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If you're looking for my old fanfics, they're under the Archive Account.

(Good grief, is this new layout editor ever evil. How long has this thing been in place now? O_o)

Basically, I'm now in college and I haven't written any fanfics in years. I've moved on to original fiction, which takes up all of my time. That's not to say I completely despise fanfiction--I'm not opposed to dabbling in it. I may have done a little of that after the last Harry Potter book came out, but I'll never tell you. Anyway, if you want to look at my old fics, they're still here--click the link up there. I couldn't stand the idea of taking them down, because I know how much it sucks to look for an author you used to love only to find that their fics are nowhere to be found on the entirety of the internet. (You'd think I could find them somewhere. The internet is a big place, and nothing is ever gone forever here. Rar.)

In the mean time, I'll be off writing and stuff. I'll see you all around!

18 January 2008

Alright, so I have an admission to make to all of you.

I've been writing fanfiction.

That's right, boys and girls, I have re-entered the world of fanfiction. I have re-entered the world of fandom. I very recently watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and I fell in love with one Rufus Shinra. Then I started toying with the idea of a three-way between Rufus, Reno, and Rude, and hello slashfic. I return.

I have, in the course of one week, moved through three different OTPs--er, OT3, in the case of that first one. I'm currently a fan of Rufus/Reno, and a little Rufus/Tseng on the side. I'm also quite fond of Rufus/Elena, Reno/Rude, and Tseng/Elena. Basically, give me Rufus and his TURKs in any combination you please, and I'll likely find some enjoyment in the pairing (or whatever). As of right now, one of my friends and I are collaborating on a couple of Rufus/Reno lemons, and I'm writing a shounen-ai Rufus/Tseng ficlet by myself. I also have a ton of fanart I'm working on, most of it involving Rufus, that I'll post over at y!gallery.

So look out around here, because I might just start populating this account with all of my Final Fantasy works. The other account will remain as-is to house my old DBZ fics.

I hope to see you all soon!


08 April 2008

I'm back, kids. And I have a weakness for Rufus/Kadaj, now, too. I would pick one of the biggest fandoms in the world and one of the smallest divisions of the fandom, wouldn't I? There is not enough of this pairing out there.

So I'm writing more and more. Once I'm done with the 100 List of drabbles I'm working on, I'll post those, too. In the mean time, I have a lot of fics I'm writing, some more explicit than others, and if you really want to see the explicit stuff, click that link to my y!gallery page up there. The stuff I'm putting up here will probably still warrant an M-rating, but it'll at least be tamer. (Then again, Reno can't keep his mouth shut, so if it is rated M, it's Reno's fault for cursing.)

I am having entirely too much fun in this fandom. I forgot how much I loved fanfic.


10 September 2008

While I'm still working on FF7 fic--at least, while I still have FF7 fics planned and will be returning to them eventually--as of July 18, I am in the Batman fandom. So look forward to some Batslash from me! least some of Joker finding new ways to torture Scarecrow out of Dr. Crane. Mostly, I've been doing roleplay, but I've written/started a couple of fics. So what you'll probably see posted here are RPs that have been converted to fic.

All the same, you'll probably see more Batfic out of me right now than FF7.

By the by, I don't mind all of the favs and comments I still get over on my DBZ fic, but please look at the dates on those fics. They were from three or four years ago, if not longer. I no longer write DBZ fic. I am not in that fandom anymore. This is my 'official' statement of retirement, since apparently it wasn't enough that I archived the account--

I no longer write for the DBZ fandom. I appreciate your adoration for my old writing, but there will be no more DBZ fics. Those that were left unfinished will likely never be completed. They have been abandoned. Maybe one of these days, I'll go back to revamp them and wrap them up, but for the time being, I am done with Dragonball Z fic. Thanks for your understanding.

Anyway, that's enough of that. Sorry if I come off as callous, but while it's flattering, it's also slightly annoying and very heartbreaking. I know I still have fans of my old fic, and it does hurt that I know I'll probably never finish them. But...I've just lost interest. I'm keeping them up because I love you all, though.

SO! Off to write more Batslash!

By the way, you can find me over at for my racier fics (read: porn). Same username!


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