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My day job is in engineering. Very, very, very large scale engineering..

(Whatever you're thinking of? Bigger than that.)

But sometimes you need to do something else, and when those moments happen I often write.

Recent updates:

19 Jul 08: Okay, "soon" may have been the wrong word. Still, I've been writing, and some of it "should" be posted within "the next year". There, that sentence is probably true!

8 Apr 08: I'm off on a round-the-world trip and preparations have been taking more time than I'd hoped. Should return to fiction soon.

22 Mar 08: The powers that be at decided to remove certain kinds of separators from stories-- without replacing them with anything else. This meant that a lot of my scene changes were suddenly invisible. Had to correct them all manually.

Epic fail, Epic fail.

15 Mar 08: If all goes well the next chapter of ADD should be up within the next few weeks. I may also have a special non-HQ story-- although it's outside the DC universe, to put it mildly..

16 Feb 08: I finally sorted out some plot problems with Roc and so I can get back to it. Ordinarily I'm not a fan of posting scenes and pretending they're chapters, unless it's a one-shot and the scene is the story, but I've got to get this moving now that I finally think I know what happened! I'm hoping to keep my momentum up.. so please bear with me. With any luck I can return to posting decent-sized units soon.

Apologies to anyone who was once interested in following the story and wondered what happened to it. Real life, unfortunately.

Ongoing projects:

I'm currently about two-thirds of the way through my planned Question/Huntress series for JLU. To keep the Muses from getting bored, I may start writing some short character studies for other series as well.

On reviews:

I write the kind of stories that I'd like to read, and with the hope that other people enjoy them too. As I wrote once somewhere (quoting someone I can't remember, I think) I'm astonished and grateful to have any readers at all. So while I appreciate reviews, don't feel at all guilty if you don't: I very seldom do myself.. at least under my own name.

But if you do take the time, thank you!

My first HQ story, which is still my best-reviewed -- Night Questions -- remains my personal favourite. It's worth a glance, I think; and it's short. Orange Socks is the most popular, though.

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