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January 16, 2012

So, I've decided to put all my old anime fic up on AO3, or My main account there is celestineangel, but I'm putting all the old anime stuff up under the pseud "Sailorcelestial" so there's no confusion. So, no, it isn't someone with a similar name trying to plagiarize my work, it's really me.

September 27, 2011

I have regretfully concluded that I will not be able to finish Mended Wing or Ames Qui Dorment. Full reasons is in the author's notes at the end of the latest chapter of Mended Wing. There, I promise a link to an LJ post that gives information I'd planned to reveal and summarizes the rest of the stories and their endings, but FF DOT net wouldn't let me post the link. Let's try here, shall we?

I hope everyone can forgive me.

February 28, 2010

I've deleted a few stories (they'll be gone as soon as the deletion kicks in). Stories that were written with someone else and should have been deleted a long time ago, or that I just never intend to finish because I lost inspiration (or never had a grasp on the story to begin with). Orpheus remains, though it may end up deleted in the future. Ames Qui Dorment and Mended Wing are my priorities. And I will be actively trying to work on these; fanfiction has suffered for at least five years while I focus on original writing, I figure it deserves some lovin' now.

After I've finished those two, I'll decide where to go from there.

September 21, 2009

I know I'm a terrible fanfiction author and terrible person. I will update when I can. I haven't given up entirely on Mended Wing or Ames Qui Dorment, but it's obviously not fast going. Anyone who wants to keep track of me and my life, though, can find me on LiveJournal as celestineangel.

January 12, 2008

I've been working on plotting out the rest of Ames Qui Dorment. I started by listing all the major events that have yet to happen, but are vital to the plot. Having done that, I'm not writing out summaries of each chapter. This will help me see more clearly where each chapter needs to go to lead in to the next one. It really is quite amazing that all these years later, I still remember the most important parts of the plot. Heck, I still remember most of the plot, despite it being very complicated with a cast of myriad OCs. If I'm calculating correctly, depending on how all of this really spreads out, Ames Qui Dorment is somewhere between seven and nine chapters away from the end.

When I'm done, I will do the same for Mended Wing, Requiem, and Orpheus. Then all that will be left is to write them.

Go me.

October 25, 2007:

As of today, all chapters of Broken Wing and Mended Wing are reposted, including the NEW chapter of MW, chapter 15! Did the pilots get the Eye of Hecate? If so, will they be able to use it? Read to find out!

Also, I will be going through and assessing all my incomplete multi-chapter fanfics in order to decide whether or not I will ever finish them. If I decide I'm unlikely to complete a fic, then I'm going to delete it. I can say for certain I will NOT delete Ames Qui Dorment, as I fully intend on finishing that one eventually. I will hate myself forever if I don't. The rest I will have to evaluate.

List of fics to be considered:

Requiem - Gravitation fic. Strangely popular... Intended to be only a few chapters, maybe five. Probably could still manage to keep it that short.

Orpheus - Howl's Moving Castle. Intended to be short, but has the potential to easily get away from me. Is based on an idea I've had for years, tried to implement in various fanfics for various fandoms. Howl demanded it be for him.

Demon's Gamble - Demon Diary. I barely even remember what the point of this one was...

Themis - Pet Shop of Horrors. Started this before I'd read the entire manga. Was a good idea then. Not so much anymore. If it is to be saved, it will need extensive rethinking.

Fragile Soul - Inuyasha. Originally intended to be a collection of short stories, each one a variation of possible endings to the first.

October 11, 2007:

I'm beginning to repost Broken Wing, and when I'm done I'll start reposting Mended Wing. Why? Because I've just finished chapter 15 of MW! Anyone wanna beta?

August 27, 2005:

I finally have it! It's mine:! YAY! Though, I recommend downloading Firefox if you haven't already; my new website doesn't seem to work in IE, which is fine by me because IE sucks. Download Firefox at:

May 1, 2005:

My gods, I haven't written fanfiction in so long. I NEED to finish Mended Wing and Ames Qui Dorment. So why the heck is all I can write about Gravitation? Sigh. I don't even LIKE Gravitation. I mean, I DO, but I don't know why I do.

Babble. Yes. Anyways, be prepared from some Gravitation crap, and I'll finish Mended Wing and Ames Qui Dorment when I'm inspired again.


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