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Author has written 3 stories for Persona Series, and Pokémon.

ALL STATUS UPDATES TO STORIES CAN BE FOLLOWED HERE (damus1cmahn.wordpress.com/fanfiction-works/)

An Introduction:

Greetings, fellow readers and writers of fanfiction! Ever since I had read my first fanfic in January 2012, I just couldn’t stop reading. Now, I feel compelled to step into the world of fictional composition and write my own takes on celebrated franchises. I hope you all enjoy (and criticize) my works. I live off of the opinions of others as I believe we all can help each other reach new heights. Also, don’t be afraid to PM me if you have any questions or confusions about elements of my work.

About Me:

Currently, I am a Network Engineer in Northern Virginia/Washington, DC. I live by myself, which enables me to have a lot of quiet space to think. I specialize in information technology, specifically networking. I have worked and interned for many technology companies including Cisco Systems and iland Internet Solutions.

Other than reading and writing, I am a classically trained musician. I play electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, violin, piano, and I also sing (which includes screamed, growled, and death metal style vocals). I own a small recording studio at my house and regularly record original works as well as covers (my current cover project involves select songs from the Persona 3 and 4 soundtracks). For guitars, I own a Fender Telecaster with active humbuckers and a mahogany body with a set-neck, a Schecter Blackjack SLS C-7 A 7-string guitar, an Ibanez BTB675 5-string bass, and an Ibanez SR500 4-string bass. I have a custom-built computer to handle the processing power of recording projects.

Other things I like to do are weight lifting, running, tennis, [American] football, photography, and car-modding. For photography, I own a Nikon D7000.

Writing Style:

My goal in writing fanfiction is to express my love and passion for these particular franchises. My style of writing doesn't involve meeting goals for word count per chapter; I will write until it reaches a good stopping point (or present a good cliffhanger). I usually like to outline a story until the end before writing all of the details; this way, I will not be swayed too much by changes and stray away from the original idea. I cannot free-write an entire story like some authors can. I also like to develop various “articles” and “tools” to help me envision what is happening in the story, such as maps, building designs, and guides.


WordPress (for any and all updates regarding my FanFiction Works) - damus1cmahn.wordpress.com

Self Against Shadow (my solo music project) - selfagainstshadow.bandcamp.com

Twitter (for updates to stories and cover/original projects alike) - twitter.com/da_mus1c_mahn

YouTube (for music covers) - www.youtube.com/user/damus1cmahn

SoundCloud (for music demos) - soundcloud.com/selfagainstshadow

Preferred Fandoms I Write for and Read:

All of my works take place in a custom universe per franchise. See below for details.

Pokémon – My works in here are meant to be read chronologically
Persona Series (Persona 3 and 4, specifically) – My works in here are meant to be read chronologically
Dragon Ball [Z] (I generally don’t like GT, so I tend to not read or write those) – My works in here can be read as a standalone, or can be treated as chronological

My Take on Ships:

Although many shippers pair based on “cuteness” and “do they look good together”, I tend to ship based on logic, reasoning, and evidence in the plot lines. If the ship is made blatantly known, I will consider that canon; if not, I will not say that “ship” is canon or want it to be canon. That being said, many theoretical ships do work (however conflicting they may be), but they have to make sense to me.

Preferred Ships (bold pairings indicate favorite paring):

Pokémon – Anime (all ships are theoretical):
Ash x Misty = Pokeshipping
May x Drew = Contestshipping
Brock x Lucy = Luckshipping
Jessie x James = Rocketshipping

Pokémon – Manga (Pokémon Adventures) (all ships are theoretical):
Red x Blue/Green (female) = Luckyshipping
Red x Yellow = Specialshipping
Gold x Crystal = MangaQuestshipping
Pearl x Platinum = Haughtyshipping/MangaTwinleafshipping
Red x Misty = MangaPokeshipping

Pokémon – Game:
Red x Leaf = Burningleafshipping (I think its synonymous with Luckyshipping)

Persona 4/Golden (all ships are theoretical):
Yu x Rise
Yu x Yukiko
Yu x Marie
Yosuke x Chie
Kanji x Naoto

Persona 3/FES/P (all ships are theoretical):
Makoto/Minato x Yukari
Makoto/Minato x Minako
Akihiko x Mitsuru
Junpei x Chidori

Dragon Ball (most ships listed here are canon; these are my favorites to read and write):
Gohan x Videl
Krillin x Android 18
Trunks x Marron (not canon; theoretical)

Shingeki no Kyojin (all ships are theoretical):
Eren x Mikasa
Levi x Petra

Sasha x Potato (hahaha...had to throw that one in there)

KILL la KILL (all ships are theoretical):
Houka x Nonon
Ira x Mako
Ryouko x Uzu

Oregairu (all ships are theoretical):
8man x Yui
8man x Yukino
8man x Iroha
8man x Yumiko (this is my favorite crack pairing, as well as my favorite overall to read, as it will never happen)
8man x Hina
...at this point, I'm dying for someone to take 8man because he really deserves it...

Ships I disapprove of:

I have this section because I have no idea who thought these pairings up, but these just downright don’t make sense. I will still read them if lumped with other ships I do approve of.

Pokémon – Manga:
Blue/Green (male) x Blue/Green (female) = Oldrivalshipping – this pairing just does not make sense at all

Dragon Ball:
Trunks x Pan – I see chemistry here, but this is more of a big-bro/little-sis thing; the 13 year age difference doesn’t help, either
Goten x Bra – where did this come from?!

Shingeki no Kyojin:
Eren x Levi – This is perhaps the most puzzling of the pairings I've come across so far in ANY fandom. Not just because I'm not a fan of the Yaoi/Ho-Yay aspect of it, but the fact that it is more of a leader/follower/respect relationship. I definitely CANNOT see this as even remotely romantic
Levi x Mikasa – Mikasa hates Levi's guts; Levi definitely does not prefer Mikasa as a person. Mutual respect for each other's abilities is there, but the romance is definitely not implied
Jean x Mikasa – as stated in the canon version, it's one-sided on Jean's part, no matter how hard he tries
Jean x Marco – no.

KILL la KILL (all ships are theoretical):
Any of the Yuri/Les-Yay/Slash pairings – I don't like to read these, although I understand that Mako may have some yuri feelings for Ryouko, but even I can't seem to see it.

Works in Progress:


Stories here have their outline approved and are being written.

Pokémon – “Pokémon Alternis: A Journey’s Beginning” – This is a large scale project where I attempt to take elements and ideas from each of the universes and throw them all together to make an adventure of the lifetime. Ash will be merged with Red, Leaf with Green/Blue, and Gary with Blue/Green. You can pretty much tell which characters came from which universe. All main characters’ personalities are going to be slightly altered to fit the scope and nature of the plot. There are also going to be new elements added to this work not seen previously in any of the universes. This is an attempt to make Pokémon more in tune with the real world. This work is the Kanto Arc of the project; there are five planned arcs (for each generation). Parings: Ash x Leaf, Ash x Misty, Ash x Amber (Yellow); Red x Blue/Green (female), Red x Misty, Red x Yellow; Luckyshipping/BurningLeafshipping/Furthershipping, Pokeshipping/Pokemangashipping, Specialshipping

Persona Series – “Persona 4X: The World’s Universe” – This project is a crossover of Persona 3[FES] and 4[G] and will detail the life of Shadow Ops and The Investigation Team after Persona 4: Arena (and the soon-to-be-released expansion). This specific work is the first arc of three arcs. Pairings: Yu x Rise; Akihiko x Mitsuru; Makoto x Yukari; Yosuke x Chie; Kanji x Naoto

Persona Series – “Persona 4X: The World’s Beginning” – Prequel to "The World's Universe". This is a novelization on Persona 4 [Golden] including scenes from the game, the anime, and the Golden anime. This has a very heavy emphasis on the Lover's Social Link, as the main pairing is Yu x Rise. There is minor Yosuke x Chie and Kanji x Naoto shipping.

Coming Soon:
Stories here have the concept finalized and are now receiving detail treatment (outlines, detailed characterization, sub-concepts, etc.)

Dragon Ball Z – “DBZ: Change of Fate” – This project explores the possibility of Videl as a Saiyan and Erasa as an Android, all while looking into the life of Gohan Son and his attempt at adaptation into high school. This takes place in an alternate universe where some events are similar, but some change due to the nature of the story. There will be some familiar elements as well as new elements not seen or previously overlooked by the canon universe. This is one part of a 3-part series that will focus on pairings through the Majin Buu Saga. The main pairings in this work are Gohan x Videl and Erasa x Sharpner.

Stories here have received basic plot synopsis treatment and are undergoing the concept actualization process (concept, main characters, themes, etc.).

Persona Series – “Persona 4X: Horizons Unleashed” – The Shadow Ops (former Investigation Team) go to college. Set 2 years after “The World’s Universe”. This is the second arc of the three arc series.

Dragon Ball Z – “DBZ: Never Alone” – A look into the relationship of Krillin and Android 18, and to a lesser extent, Vegeta and Bulma. This is set 7 years before “Missing Pieces” and travels through the 7 years between the Cell Saga and the Majin Buu Saga.

Pokémon – “Pokémon Atlernis: Rocket Retaliation” – The Johto Arc of the Alternis project.

Dragon Ball Z – “DBZ: Fates Collide” – A look into the lives of Trunks and Marron. Set during and after the Majin Buu Saga.

Persona Series – “Persona 5X: Breaking Chains” – The high school life of Nanako Dojima as she and her friends deal with an old threat, which the Shadow Ops set out to end it once and for all. Set 5 years after “Horizons”. This is the final arc of the four arc series. May include material from Persona 5.

Stories here have had initial idea conceived, but no plot synopsis treatment yet.

Persona Series – “Persona 3X: End of Days” - The novelization of Persona 3 [FES]. This will be a Makoto x Yukari fic.

Fun Facts (bold are favorites):

MyAnimeList for any anime updates!

My top 10 anime:

Note: [x] denotes multiple seasons and the name of the subsequent seasons

  1. Clannad [After Story]
  2. Monogatari (Series)
  3. Steins;Gate
  4. Shingeki no Kyojin
  5. Persona 4: The Animation (this had to be in here since it's what got me back into anime...and gaming...and the entire Persona fandom)
  6. Kill la Kill
  7. High School DxD
  8. Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou
  9. Angel Beats!
  10. Toradora!

Games Completed: Persona 4: The Golden, Pokemon (up to Gold and Silver)

Games in Progress: Persona 3 FES (I know the entire story, just wanted to experience the game play), Persona 4: Arena

Games on Hold: Gravity Rush, Kanon, Rewrite

Future Games: Pokemon X and Y, and maybe some of the older Pokemon Games post GSC-era, Persona 5 (when released), Persona Q (when released), Person 4: Dancing All Night (when released), Persona 4: Ultimax, Clannad, Little Busters!

Survey (haven't done these in 6 or so years) (As of 1/05/2014):

Do You...

1. Write stories? Yes; I also write and compose music and lyrics
2. Write fanfiction? Why else am I on here with published stories? lol
3. Read anything for fun often? From time to time I will pick up a novel of the science fiction, fantasy, and/or action genre, but fanfiction is more readily accessible and convenient for me
4. Like school? I enjoy learning new things, but go to a place where your life and future depended on it? No.
5. Like plushies? I grew out of the plushie phase of my life over 10 years ago


1. Thing you drank? Champagne…don’t really remember which one though
2. Friend you talked to? Amanda
3. Song you've listened to? “Different Sense” – Dir En Grey (I’m a HUGE J-Rock/Metal fan)


1. Color? Red, Black (in a combo); Blue, Black (in a combo)…I guess it has to be Black
2. Number? 59
3. Person to talk to? Three way tie between Amanda, Peter, and Andy
4. Slang to use in speech? lulz
5. Keyboard shortcut? Ctrl C, Ctrl X, Ctrl V in that order; Ctrl Click
6. Favorite nickname? Pham
7. Curse or cuss word/phrase? Fuck (this is the most used cuss word out of me)

Things You Dislike Most

1. Kind of person? Judgmental and the Prejudice. Also, the Pretentious
2. Food? Spicy food and Shellfish
3. Least favorite quality of yourself? That I’m naturally introverted to the point where it’s just considered awkward every time I open my mouth talking to someone I don’t know very well and don’t trust very much

How You Feeling?

1. Feel happy? Meh
2. Feel sad? Meh
3. Feel like destroying the world? Meh
4. Feel like persuading someone to come over to the Dark Side? Well, I don’t really have cookies on me at the moment, so I assume this is out of the question.
5. Feel tired? Very much so (thank you hangovers)

Things About You

1. Think you're crazy? At times where I purposely act like a douche/idiot xD
2. Think you're normal? Yes, because normal is the perceived state of mind where the individual feels most comfortable, which varies from person to person. Ergo, no one is normal
3. You brave? At some things, yes. At other things, no
4. You strong? I can say I can bench 165 Lbs at 3 sets of 8 and max bench at 215 Lbs, but does that make me strong? Hardly. But what I define as strong is the willingness to push one’s self to his limits, no matter what the cost, physically and mentally. That’s why I think I’m strong
5. You smart? Academically? Technically, yes. Emotionally? I’m dumber than rocks. Socially? I’m considered retarded.
6. Name? This information remains to be undisclosed and deemed classified by the top order of the CIA
7. Male or female? Male
8. Best fandom? Persona, by far. Used to be Pokemon before this.
9. Star sign? Gemini
10. Can you pull off a poker face? Better than Lady Gaga


1. Friend? Kenny?
2. First favorite color? Green
3. Email server you used? Gmail. And stuck with it ever since

Better With Opposite Sex?

1. Shorter or taller? Shorter
2. Besides appearance, what quality do you hold most important? Ability to care and support me, no matter the situation
3. Hook-up or relationship? Relationship
4. Loud or quiet? More the quiet type, but loud is okay to an extent (not sorority loud…that shit’s annoying)

Have You Ever...

1. Shoplifted? No
2. Gotten arrested (for shoplifting or otherwise)? Almost…but no
3. Ran away from home? No
4. Broken someone's heart? Yes…and I regret it to this day…
5. Tried to act like a stereotypical gangsta? Welcome to my middle school life
6. Broken a hat? Yup…cheap hats
7. Broken a supposed delicate item (like glassware or statues)? I’ve broken many things
8. Considered acting like a character from a fandom for fun? I cosplay as Red from Pokemon Adventures, Yu Narukami from Persona 4, and Minato Arisato/Makoto Yuki from Persona 3. And I have pictures to prove it.
9. Tasted black licorice and liked it? Huh…what’s that? (I’m not much of a sweets person)
10. Been sent on an amazing and epic journey to save the world? Yup! I’ve saved the world from Team Rocket, Nyx, and Izanami!

Do you believe...

1. In yourself? Quote: “How can you help someone when you can't help yourself?”
2. In a certain religion? I’m a devout Buddhist…minus the vegetarian part…
3. That the world can ever fix itself from the shit it's gotten itself into? Conflict will always be around, whether we like it or not. World peace is merely a dreampipe
4. Acting optimistic is a lost cause? For group morale, this is essential
5. That someone loves you? There’s someone out there, but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack
6. That Death is the end? The path from one side of the door to the other is always filled with mystery. Who knows what’s bound to happen on the other side?
7. That the concept of Truth is shrouded in mystery, half-truths, lies and fog? Give me my damn glasses. Myriad Truths!


Did you answer everything truthfully? Truthfully

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