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Hello, nice to meet you all, (yes well, the ones curious enough to come here to read)

I'm from Italy, university student whose major will be Japanese language. I like to read, and to write, but I usually write in italian, not in english, so if you'll see some mistakes on my ff it might be because I'm not a native english speaker, but for this, my betas are doing a great job.
I also like anime and manga, not obsessed by them but just enough to write fanfics about my favourite series. At the moment Kyou Kara Maou is my favourite, but I like also Prince of Tennis, Ouran High Host Club, Shounen Onmyouji,Yami no Matsuei, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, Fruits Basket, Bleach and Code Geass.
Oh and my biggest hobby at the moment is to translate things, especially from japanese.
And I think this is all?

Now my biggest thank you goes to my betas, who are helping me a lot:
For "The way we are", thank you to Nayama, Lena Inverse and Wipes_nose for chapters 1-8
For "Eavesdrop" thank you to Mona and Wipes_nose



So, like I said on my only fanfiction posted, I'm linking here some things that KKM fans could find interesting. I must thank all the people who left reviews on "The way we are", those messages are really helping me to write faster! Anycase, for this time I'll link two things I particularly liked and summarized/translated for my community on livejournal. Yep I have a KKM community on livejournal it's dedicated to Wolfram and full of discussions, manga pics, official pics, drama translations etc etc.
This time I wanted to link the translation/summary I did for a bonus official novel of Kyou kara Maou and that features Yuuri and Wolfram. You can check it on this link
Then, since I think a lot of you might be interested, I'm linking a cd drama I translated few weeks ago, I'm sure Yuuram/WolfYuu fans will like it since it's something official and Yuuri admits he is jealous of Wolfram marrying someone else
here you go, drama with Yuuri, Wolfram and Greta

I might update with the info about Wolfram in the latest novels but I should warn that his situation is at the present moment very dramatic and I don't know how many people would want to be so spoiled.

Btw, for the curious ones, this is the picture of Wolfram's slap to Yuuri, the one Yuuri remembers in chapter 3 of "The way we are", it's one of the few picture that the novels have.

Since on chapter 7 I wrote about the ending of the latest Kyou kara maou novel, I thought people could be interested in my post about it, it has also a little translation of the final part plus my comments. You can find it here Of course be aware that it's full of spoilers, for any question PM me ok?

Big update about Maruma serie 03/03

KKM OVA was officially announced!
The fans that follow lj communities already know it since I posted the news there today, anycase to make sure here is the news I posted

To add more, the OVA will be 5 volumes long, I still don't know how many episodes will be in every OVA but I'll update as soon as I get news, then, characters like Shinou, Adelbert, Saraleguy (king of Small Shimaron, appeared only in the novels and the ps2 game) and Maxine will appear too.

Update on 23/03

Sorry, real life and exams this month were a pain, plus for 2 weeks I completely lost my inspiration, eventhough I have all in my mind until the end, it's hard to put those ideas on paper. But now I finally have my inspiration back, thanks also to a Wolfram&Yuuri bonus cd drama I translated and that was adorable! If you want to know what is the cd drama about check my Wolfram community on livejournal
I hope it's a good way to make you forgive me?

Update on 10/04

Chapter 8 of TWWA is done, I've lost one of my beta which mean it will take some time before I can post it but it's done finally! I'm so sorry for making you wait so much! In the meantime a small one-shot just to laugh was uploaded. It's called "Eavesdrop".

Update on 21/04

Chapter 8 of TWWA posted.

For all the news related to Wolfram, Yuuram/WolfYuu and KKM in general, just check the Wolfram community on livejournal, I write there everything, translations of dramas included

Update on 28/04

I just posted on the Wolfram community a little scanlation of this month's Kyou Kara maou chapter...I think that the fans of Wolfram and Yuuri should go to see there and enjoy the scene

Update on 3/06

University is being a pain, my finals will last until the 9th of July and after 3 days I'll leave for Japan. Then, I'll be free (I have some free time in Japan) so I'll be able to write something again. I'm really sorry for making you wait so long but I can't study for my finals and write the fanfiction at the same time.

My deepest apologies, I'll update as soon as I finish my finals and have a little time for me.

Update on 12/11

I know, I deeply apologize, I've been away for so long. Can't promise when I'll be able to post again, I lost one of my beta and even if the chapter is almost finished I can't post it. I'm really sad but I have to put "The way we are" on hiatus for a while until I'll be able to work properly on it and find another beta. Thank you for the great reviews I still get after so much time, I'll try to speed up thing but I can't assure anything at the moment.


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