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So, a little about me. I'm gathering I'm a little older than the average fan fiction writer on here. I am a full time graduate student who usually has a lot on her plate. I write when I have time, or when I am trying to procrastinate. I could win an Olympic metal in procrastination.

I'm sorry for grammatical and spelling errors! These are definitely not areas I would identify as "strengths" if I was in a job interview. I was in the pathetic speller group all the way through eighth grade and I would love to tell you I graduated out of that group but no... that's when the teachers stopped torturing us with spelling tests. That little red squiggly line on word is my saving grace. I use commas... a little excessively... don't get caught up in it.

I've never posted any fiction I've written before this account, so I hope no one bashes me to pieces. I write for my own enjoyment and for the sense of accomplishment of getting the story out of my head and onto paper, or more accurately, the virtual screen of my laptop.

Thanks for taking the time to read my stories and thank you very much to anyone who reviews.


I also have a Polyvore Account under this same screen name, Adayamarie. I'm not sure how links work on this website so I'll just tell you how to find me. Use the search function and pick the "members" tab from the drop down menu. Search Adayamarie and I should pop up! The sets that have numbers are the sets that are insipred by Claire and the numbers correspond to the chapter number in Choices. Sets that don't have numbers are me just messing around with cute outfits for my dream closet.

Note to readers: SORRY it's been awhile since I updated Choices I'm super busy with work and I kinda hit a block with the ending!!! Don't give up on me, and thank you to all those who continue to read, check the story, add it to favorites/alerts, you guys rock even when I stink at updating! Thanks!

My take on Birkhoff:

Ok so in Chapter 6, when I introduced Birkhoff officially to the story I played him a little out of character. I’m aware of that. But we haven’t seen a ton of Birkhoff in the series yet, we don’t have much of a back story, and I don’t think he is a perpetual d-bag wherever he goes. My take on Birkhoff is that he is a character who usually out for himself with in division because he’s scared and he is constantly under immense pressure to prove his worth. Aaron Stanford said in an interview that he plays Birkhoff as one of the characters inside who is truly involved with division against his will. Although he acts in his own best interests almost exclusively, he isn’t 100% loyal to division and he’s already looked the other way at times in the series. I think he’s terrified but he can’t show it. So that fear builds up and comes out as d-bagness (is that a word? Probably not but lets go with it.). He can’t show his fear because fear means he doesn’t believe in division, and disloyalty leads to cancellation.

Reducing that fear for even a second, say by traveling alone halfway across the world or hanging out with Michael in the shooting range, might cause him to relax just enough to reveal an underlying personality that is rarely seen at division. In season 2 when he "flirts" with Sonya, the sleezy personanitly returns, just a smidge. I really think he should be with a girl that is not inside Division.

So anyway, I think if Birkhoff saw a way that he could have a relationship outside of division he would take it. He’s been alone for a very long time and he pushes everyone away with a vengeance. I think its getting to the point where he might need to change that. But if Birkhoff had a girlfriend he wouldn’t be nearly as flashy as Michael has been with Nikita, he wouldn’t flaunt around her apartment while he had a tracker, drive around London (the city with the most security cameras in the world), and he wouldn’t call her from the basement of division, but he would be ultra paranoid every single second. That being said, he’d protect himself as best as he could, and he’d keep the girl.

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