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Author has written 19 stories for Legend of Zelda, Naruto, and Mega Man.

If there is something that someone review that says the same thing then I know by now. I will do what other people said in the future. Sorry for Majora's Mask Story to be hard to read and I could change it but too lazy to pull up the file and stuff. So I will know in the future in my writings to fix the problem that I had. So I hope you all enjoy the story if you can. I do wish there is an editing button for this site so I can change it.

A/N: If something has been out for a long time and haven't been updated it means that I have lack of interest or that I have other projects to do.

I am currently working on Tamakaro's Story. Chapter 45 is up. But I will advise sooner about the mistake of the Journal not being in Italics and Journal is bunched up together. Sorry but Other than that enjoy my story. Oh and this story is mature content. Viewer suggestion has been advised. Especially around Chapter 15 and 20. I manage to delete chapter twenty five due to most of the horrific things. I would say that it is a recap of chapter 15 as a second person with sight see it. So I deleted that chapter. I will have chapter twenty six and the rest be there just this site wont have my chapter 25. I also did not put up chapter 30 due to the fact that it involves another person seeing something horrific. So if my chapters is not complete then go to Deviant Art.com for chapters 1-26.

I started on my Naruto Fanfiction but it still in the works and halted by writer's block. I may not guarantee that it will be pretty. I just made one mistake that I should of fixed on the Prologue. If anybody tell me its mainland I know I did not check the spelling before I submitted it. T_T However the story is still on the works so enjoy the Prologue. Others might come up.

New story just started. Hopefully it will get done either by today or tomorrow. Enjoy my first Megaman Fanfiction (Celeste the beyondard) and my series I have created.

Disclaimer: I do not own Legend of Zelda, Megaman, Naruto or any of its characters. They belong to its respective owners. I just want to get that clear. I may not say in the stories but I am saying it here now before I have my neck ringed or something else bad happens. I listen to complains if it is something like page break, grammar, paragraphs problems. If you have problem with the characters,storyline or plot, then do not read. I am not changing those for nothing. Other than that enjoy my fanfiction.

As for Tamakaro Story, the story in Deviant art is adult rated. So if anyone tries to read that story in Deviant art it is highly viewers suggestion advised.

Currently Working on:

Tamakaro's Story (Legend of Zelda) (Almost done)

Kilamari's and Yae: Search for their past and true names (Naruto) (writers block)

Coming up stories:

Marionette's the Wanderer (Megaman)

Survival Stories of the Search and rescue team (Megaman)

Phantom's Log (Megaman Zero)

Completed Stories:

Majora's Mask Story (Legend of Zelda)

Celeste The Beyondard (Megaman NT Warriors or Rockman.EXE)

Fefnir's Log (Megaman Zero)

Leviathan's Sweet Log (Megaman Zero)

Harpuia's Log (Megaman Zero)

Megaman Series 1 completed.

Illumina's Quest (Megaman)

Magician: Darkness Awakening (Megaman)

Omega: Darkest Hour (Megaman)

Athena: A New Threat (Megaman)

Fefnir: Plans Unraveled (Megaman)

Unknown: Final Battle (Megaman)

Megaman Parody Completed

Fate and Destiny's Day at Work (Megaman)

Megaman Series 2 completed.

Priestess: Guardian of the Capsules (Megaman)

Relived as a Hero (Megaman)

Rhea's Rebuilding (Megaman)

Search for Answers (Megaman)

Viral Plans (Megaman)

I haven't updated for a while so bare with me. I am a once in a blue moon check on here. Though most of my stories can be found in TamakaroMakezai@deviantart.com

Well I might as well start who I support couples.

Megaman/Roll (Megaman NT warrior)

X/Alia (Megaman X)

Prairie/Girouette (Megaman ZX)

Prairie/ Vent (Megaman ZX)

Zero/ Iris (Megaman X)

Zero/ Ceil (Megaman Zero)

Harpuia/ Leviathan (Megaman Zero)

Lan/Maylu (Megaman NT warrior)

Axl/Pallette (Megaman X)

Link/ Tetra (Legend of Zelda: Windwaker)

Link/ Marin (Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening)

Link/ Ilia (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

Link/Midna (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

Naruto/Sakura (Naruto)

Temari/Shikamaru (Naruto)

Azuma/Kerenai (Naruto)

And so on. (List is long)

Couples that I cant stand.

Sasuke/Ino (Naruto)(I think Ino deserve better)

Anko/Naruto (Naruto)(I will definite detest this)

Jiraiya/(any females) (He is a pervert and old so no)(Maybe Tsunade that is a huge maybe)

Other than that I might make this list long too but that is I do not know.

Any info on me well I wont say.

You can find me at TamakaroMakezai@deviantart.com

I do travel into forums and you will find me in the following forum.


Chronicles of Hyrule

Email address well I do not tell it.

Please R&R my work when you can. I love to hear comments about you.

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