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Nice to meet you, I'm DeepClosetFan or DCF.

I am mainly a prompt filler who enjoys writing for others. There are some fics that are purely my own, usually a result of NaNoWriMo and summer vacation. I do most of my work on my tumblr file (deepclosetfanfiction) so I would like to ask that you consult me there as I only pop up over here to post my works.

Rules for Prompts


As a prompt filler I am more than welcome to try and fill whatever you request of me. However due to my wish to provide you with well written fiction, I have to set down and few rules.

1. The fandom you request must be in my list of “What I Prefer to Write” in order for me to write it. If your fandom is not in my list, you can suggest for me to watch it because it’s amazing or something. However you cannot request a prompt for it until I have decided to add it to my list.

2. If possible, please choose a pairing from the “What I Will Prefer to Write”. While I am okay with writing pairings that aren't my preferred it tends to be a bit harder for me and being the selfish writer I am I want some merit from my writing. There are also some pairings that I will not write for because I personally just can’t write it, which will be found in the same section under “What I Will NOT Write”. I’m not against these pairings; I just have troubles writing them.

3. Only send a prompt in once and please send it to my tumblr account (deepclosetfanfiction).If you hope to get me to write it faster by sending it over and over again, you’re sadly mistaken. Every time you do this I will move your prompt to the bottom of my current to do list so please be mindful of spamming me. I will try to reply within three days to your prompt to let you know that I have received it (when I will get to it and post it is another story). If you have not gotten a reply from me in two weeks, you may re-send the prompt, noting that I haven’t gotten back to you and you just want to make sure that I received it the first time (my internet is notorious for crashing just as I receive something, thus deleting it).

4. That being said you are most certainly allowed to make more than one prompt request! In fact I encourage it! However I would like to ask that each message only contain one prompt so that I can organize them better (a suggested format for asking is below). I accept anonymous requests but I prefer user accounts, so I get a chance to know you. If you use your account you can request that I leave you as anonymous in the post however.

5. Understand that you are giving me a prompt, an idea that you would like to see realized. I take a creative licence to this and will write it however I see fit, trying to include what you have requested to the best of my abilities. In this case it’s best to be more general as it allows me more breathing room so please don’t insult it because it wasn’t exactly what you wanted.

6. Finally there will be times when I will not be taking prompts. These are usually times of high stress because of exams, work, nanowrimo, or other personal insanity that doesn't allow me to watch my tumblr inbox as closely as I would like. At these times I will close the “Ask” feature so please do not use the fan mail option to get around this.

There is a chance that I will add more rules to this list as I get used to taking prompts, so please be mindful of them. I will let you know of any changes via tumblr but as I’m still new I may make mistakes so please be patient with me. I write these for you so I want to make you as pleased with the results as possible so please follow my rules so that I can deliver the best goods possible.

Suggested format for prompts:


Desired Rating:


Desired Range of Word Count:

Anonymous for Post:


Don’t Want:


Fandom: What fandom the character/prompt is from. Please consult the “What I Prefer to Write” to ensure your fandom is there.

Desired Rating: Unless specified, I will write out whatever rating I feel best matches the prompt. However you may prompt something that sounds like a T but would instead like it to be treated like an M.

Pairing(s): The pairing(s) you wish to see in the prompt. This is optional, as I am more than willing to fill prompts that are pairing-less.

Desired Range of Word Count: This lets me know how much detail you want out of it. Like “desired rating”, unless specified I will write whatever feels the best. Please be aware that the higher this is, the longer it will take me to write. At times I will be unable to reach certain ranges because I felt it was too short/long and was ruining the piece. I would personally prefer that you leave this blank unless you just want a short read/multi chapter stories. For longer, more than one post stories, there is a chance I will break the updates up in order to fill other prompts.

Anonymous for Post: If you are anonymous or would like to be anonymous when I make the post please let me know. As these are your prompts I would like to make them out to you, however I understand if you’re not ready to leave the closet (as I am).

Prompt: What you would like, the more general the better. This can include plot scenarios, kinks, etc. However please see that “What I Prefer to Write” page for kinks/genres/etc., as there are some I will not write due to personal feelings and ability.

Don’t Want: There is a risk of me including something you don’t want. I know some people see sweat and saliva as disgusting and prefer sex scenes without them while other people loath certain pairings and do not want so much a hint of them. This is not meant to restrict me in my writing, but rather just let me know what you would prefer not to see so that I can write what you desire the most!

Currently this area is still under development. If you have any questions about something that you see/don’t see here please send me a message on tumblr (again deepclosetfanfiction) and I will clarify (and then update this)! Also please note that that “kink” section is currently lacking as I have yet to write a lot of kink-y things…

What I Prefer to Write:

Fandoms K (anime)


For Male Pairings: SemexUke

K- SaruhikoxMisaki/MisakixSaruhiko, MikotoxReisi/ReiaixMikoto, MikotoxMisaki/MisakixMikoto, ReisixMisaki/MisakixReisi, YashiroxNeko, KurohxYashiro/YashiroxKuroh, MikotoxTotsuka/TosukaxMikoto

Kinks Body Swap, Con, Conditioning, Cross-Dressing, Dub-Con, Feet, Hands, Incest, Necrophilia, Non-Con, Role play, Supernatural (Vampires, Wings, Etc.), Tentacles, Threesome, Water Sports, Blood

Other AU’s, Character Deaths, Most Genres

What I Will NOT Write:

Fandoms Anything other than K*


K: ReisixSaruhiko/SaruhikoxReisi, MikotoxSaruhiko/SaruhikoxMikoto

Kinks Food play, BDSM, Bestiality, Gender Bend, MPREG,

Other Comedy

When writing non-con, I take the act very seriously. If you’re looking for a pure PWP or light-hearted story, than please do not ask for non-con as I will not write it.

As I am writing two nanowrimo novels for K in November, I will only be taking K prompts at this time to prepare me for it. Once I have finished I will be adding in the other fandoms that I will write for.

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