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I'm Iwuveevee (IRL name: Brooklynn) or,what my friends from Instagram call me, Rose,Roseh,Meowth,Lynn,Fi,Fions,or Turq.

Stuff about me? Well,i'm shy but once you get to know me i'm crazy! Um... Let's see... I love to rp (roleplay) on Instagram, Gifboom, Virutal Space, Pheed, (used to RP on Twitter) and Gifture. I also LOVE anime,manga,Vocaloid,Pokemon,Adventure Time,and many more!

Favorite Pokemon? Eevee or Shuppet!

Favorite Vocaloid? Rin,Iroha,or Miki

Favorite girl Dex Holders (in order just like Okamifan... I stole it! Haha! Love ya,Eri :P): Yellow,Hilda,Blue,Sapphire,Leaf,Platina,Lyra,Mei,and Crystal.

Favorite boy Dex Holders (in order): Ruby,Silver,Red,Green,Gold,Black,Emerald,Kyouhei,and Hyuu.

Anime crushes(Pokemon)? Gary(first ever anime crush!),Ash,and Tracey.

Regular anime crushes:Honey(OHSHC), Tamaki(OHSHC), Kirito(SAO), Death The Kid(Soul Eater), Hippo(Mermaid Melody), TK(Digimon), Matt(Digimon), Otanashi(Angel Beats), Naoi(Angel Beats),and Marshal Lee (idgaf if he isn't anime! i still love him lol)

Hmm... I can't really think of anything else to say lol.

Um... Go read Cocogirl397's fanfics (she's a friend from Instagram. Hehe. I got her to make a fanfiction. I also rp one of her characters from her fanfics.)

My other friends I RP with have a fanfiction! The users are: EspeonAllie,OkamiFan,and PearlMankey36.

Favorite shippings? Hell yeah i have fave shippings! Ok, here we go:






















and many more.

I have RP many, many, many characters. I probably couldn't name them all. I'll just tell you some of them.

I have RPed almost every female dex holder. They are: Blue,Yellow,Sapphire,Platina,White (or Hilda), and Mei (English: Rosa. I call her by her Japanese name because that's what we called her on Instagram before her English name was announced) I have not yet RPed Crystal or Y but I'm aiming for it.

The male dex holders i have RPed are: Red,Gold,Silver, and Ruby. (Red,Silver, and Ruby I have not made or ever had accounts for but I do currently have an account for Gold)

I have/used to RP genderbends of male dex holders. They are: Silvia (Silver genderbend and my favorite), Diana (Diamond genderbend. I don't get on her account anymore XD), Rachel (Red genderbend. I don't RP her anymore)

That's all I'm telling! XD

Um... Oh yeah! I'll tell you my OCs! I have 4. They are: Scarlet,Turquoise (meh. Half mine), Topaz, and Garnet.

I'll tell you Topaz and Garnet because you'll figure out about Scarlet along the way and I have 3 versions of her 0.0... And I don't know much about Turq so yeah XD


Garnet is a 13 year old girl who has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is a Pokemon Trainer and Dex Holder. She is known as the "Communicator" (It's something I made up so don't steal >_>) it means she can talk to and understand Pokèmon,feel the Pokèmon's emotions,and knows when a Pokèmon is in trouble. She can also talk Pokè-speak,or whatever you wanna call it. She is shy and quiet but once you get to know her,she's very open and really chatty.

Her sister is Yellow and she originally comes from Ilex Forest in Johto but grew up in Kanto. Specifically, Virdian Forest and/or Viridian City.

She an excellent in battling but doesn't like too due to her powers.

She's also good at sketching and fishing. A skill she picked up from her sister along the way. Yellow taught her how to draw and taught her the basics of fishing. But she doesn't use it often,instead she uses her free time playing with her Pokèmon! She has Pokèmon from around the Pokémon world but spends most of the time with her on hand Pokémon.

Her team (most of the time) consists of:

Shaymin (Shay)


Zoroark (Zoro)


Raichu (Rai)

And Salamence.

She has other Pokémon but they are in the storage system.


「Topaz Oak is a green haired,green eyed,13 year old girl.

She kinda like Scarlet but Topaz is much different.

She's mostly like her lazyass brother,Green Oak. (Yes she's related to Green :3)

Her and Scarlet have been friends since childhood and are very close. But due to Scarlet's loner-ness they haven't been talking very much.

She has a certain hatred for all the teams. No matter who's in it and what they are for, she still hates them.

She mostly hangs around Ruby. Wether he's working or not,she finds some way to annoy him and hang out with him. She also looks up to Wallace and has developed a little crush on him. Something he knows and Ruby knows. So Ruby tries to keep her away from Wallace (Topaz says he's jealous and Ruby denies it each time).

She loves to train! She has a special Pokémon that has been with her through everything. It's her Leafeon, Kusa. (Kusa meaning Grass in Japanese)」

That's it for now :3

I need to think of a better description for her

Later I will


Current works: Prepare For Trouble

Finished works: Computer Keys and Leave Me Alone

Future works: Not any yet... May make a series of one shots based on my favorite shippings or have people request shippings... Hm... I dunno XD.

Have a great day!

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