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Gender: Female

Age: 10 (Not really)

Likes: Yaoi, Drawing, Writing, Anime/Manga, Funny Things, Graphics and Web Design

In my Free Time I: Sit in front of my computer and wait for people to review my stories. :)

Favorite Anime: One Piece (The Japanese version; the 4Kids English can die.)

Favorite Manga: Girl Got Game (Read it if you ever have the chance, it's really funny.)

Favorite Movie: Tekkon Kinkreet (An anime movie; not too popular, but it's AMAZING. Not for the really young kids though.)

Favorite Yaoi Parings: Zoro X Luffy, Shanks X Luffy (from One Piece) Raito X L (from Death Note) Hikaru X Kaoru (from Ouran High School Host Club)

Favorite Straight Parring: Saya X Haji (from Blood +)

Favorite Joke of the Week:

A young and foolish pilot wanted to sound cool on the aviation frequencies. So, this was his first time approaching a field during the nighttime. Instead of making any official requests to the tower, he said: "Guess who?"
The controller switched the field lights off and replied: "Guess where?"

Story Stats:
Being A Girl: (There will be a total of 20 chapters) Next Update: In a few days

--Next Multi-Chapter Stories--

Title: The Wrong Side
Parring: Zoro X Luffy (Yaoi)
Rating: M
Summary: AU. Zoro's group are what people would consider "the bad kids." Smoking and ditching school only scratch the surface of the things they've done. But what will happen when Luffy comes to town and decides to take over?
Will be (Hopefully) Posted: In the next few weeks. (Will be a Prelude to A Piece of Me)

Title: A Piece of Me
Parring: Shanks X Luffy (Yaoi)
Rating: M
Summary: AU. Luffy, a Junior in high school, gets a crush on his teacher, Shanks. In this completely wrong relationship, there's no way his feelings will get returned, but Luffy isn't about to give up. (Note: Kids, in reality a teacher making moves on student is completely wrong and should be reported to an adult right away.)
Will be (Hopefully) Posted: After The Wrong Side

Title: (pending)
Parring: Shanks X Luffy (Yaoi)
Rating: M
Summary: Long ago in Fuschia Town little Luffy had told Shanks he loved him. The boy had said that when he became pirate king he would ask him for his love in return. Back then Shanks had laughed at his serious expression. But now, with Luffy grinning in front of him, the man felt quite different.
Will be (Hopefully) Posted: A week after the story 'Being A Girl' is completed. (aka: not for a while)

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