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Joined 07-19-05, id: 858374, Profile Updated: 02-05-08, look blank space waiting to be filled. It's amazing how blankness can seem so intimidating at times. It sits there, calling to you to fill it, but also daring you to see if you're good enough to fill it well. Hopefully, I've filled my pages well. I leave that to others to judge.

Apparently, I filled my blank pages pretty well. If imitation or outright copying is any indication, a bit too well. You can reach me via email at Due to the fact that I'm finding my stuff republished all over creation, I'm pulling my story off

If you'll email me, I'm setting up a private link on my own web site. You can continue to read about what's going on there. I'll give you a user name and password.

Now, about me... I'm a computer/network geek by trade. I'm also an avid gamer. Nothing makes a bad day at the office better than coming home and taking it out on some NPC's. Now if I could just figure out how to get some of my customer's and co-worker's heads pasted on the little beasties, it would be just about the ultimate in stress relief. Now, I've been told that's a bit twisted, but if you worked with some of the in-duh-viduals I work with, you'd probably agree with me. I'm certain that several of you work with some real winners, too. I'm also an adreneline junky since childhood. It all started with a rather fiesty Shetland pony stallion when I was still in diapers. It still hasn't ended. I can tell you that the path has included skateboards, titanium grind inserts, snowboards, Nitromethane, and HelOx. What's next, I have no idea.

I've had almost everything you can imagine as a pet. I had a Burmese Python named "Junior" for several years. I finally gave him up when he got to be 19 feet long. I should have given him up sooner, since it's not safe to handle a snake that size alone. I had him since he was 22 inches long and he was very tame or I would not have kept him so long. He's now part of a breeding program to return Burmese Python's to the wild. Junior was far from my first snake. I've had a chicken, rabbits, hamsters, rats, gerbils, a chinchilla, a pig, several different snakes, a tarantualla, a geko, a chameleon, along with the innumerable cats and dogs. Most of my animals have been cast offs of some kind. I've generally taken them in because they needed a better home than the one that they had. The chinchilla, the cats, and most of the dogs came to me that way. My mare that I barrel raced on for so long, I bought because her owners were mistreating her. I've only ever actually paid money for two dogs and they lived with me until they died of old age. The rabbits weren't technically pets. I found out, with the rabbits, why you never name something you're planning to eat later. Having rabbit stew for dinner is one thing, but chewing on Mr Fluffy's leg is another matter entirely. Many of the cats and dogs were only with me for a time before I could find a real home for them.

There are only two things that freak me out. Neither of them's very rational - cockroaches and airplanes. I hate roaches and I hate to fly. The roaches I can't really explain. The airplane thing I can kinda understand. I was about 4, living on a military base, and we witnessed a mid-air collision. We watched it rain screaming people. Given that, I can understand why airplanes sorta freak me out. Other than that, I seem to be missing the "fear gene" that most people get. You know, that little thing that tells you stuff like "Anything that goes that fast can't be safe." or "Snakes can be poisonous". My parents had quite a time with me as a child, thanks to that. Most small children are afraid of falling. When I was 2, I jumped out of a shopping cart not realizing that the parking lot pavement would hurt worse than the tile at home. I jumped off the kitchen counter all the time and it was about the same height. I thought I'd be able to get down by myself. Seriously, what do you know when you're two? As I got older, it didn't really get much better. A lot of my preferred activies are "extreme" according to my orthapedists (yes, plural) and they keep telling me that I need to slow down. I keep telling them that there'll be time enough for that when I'm in the box.

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