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Let's cut to the chase, shall we?

I am on a break while I get my livejournal account sorted. Once I am done uploading what I've got there, then I will update things.


If You'd Let Me - Unfortunately, I am having a little trouble with this one, so I will not be able to update as regularly. I have a few chapters in the works but writer's block is a bitch so it's all a bit of a slapdash bit-by-bit thing. Sorry! (Although there will be some loose ends tied up, so it should be worth the wait. Don't give up on me!)

In the Heart of the Forest - It's a canon/fantasy crossover, and it has an England related love triangle and some ScotEng. That's all I'm saying. I love fantasy, I grew up on Eragon, Artemis Fowl (which sort of inspired this in a way), Chronicles of Ancient Darkness etc. I've wanted to write one for ages. I will try from now on to update either this or IYLM weekly from now on.

Please Don't Send Me Roses - England x the World.

Basically I am having a major inspiration drought, so I will update as and when inspiration hits. Sorry!


I am a short elf with blue hair and orange eyes. My favourite food is Orc feet boiled in whisky. I am 427 years old. I come from Lower Sub-Norwood. I have a pet llama called Arnold.

None of the above is true. Unfortunately. Apart from the short bit. Also unfortunately.

Sad fact: I thought ftw meant Fuck the World for the longest time. I still think that's a better use for it.

I am in fact a female fourteen-year-old English socialist (although I am of Scottish and Irish as well as English descent), a pronunciation-and-grammar nazi, a passionate reader and a cynical romantic. Apparently it's hard to tell when I'm not being sarcastic. Although I think Shakespeare is overrated. But I love fairytales.

My favourite book is Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery or Alice is Wonderland by the incomparable Lewis Carroll. Read them. My favourite language other than English is French, and my favourite other country is Scotland or France. My PenName is semi-bastardised from an Oscar Wilde quote - "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." I am a socialist, a feminist, pro-gay marriage and pro-choice.

I love:

- Hetalia

- Sherlock Holmes (books and TV series)

- Most books, but particularly fantasy or slightly weird and/or crazy books

- The Mighty Boosh

- Doctor Who

- Futurama

- Harry Potter

- Lists

I write Hetalia FF only - I can't quite bring myself to mess with characters that look like actual people.

I have three OTPs (so contradictory), and they're all non-Special Relationship England (not UK, they all have separate characters in my mind. Being separate countries, and all. Yes, I am an English Brit and picky with it) pairings:

FrEng (my first ever ship) PrussEng (really cute and historically very canon) and RussEng (Completely random but very cute, also a bit historical circa the 60s when England was Socialist and the Communist party in Russia was breathing down its neck about it)

My other loved pairings/shippings:

- PruHun (only Het pairing I like, mainly because Hungary was a badass when she hung around with Prussia and then became a sort of anti-feminist housewifey when she was with Austria)

- AusSwitz (Edelweiss pairing)

- GerMerica (this is basically from PrussEng because I have this whole Head Canon about them pairing up to rescue their drunken brothers when they get into deep shit)

- England X The World (particularly ScotEng, GerEng, RomaEng (as in S.Itlay, not RomanEngpire as I have christened it. So punny), RomaniEng (Romania) and FrEngUS (Blonde Triangle) apart from my three True Pairings (I will not call them OTPs if there are three of them))

- Frying Pangle with PruHun to win

- PruDen (controversial I know, but come on, they would make a really cool couple)

- SuFin. Because it's basically canon.

- Spamano sort of

I really hate older brother-younger brother pairings, Franada and USUK especially (except for ScotEng but that just seems to work to me somehow - it's like FrUK, they have too much history together to be ignored.) I don't mind Spamano because it's more a boss-employee relationship, which is OK I suppose. And I just can't see DenNor.

I like love triangles - the drama is so intense. And fun to write. Yeah, screw you. I'll doss about and write easy crap if I want to.

Thanks for bothering to read this, unless you just scrolled past, you lazy arse,


AliceStaresAtStars xxx

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