone told me that I should go to the Happy Hotel, but just a note; I'm already there. And I've been demoted to incurable, but they've let me continue on with my writing, so ha!

The Trouble With Harry: I really like Harry and Ginny together and Ron and Hermione together, so this story was incredibly difficult to write. Chalareia pretty much hates me for it, but I think it will be good in the end.

Note: many of these stories contain subtle inside jokes, that you will so not get. They're pretty good anyway though!

Say 'Unique New York' 5 times fast. It will sound like 'youneek younork' or 'newyeek new york'. however, if you have some issues, it will sound like 'newyeek younork'!

Well, I hope you like my stories! I like yours!

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James Woke Up reviews
A sequel to "Hermione Woke Up", a previous fanfic that I wrote. Follows Hermione and James as they set off to help Harry defeat Voldemort post HBP. ***Just realised I posted Chapter 3 as Chapter 2...sorry! Very confusing. Just fixed, please try again! And sorry I didn't explain how James got there :( That was kind of the exciting part!
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A really really dumb little oneshot about Daine and Numair. Please don't hurt me. I get bored, and I'm waiting for LOST to go on TV LOST: ABC channel 21 in my land Wednesdays at 98 central! woot woot! new one this week!ps someone said that it was a comedy
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