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Author has written 10 stories for Wild Arms, Final Fantasy VIII, Inuyasha, Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, and His Dark Materials.

Amg. I have no time to write anymore.

That's a lie actually, I'm just not working on any fanfictions at the moment. Sorry!


Stories Completed:

Contented:Wild ARMs 4) (one-shot)A post-game drabble that sort of reflects some thoughts Arnaud may have had. It's sort of awkwardly written, but it conveys what I want it to. (I mean, come on! It's just a drabble!)

Stories in progress:

No Reply: (Kingdom Hearts) Okay. This story was started on a whim...and will probably continue the same way. Which means...THAT'S RIGHT! No definite plot in mind, as of date. So far, this story is about a World Jumper named Key (clever, eh?) who tends to have an odd, introspective view of things. He can transport to worlds seemingly at will, but his destination is never quite what he seems to be aiming for. Who is this boy? How does he relate to Sora, Goofy, Donald, Riku, Kairi...even the Unknown? Beats me, too. I guess we'll all have to see where this story leads!

Stories on Vacation (on hiatus):

Pickle Wars: (Wild Arms 3)A war between our favorite group from Wild Arms 3 and the characters from Memories of Bluedecem. Humourous! (Hoorah! Thanksgiving special coming soon!)

Sasuke Must Die: (Naruto)Ihate Sasuke. I truly do. He's a prick and needs to die. So, Betsy and I have decided to dedicate an entire blurb of stories to the many ways Sasuke can die. No offense if you LIKE Sasuke, I did at first too. But man oh man, now he's just a horrible HORRIBLE...person? He's gonna hafta do alot to redeem himself in my eyes. The jerk.

Jet Virginia Love Stories: (Wild ARMs 3) A random assortment of blurbs and short stories between one of the cutest 'couples' from teh awesome vid game, Wild Arms 3. Please don't shoot me for adding to the overwhelming amount of J/V fluff already present:ducks and scurries away: I love it sooooo:is shot by angry people who despise J/V fluff: (40 reviews...It makes me so proud!)

Confessions of an Android Drama King : (WA3)A summary for this one...hmm...Beatrice comes back? I know! SOOO original!(sarcasm) and is all "RAWR!" and the others are like "tremble in fear" and Jet's like"I'm gonna kill myself...wah!" (another original thought!) (more sarcasm) And Virginia's like "Wings blah blah Wings blah blah Justice!" and Clive says some big words that I had trouble rephrasing (this is probably why Clive doesn't talk much in my fictions...Because 1.) he talks too much when he DOES talk 2.) he uses really big words that take some effort on my part to string together and make sound all Clive-ish...ButI still love him! That green-haired goober) And some Gallows stupidity. Despite the predictiveness, you should SO read it anyway...glances around nervously (Still working out the kinks)

Twisted Fate: (InuYasha)Do you believe in Destiny? And if so, can one's destiny be changed if fate was changed? In this story, a pair of strangers will go against rules and logic, and inevitably change fate, and perhaps, their destiny. ((BTW! This story has the Inu Gang as merpeople, fish, and other sea creatures! Tres different! Hehe))Plus, the wonderful Betsy has helped in a MAJOR part of this story. I've helped with plot, characters, research, study, and even writing. That's right. I've written the first part, and I edit. GJ Betsy. Way to get yourself motivated! WooT~! Now we just hafta wait for Sarah to finish the first chappy. Hehe. (GO BETSY! You write that story:holds up giant foam finger: Show it who's boss!) (Er...ask Betsy as far as updates go...)Ok, so Betsy is now gonna write the whole story... Maybe you'll get some updates soon... Lol... If Sarah ever gives me her first chapter ''

As you may have noticed this is a JOINT account, meaning there is more than one person using this penname to post stories. My partner in crime is my bestest friend EVAR, the lovely and talented Betsy. Unfortunatley, she does not do as much writing as she used to (or as much as I'd like her to), and very rarely uses this account to post things; now she mostly reads and reviews to the stories she loves.

Any questions on plot? Any questions about the story?Just bored and feel like talking? Feel more than welcome to contact me at either of the following:


AIM: Nekozumi333

You should all go and look at my buddy profile through aim... It's awesome!

Hi! My name is Betsy and I am 17 years old! ((I once got asked by a cop right after my birthday how old I was and I told him I was 16. After I started to walk away, it dawned me that Oh! I am 17 now! I felt like such a loser.)) Anyway, I am 17, very tall (I wish) and seckshi (I like to tell myself).

~Single and looking for 2 good men~

Betsy's Info

Aim: AnimeGoddess103

Yahoo: AnimeGoddess103


Email Address:

~~See a pattern?~~ Hehe

I love anime, vid games, anime, Yuki Eiri, anime, vid games, Yuki Eiri x9, music, disney songs, Yuki Eiri, anime, vid games, Yuki Eiri... so on and so on...

I don't write. I am no good. But I edit, re-edit, type, edit, type, read, give ideas, type, give comments, and act like a muse for my main writer, Sarah. Though sometimes, I am forced to write. ;_;

Oh yea, the pen name is AnimeGoddess for myself and S for Sarah. Go Sarah! WooT! Anyways, I am Sarah's muse, editor, and I supply her with the good ideas for stories such as Pickle Wars. I am also here to post stories Sarah has written but refused to let y'all read. Well, with me here YOU WILL! Mwa HAhahahHAHAHa Eat that Sarah! (Pasha, I will gladly eat it, grind it up, and put it in my stew before adding salt to it =P)

So she doesn't take all the credit, I do help with Pickle Wars and other stories! Don't giver her all the credit! It is a double thingy mabob and I am here; I feel so left out. :Cries: Don't leave me here aloneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!

Ok, done.

Luv luv! Thanks for reading our profile!

AGH! Don't look I'm NAKED!

...The profile ended like...up there...why're you still here?

Because you love me you say? sweet:blushes and runs away giggling like a little school girl:

Hoorah for Dilandau the nehkid hobo.

The only place my Uchiha blood is going is all over my brother's FACE!

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Final Fantasy VIII - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 602 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 1 - Published: 11/3/2004 - Squall L. - Complete
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