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Helloooo reader/writer/fangirl/other!!

My name is Maysarah, but you can call me JeeJay ;)

I posted this profile the very day I registered, but I've been adding tidbits of info and updates throughout the years. I'll continue to do so for as long as I'll be here, I guess:).

So, since you're on my profile I guess you'd wanna know stuff about me, yes? lol Well, here's all that matters...

I'm totally crazy about Dynasty Warriors. I used to play it every time I BREATHE! I'm really into Harry Potter, too. And Tekken, because it's the first video game I ever played. Anime and I have a long and kawaii history, but I doubt I'll be writing about any anytime soon... my favorite anime shows are Inuyasha, Sailor Moon, Naruto, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, Deathnote, Chobits and Mermaid Melody. I LIVE for writing about genres like romance, but I'd like to state here and now that I don't ever plan to write about slash/yaoi. I don't go into that sort of work, even though most of it does come from talented authors. But comedy and humor is great. So's action and adventure.

I think the most frequent, or possibly only type of fanfiction I'm going to write is Dynasty Warriors. Like I said, I'm crazy about it. Maybe, after most of my ideas for DW stories are nearly gone, I might give some thought to writing about some of my other favorite categories, but for the moment, it's definitely going to be Dynasty Warriors. That's also the category I almost always read.

With regard to reviews, I'm naturally crazy about receiving them. I guess I'm just very curious about your views:P. I do accept anonymous reviews, but obviously, I'd prefer signed ones, so that I'd be able to reply back to you, view your profile, read your stories, and possibly even add you to my favorites. As for critiques, I don't mind constructive ones, because they could help me to be a better writer, and all opinions are useful.

Also, if anyone reading this ever feels that they'd like me to write any stories for them, all you have to do is request them from me, and I'll let you know at once whether or not I can. Honestly speaking, I'd love to, but I can rarely find the time:(. The only time I'm absolutely, positively sure I'm totally free to be able to do that is in the summer, between June and September. But all the same, I think I still could sometimes during the other seasons! And if any of you would like to talk to me about anything in particular, please feel free to message me whenever you want, and I promise to get back to you:).

K, I'd better stop talking like an air hostess right about now..:P

My Favorite Romantic Pairings

Dynasty Warriors:

Sun Ce/Da Qiao (my all-time, #1 fav couple since forever.They're perfect together and they're both gorgeous. I see Ce and Da as an ideal pairing, and love how they're made for each other. So of course, I can't stand the couple Lu Xun/Da Qiao. Sorry to all you Xun/Da fans, but I loathe any pairing that has Ce and Da with other people. And besides, historically speaking, she was his MOTHER-IN-LAW. I know it's nice to add some OOC where it could fit, but this kind of OOC just doesn't work for me at all.)

Zhou Yu/Xiao Qiao (they're really sweet! They're polar opposites of each other, which makes them great together. They look really good, too.)

Zhang He/Zhen Ji (okay, I know he's probably gay, but it doesn't hurt to throw in some imagination! Plus it's a case where OOC does work for me.)

Zhuge Liang/Yue Ying (they're both smart, sensible and's a good match.)

Gan Ning/Sun Shang Xiang (matching personalities and tempers! I think they belong together.)

Liu Bei/Sun Shang Xiang (strangely, I've taken a liking to this pair as well. Maybe I've read too much fanfiction about it.)

Zhao Yun/ Xing Cai (these two seem compatible to me for some reason, even though she HAS been linked to Guan Ping.)

Lu Bu/Diao Chan (they do seem right in a twisted sort of way, though she was just manipulating him into killing his adopted father at first.)

Harry Potter:

Harry/Cho (many people may be opposed to this pairing, due to her being a total idiot at times, but I think it's a passable couple.)

Harry/Ginny (not a big fan of HER, but the pairing's good. Plus I think it's cool how both Harry and James married redheads.)

Ron/Hermione (they might argue and get pissy at times, but they're clearly made for each other.)

Bill/Fleur (They just seem sweet. Plus, they got married in the end, which I found adorable.)

James/Lily ( they're sort of like Ron and Hermione.)

Neville/Luna (they're both kinda mild and out of place. I find them compatible with each other.)


Jin Kazama/Ling Xiaoyu (he's Japanese, she's Chinese, he's calm, dark and collected, she's just a cute little pig-tailed girl, opposites attract! Oh yeah, they're both pretty, too (especially him:D). I really favour this one for Tekken.)

Kazuya Mishima/Jun Kazama (I guess I like this pairing even though there probably wasn't any love involved in their... union lol:P. Or not on his part, at least.)

Eddie Gordo/Christie Montierro (they're just so perfect with their near-identical movesets and history.)

Kuma/Panda (Okay, don't laugh- but I REALLY can't see either of them with anyone else, and I'm sure no one else can either.)



Jacob/Bella (Okay, I know that I already said I liked Edward and Bella together- but face it, you guys- Jacob and Bella were supposed to be soul mates! If it weren't for Edward, they would have been together for a fact. Not that I don't like that Edward came into Bella's life, but I really believe Jacob and Bella were PERFECT for each other.)

Jasper/Alice (I think Jasper's way cool- his special ability's something I would die to have- and it doesn't hurt that Alice is sweet and funny- just right for him.)

Carlisle/Esme (They're two of a kind! Carlisle's just so kind, and Esme's so lovable!)

Sam/Emily (I can't really say anything against the whole imprinting thing, can I?)

Ben/Angela (They're so cute together! Even though she's tall and he isn't!)

Garrett/Kate (It's really sweet that Garrett decided to follow Kate and adapt to the 'vegetarian' diet just so he could be with her.)

My Favorite Characters:

Dynasty Warriors:

I just can't decide for this one. My favorite empire, by all accounts is Wu, but as for my favorite character, it's hard for me to realize. It's either Sun Ce or Da Qiao, but then again, it could be Da Qiao or Xiao Qiao. It's really confusing. I know that my favorite guy is Sun Ce, but my favorite girl could be Da or Xiao. Most probably Da, though, because I did a personality test a few years back, and it turns out that I'm most like her, no matter how many times I tried it! And I'm perfectly happy, because I think she's an awesome character,a great fighter and on the whole, very sweet. I've also always felt there's more to her than meets the eye, since she isn't as obvious as her sister is half the time. As for other empires, Wei is pretty cool, but I think Shu's really lame. Sorry to all who like it, it's just an opinion. I'll never for the life of me figure out why Zhao Yun's Dynasty Warrior cover-boy- I mean, I've absolutely nothing against him and feel like he's a decent player who's good enough to represent Shu, but not up to representing the game itself. I like everyone in Wu except for Lu Meng, and as for the rest of the characters in the other empires, I've got nothing against them (unless mentioned below:P).

Least favorite girl: Either Zhen Ji or Diao Chan. Sometimes, though, I don't mind Diao Chan much, but I can't stand Zhen Ji most of the time. Sure she's pretty, but I've never admired people who fight with musical instruments:P.

Least favorite guy: Meng Huo, Dong Zhuo or Xu Zhu. Any one of those three, they just disgust me. And my dislike for Dong Zhuo mounted when he captured The Two Qiaos, the fat bag of crap! But they got rescued in the end, so there. Not a big fan of Xiahou Yuan and Huang Zhong either.

Harry Potter: (My favorite characters in this category correspond to the BOOK, not the movies)

My favorite guy is easily Ron. He's funny. My favorite girl...well, I think it might be Hermione, but Luna, too, sometimes. Fred and George crack me up ( I was devastated when Fred died), and I kinda have a soft spot somewhere for Neville.

My favorite house is Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor, too. My least I really have to say it? Well, I will anyway, it's Slytherin.


Jin Kazama and Ling Xiaoyu. I like Alisa Boskonovitch, Julia Chang, Kazuya Mishima, Hwoarang and Forest Law, too. Eddie Gordo's cool, I love his moves. And Paul Phoenix really is stronger than most of the guys, as I've recently discovered:P.

I just don't like the Williams sisters, they gross me out. Or Heihachi Mishima, Lee Chaolan, Marduk, Zafina (though she's beautiful) and Ganryu. The rest, I'm cool with.

Soooo... I guess that sort of wraps up my bio. Please do read/review my stories! Your feedback is important to me:).

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