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Author has written 4 stories for Naruto, Love Hina, and Bleach.

Note: A change in pen name, to match up with my account over at TFF. Should have had the names initially match up, but I didn't, and just now change it. Sorry for any confusion that this causes.

Please supprt this site and help it grow: http:///index.php?act=idx. Well, I've done my part, but seriously, please give it a try and help it grow.

Well, I never really planned on making a profile, but i guess since there have been over 1600 hits to my profile, I suppose i might as well, although all of those people who tried to look at it before will probably not bother again, thinking it is still blank...but oh well.

Anyway, as for personal information about myself, i will give you no more then that I am a 19 year old male.

If you want anymore personal information about me, thenyou are out of luck, because i don't give out any information or contacts on the internet anymore. Not after that crazy kid who get a hold of my e-mail adress once on the internet and kept annoying me about being his friend since he didn't have many. I felt bad for him at first, but then he kept trying to invite me to his school band concert when i really didn't know him in any way. Ever since then, I have been a lot more reluctant with my information, so as to avoid the crazed lonely kids who want a friend.

As for other things to say, there is not much. I am a big fan of console RPG's, particularly the suikoden series, it really should get more attention than it does. As for anime, I am not really picky because I am too cheap to buy it, so I just watch whatever comes on TV...which isn't much, so i'm happy with pretty much anything that I haven't seen.

Should you want to for some reason look at some of the computer art pieces that I have done, then you can find some at http:///

Currently, my goal is to become the highest reviewed story (fairly, not buffing up review numbers with polls) of multiple pairings for Naruto other than Hinata or Sakura

pairings that I am currently at the top of: Naru/Kin

pairings I hope to eventually be at the top of: Naru/Shizune, Naru/Ayame, Naru/Hanabi, Naru/Tsunami (not much competition there)

No, I don't have anything against pairing Naruto with people his age, it is just that there are other people that write those stories. These pairings are some that very few people write for, so I suppose that job falls upon people like me.

And finally, to add some random minor grievances that I have, since all of my major grievances are covered by my rants in Shadow Fox.

1. Overpowering of the village council:

Yes, I know that it makes for a nice angsty element to your story and is the easiest way to have Naruto banished if you want to take that path, but I am simply begining to get annoyed by aspects of it. As far as I can tell, the power of the council can be determined by the Sandaime's law. For that law to be passed, one of two things must be the case: either the council doesn't hate Naruto, or the council can't do shit. If they wanted Naruto killed as a child, then they obviously didn't have the power to make that vote as Sarutobi let's him live and makes a law saying no one can talk about it. I don't care about the council aspect of stories being used if an explanation is given to cover this, but most just decide that the council now magically has power over the Hokage and can do whatever they want. If you are going to write about the council having power greater then the hokage, then give an explanation.

2. Hinata has really been powerful all along, but has simply been to timid to show it:

Ok, I'll admit that I am biased because I don't like "cute" characters, which partially stems my hatred of common pairings, but that's another issue. Again, this is an issue that I don't really care about if the author describes it, talking about how she has trained or what not, an example of which being the explenation of Hinata's strength in the story "The ice princess of Konoha." However, many people just say that Hinata has always been strong, but was just to timid to show it before. Their reasoning for this is Hinata's fight with Neji. The truth of the matter is that let's face it people, Hinata's fight with Neji doesn't prove shit. It shows that Hinata can take a beating...which is all well and good, but entirely useless if she can't manage to land a single blow on him throughout the whole fight. To use that as a basis to suddenly claim that she has been very powerful all along is ridiculous. Again, this is an issue that I don't mind if it is explained, but most people don't.

3. Naruto cast turned into animals:

Does this even need an explanation? Who sits there and decides "You know what would be a great idea, if I turned one of the characters into a kitty." Damn people are stupid. The greatest injustice is that there is a story which is summarized as Sasuke getting turned into a cat and found by female Naruto, and this story has over a hundred reviews. I am appaled that more then a hundred people have clicked on the story based on a description like that. Why do fangirls always think that it would be cute to turn a character into a cat?

4. Naruto doesn't have Kyuubi sealed in him/someone else had Kyuubi sealed into them:

This is just tearing away a central point of Naruto's character. What happens if Naruto doesn't have Kyuubi? He is not ignored, thus he has no reason to want to be acknowledged, thus no drive to become Hokage, and for all we know, may not have become a ninja at all. There is no conflict in his life, no advantage for any fight, and would probably die very early. Even worse is the people that write about Kyuubi being sealed in Sasuke. From what I have read, Sasuke is given enough ridiculous powers in the manga, why give him Kyuubi as well? Oh right, because a thirteen year old fangirl thinks he is cute and loves him, what the hell was I thinking?

I may have more grievances in time, but for now, that is enough.

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