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Hi Denizens of the Multiverse/s. My name is Crazy Minh. I am a student living in Sydney, Australia, and have currently written seven stories. I am a fan of Star Trek, Video Games, Anime, Red Dwarf, Brooklyn 99, Doctor Who, Firefly, Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer 40k, Shadowrun, William Gibson, Douglas Adams, Isaac Asimov, and plenty more. I am a avid reader, and mainly read Science Fiction and Fantasy. I am a advocate for Renewable Energy, Gender Equality, and a end to racism. My politics are progressive left-wing. I also hate the 'Man' (debatable whether he is even human!!) called Donald J Trump. Seriously, someone pull a Dallas on that idiot!!! Find a Grassy Knoll somewhere!!!! Get a sniper rifle of some description!!!

I am currently the author of a now-complete Borderlands 2 Story, a (now complete (with a sequel in progress)) Warhammer 40k Tau story, a fallout one-shot, a in-progress SubNautica Story, A now-published Destiny story set during the original game, as well as a indefinitely postponed Magic Ex Libris story. I am currently occupied with other considerations: on hiatus for two years, with occasional updates. Will be back by 2019-2020. Sorry for the inconvenience

As I live in Australia, I may be in a different timezone to you, and my stories may be slightly late. I have had a few people PM me about that, and it is partly due to my busy study requirements as a student, and partly because I don't have a schedule for writing and releasing stories. I'd like to do it more, but I ain't getting too much enthusiasm from the ~700 viewers/month (individual stories) that apparently are my readers. You guys do realise there is such a thing as 'Reviewing' and that I really don't mind people private messaging me.

So to all those who tread across this page, enjoy my stories, keep in mind that they are simply fanfiction (and obliged to be deviant from canon) and remember: Star Trek Discovery Sucks (totally and absolutely (worse than Enterprise)), Donald Trump is a Micro-phallic Fatso Bastard with little no redeeming qualities, and that you should Live Long and Prosper as much as you can.


8th January 2018; 7:00 AEST: Hello readers and Happy New Year!!! You may notice I 'reset' my news feed to avoid clutter. Well, I'm going to start the new year by announcing that I have started work on a science fiction novel called Eclipse. This original story is about a colony ship called the Eclipse fleeing a alien race through deep space, and the interactions of her crew as they try and survive another day. This story is one I hope to publish as a print novel. Getting back to my fanfiction, I am also announcing that I will be completely rewriting Depths of the Night as I am unsatisfied with the story. I will post a update for those who do not read this page and would like to follow the new iteration of the story. In addition to this, I will be writing less frequently. As I announced last year, I will be preoccupied for most of 2018 and will be completely unavailable in 2019. As this will obviously impact my commitment to my writing, I will assure you now that I will not orphan this account and my stories, and will be back by 2020. If the world hasn't been destroyed by the MAD-approaching tantrum between Donald Trump and North Korea. I mean, fuck. It's like a frakking playground now with world politics. Can't politicians stop acting like small children fighting over who gets the most toys??? Ugh, it's enough to make me want to leave Earth and go to Mars. Speaking of which, Outbound Hopes is already planned up to the point where Ace will be investigating the Black Garden on Mars and fighting the Cabal. Unfortunately, I haven't written anything as promised last year. My ageing MacBook carked it before I went away, and I only just set up this new computer I'm writing this on. Fortunately, all my documents were backed up to a external hard drive, and I still have all the WIP stories I was working to deliver. Anyway, great hopes for 2018!!! Let's hope that this year is a great one for humanity, and there happens to be a assassination of Donald Trump.

23rd January 2018; 7:50 AEST: Hello Readers, and there is news!!! Tomorrow, at 1:15pm AEST, the underwater survival game Subnautica will finally launch from the Early Access release to the full Version 1.0. Subnautica has been a favourite of mine, as it could run on my old mac, and had a fantastically imagined alien enviroment UNDERWATER!!! As you know, next month I will be removing and revamping my subnautica fanfic 'The Depths of the Night', partly due to the release of the full game, but also due to the nature of the work as one of my first published stories. Unfortunately, those plans have been pushed back to mid February, to early March. I have extensive exam prep coming up, and I have not yet found the time to write much the last few weeks. In fact, I'm severely behind on Outbound Hopes; Life, Loyalty and Eternal War and other in-progress stories. I'm trying to juggle several important jobs, write chapters for multiple stories, and also balance my off-time (well, off time that I take from working, studying and writing my stories), and I'm also still working on 'Eclipse', my sci-fi novel I plan to publish in print. So yeah, I'm pretty busy. Though, I always have time for you, my readers and supporters. If you have any questions about my plans for this year, anything in my stories, or just anything in general, PM me and I'll try to come back to you. I get emailed any alerts from Fanfic, so I'll get back to you in good time. Anyways, let's hope that 2018 goes as smoothly as it usually does!!! Oh, I almost forgot. There is a movie coming out, called Ready Player One. Thing is, if you haven't already read the original book by Earnest Cline, do so before the movie comes out. Anyway, that's all!!! For reals this time. No seriously. For. Reals.

24th January 2018; 10:30 AEST: Well, in about three hours folks, the launch livestream of Subnautica will go live on Twitch and YouTube. For those who have already purchased Subnautica before the V1.0 release, I wish you good luck in launching off the watery hellhole that you have struggled to survive on for >= 3 years. In other news, I am working on a paetron page I will be accepting donations through. You don't have to do so, it will simply help me pay for trivial every day things, and take some load off my back so that I can continue working on my fanfiction. You are not obligated to pay, and the page is not fully ready yet. I will post the link at the top of this page in a little while. I know, this is a cheap and dirty way of getting money. But, I'm currently juggling many different obligations, and I would really appreciate the extra cash. I won't be asking for much. AT the very most, 10 dollars a month in return for a reward. I'm currently trying to think of rewards. I think I might end up putting my biggest contributors into a story as supporting characters. Or, you might end up in my print novel Eclipse, that I am currently working on. Either way, I would appreciate the money. Thanks readers, and May The Force Be With You; The Wind Be At Your Back; And Fortune Shine Upon You.

4th March 2018; 3:50 AEST: RIP Stephen Hawking.

23rd April 2018; 11:20 AEST: Hello readers, and sorry for the lack of updates the past two months. Work has stalled on the rewrite of Depths of the Night, as I'm having a rather bad case of writers block with the new story. Outbound Hopes chapter 9 is coming along well, but I had to rewrite it several times, which is why there's been a rather long delay. Life, Loyalty and Eternal War chapter3 has also stalled, and that one is one of the projects I'm trying to work on. I've been slack, I know, but I've had a lot on my mind recently. Anyway, I've published a new story, one about the popular video game Elite Dangerous!!! This one is called Elite Wing, and focuses on a group of pilots who are drafted into serving alongside a massive combined strike force against the Thargoids. I've recently joined the player group Canonn Research, and the story will include the Gnosis as either a story element or a brief mention. I'll just throw that literary bone to the slavering hoards around me. Anyway, I'm still technically on hiatus, so work will be slowed still. I'm having to deal with extreme writers block, and a lot of things are happening in my personal life. Thank you to all my new followers!!! That would be Darman Skirata, DeahtLegend, Bryan.Vanderhook, Willtad and Zwriter1. That's all readers!!!



I got this from the AWSOME KnightsKing, who really deserves a thumbs up for putting the following on their profile.

Dear bullies,

See that boy doing his homework in home room? Last night he talked His friend out of suicide.

See that young boy you had made fun of for always being sick? He has to walk home in the snow cause his family is too poor.

The girl you just called fat? She is overdosing on diet pills

The girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her.

The boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home.

See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for his country.

That guy you just made fun of for crying? His mother is dying.

Put this as you're profile if you're against bullying.

Thanks to:


Corbyl Undromeil








Assassin In The Black 1783





Darman Skirata





For Supporting my Work. Great work guys!! :)

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Elite Wing
The Thargoids are coming, and the galaxy must prepare for war. With the superpowers combining their military strength to fight off the oncoming storm, one group of pilots will influence the course of the war. The Antares conflict has begun. This is my second story for 2018, and I know I haven't updated recently. But, this is what I've been working on. Enjoy!
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