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Welcome to our lair...

Penname: hanayo (hanaler87 and FullmetalChrome)


Hannah and Alyssa are both cousins in their mothers' side. They're so close like the resemblance of Anna and Nonoko. They're both fanfic writers. They both love Gakuen Alice but the one who is a big fan of this kind of anime is Hannah. Alyssa in the other hand is obsessed of Katekyo Hitman Reborn (but due to the overusage of yaoi in that category, she decided to read GA fanfics instead). So anyway, it all started when Hannah visited her cousin's hometown (which is Davao, Philippines), they both discovered that they are fan writers and love Gakuen Alice. Hannah heard GA before it was aired in the Philippines while Alyssa heard it from her classmates and also from fanfics. After they talked about Gakuen Alice 24/7, Hannah's blood related cousin, Donnah said, "Why won't you two collaborate in one account and make a fanfic made by the two of you?"

"Really?" Alyssa's eyes widened as she flashed a large grin in her face and glanced at Hannah. "Do you think what I think?"

Hannah smiled. "Yeah! Let's make an account then!" She nodded.

"We didn't think about it earlier!" Alyssa laughed.

"Duh!" Donnah said, arrogantly.

And then with the use of Alyssa's old account, "Archangelaki", they changed the the pename "Hanayo" And thus, the end of the history.

Bio of Fullmetalchrome:

Name: Alyssa

Age: 15

Likes: Anime, Daiya (from Parfait Tic. Daiya is sooooo hot!! kyaa!!), surfing the net, making friends and writing fanfictions, kids ( for me they're like angels), sweets, and etc.

Dislikes: My brother, real life men

Fullmetalchrome is the older of the two. She came from Davao city. She loves anime more than anything. Daiya is her inspiration towards hot men (mostly anime guys) She is perverted and loves to admit that she loves ecchi (sometimes) (Hannah: sweat drops) She was used to be a big fan of Yugioh, Yugioh GX, Fullmetal Alchemist and Prince of tennis but due to the endings she was quite disappointed on it and also the fanfictions in their category. Anyway, she is the type who can transfer her interest into another interest. She won't like one anime THAT long. Currently her favorite anime is katekyo hitman reborn, created by Amano Akira (an interesting shounen, I recommend it!)

She loves kids and wanted to have a kid when she grows up (but hates to get married). I love them because they are the goal of life! They might be annoying at times but they are your angels! Weeee!! You see, I am the youngest in my family and there aren't any kids in the neighborhood. So I wish that I got a child, so he/she will think I'm special! Weee!

I love sweets, most girls do. I hate my brother cause he is annoying and he bores me to death. I hate real life men cause they're hairy... (err.. eww?) and I believe in this theory: There are 80 gay people and 20 real men. And most of the 20 are taken by most hot and sexy women. -_-

that's it for me!

Bio for Hanaler87:

Name: Hannah

Age: I'm still young

Likes: manga, anime, Daiya (Alyssa is my rival in love.), Natsume (but I'm sooo in love with him for two years! Kya.), Ando Tsubasa, writing fanfictions, being alone, Gakuen Alice (loving it for 2 whole freakin' years! YAY!) and etc.

Dislikes: my younger brother, my cousin, someone who'll give me flowers, cheesy people, kids (exact opposite of my cousin, Alyssa), noise, real life men, etc...

Yo, I'm the youngest of the two! But some people think that I'm the older one due to my height (Alyssa: 5'1, Hannah: 5'8). I love anime but I'm usually picky. If the drawings are pretty awful like trash even though the story's pretty unique or whatever, I'll throw the manga into the garbage pit. Whenever I've seen animes that suits my taste, I'll love it for a long time... unlike my cousin who'll always change her next obsession. Anyway, my current obsession for two years is Gakuen Alice. I'm loving it even if this manga ends.

What I dislike about kids?

They're annoying and they're more like devils from hell to me than precious angels! I have a freaking younger brother who couldn't stop pestering me when I'm busy and annoying younger cousins who won't stop blabbering until I'll go deaf! Seriously, when will kids grow maturely physically and mentally? I wish I have some decent peace for once in my life!

I also love sweets but I prefer spicy foods. I prefer any food as long as it came from the sea (food is something me and my cousin had common with, especially yum... ginamos found only in the Philippines)

Hehehe, enough of that...

So now about our fanfic!


Rated T

Pairing: NatsumexMikanxKelvin (our Own character. heh)

Summary: After causing some pain and suffering from the Academy, Mikan transfers to another Academy, which is in the Philippines. She made friends from a delinquent in there. 3 years later, they reunited once again. But what if Natsume meets this delinquent? NxMxK

Our opinions: Nightmare just popped out from our heads when we decided to go to sleep. And Kelvin's name came from Alyssa's "friend", Jerry came from "Tom and Jerry" (Ha! That was funny, eh?), Shen came from our dear loyal reviewer and reader, ilovenatsume and Fred just popped out from our heads when we watched "The Flinstones". That's it.

We realized that people prefer Kelvin over Natsume. Hehehe. His personality came from Hanazawa Rui from Hana Yori Dango. But later on, we realized that we changed him a little bit like Shinpo Daiya! O_o So it was like Half Rui and Half Daiya kind of guy... He had 1/4 resemblance of Natsume, though. Do you think Kelvin will be suitable for Mikan? Who knows...

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