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Author has written 3 stories for Powerpuff Girls, and Hunger Games.

Hi there! My name is Lit, and I'd like to welcome you to my small corner of the internet. Fandoms are my life (at least, they are right now), and what better way to express my love for my fandoms then to write till my hands hurt? I usually update on weekdays during the school year. You can also check me out on my blog, Fangirly Thoughts (updates same as here), on Pinterest (I pin too much, may spam your feed), or Fictionpress.

Just remember, you'll never ever, ever find any smut or foul language in any of my stories. However there most likely will be be blood and violence (no promises).

What are my fandoms? What an excellent question!

Disney was, in essence, my childhood. I am obsessed with forgotten Disney characters (like Meg from Hercules), and pointing out the fact that Anna and Elsa ARE NOT THE FIRST DISNEY FEMINISTS (there's an example on my blog). I love the charm and cheesy feel of Disney movies of old, and I am always stoked to see what Disney will do next.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe. I love the Avengers (Team Cap, obviously), and Loki, and all thing Marvel-ous! Please don't mock me for this, but I haven't seen all the movies yet (still a work in progress) but you guys tend to be nice, so I trust you not to hate on me.

Percy Jackson. I've read the books more times than I can count, and I'm totally Athena. I ship the ships so hard (ships are life).

MLP: Friendship is magical. I've really got this thing for animated little girls shows, and I'm not sure if it's a problem or not. I love the TV show (still haven't seen the latest season since they won't put it on Netflix), and I think Applejack is obviously the best. The culture of the MLP fandom is just awesome, I mean you've got everyone from 10 year olds to 19 year olds talking about pretty ponies. The comic series is just so cool, I love it.

Powerpuff Girls! THEY FREAKING TOOK IT OFF NETFLIX!! NOT THE REBOOT!! I ship Blossick so hard, it's not even funny (why do you think I wrote Love is Ruff?), and I watched 2 seasons in one weekend. Originally, I wanted my YJ fanfic to be the popular one, but it's the PPG one that's been to most reviewed!

Young Justice. I still haven't decided between Dick/Zatanna or Dick/Barbara, which is a priority. I love the speedsters (In case you didn't notice), and I think Bart Allen is adorable. A good friend of mine told me about it during a particually heated debate on Marvel vs. DC (Jury's still out on that one.)

EVERYONE GIVE IT UP FOR AMERICA'S FAVORITE FIGHTING FRENCHMAN!!!!! LAFAYETTE!! I bought the Hamilton soundtrack (only $18 digital on Amazon), and I'm already addicted to it. Guns and Ships is really good, but I also like The Battle of Yorktown, and Satisfied. I'm total Hamilton trash (seriously), and if you say one word in that musical, I'll sing the whole thing for you. You're welcome. I also go through phases where I really love certain parts of the soundtrack. One week, I'd only listen to songs with Angelica and Eliza in them. Another week, it was strictly the fast rap songs. A few weeks ago, it was death and tragedy songs only (I still think those are the best). As of right now, Act II is my fave, because Daveed Diggs is one smooth Jefferson! And I love the Southern Democratic Republicans.

I joined the league of insane people AKA the Sherlockians. It's raining it's pouring hiatus is boring, I'm laughing I'm crying, my feels are dying. SEASON 4 OMG I CANNOT EVEN RIGHT NOW

I'm a budding singer who loves to perform, in fact, I'm almost addicted to being on stage. Be it for a presentation, song, skit, or anything reason at all, I love it. I've been singing and acting since I was in first grade, when I got to be in my church's children's choir. It was a total blast, and I've been hooked on performing ever since.

I never expected fanfiction to be such an eye-opener, but it really. It's a really fun way to write, and I'd consider some fanfictions to be just as good (if not better, I'm talking to you, Twilight and 50 Shades of Gray) as published books. They're way better than all that YA (Young Adult) crap that is the stock and trade of most libraries and bookstores. Then again, sometimes you just gotta read the YA crap for fun.

Please R&R my stories. I appreciate feedback, both positive and negative. It helps improve my writing.

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