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Updated June 8, 2015:

Hello all - it's been forever since I've updated this profile, so I think it is more than time to get it taken care of! First off... I have been firmly stuck on the notion of getting my original works published over the past decade and haven't really been taken by the fan fiction bug like I used to be. So what's here, for the foreseeable future is all there will be.

Still, I truly appreciate all the support, reads, and faves dropped on my stories' doorsteps over the past fourteen years! I'm glad to know that my work still has an audience here and that people like what they see in my works!


If you like these fanfics, I would like to invite you over to www.fictionpress.com/~darwin for an array of original stories:(Updated 20 July)

Currently there are a myriad of The Only Half Saga stories posted. Eventually they will be taken down as their time approaches for publishing... until then, enjoy! :D They are pretty spoilerish if you've not read Before the Fall, Redemption, and Endgame - at the same time they are all able to stand on their own without the novels' pretext.

Along with it Michael (a Gemutations tale) is still posted - about a teen mutant in an all human high school and how he deals with not only his own transformation, but the reactions of classmates, teachers, and the community.

There are a few other short stories posted there, either in a continuing story or completed sets of chapters! I hope you'll take a moment to head over there and take a look! Definitely drop me a review and let me know what you think!


(Updated 17 May, 2015)

Gemutations: Plague Unfortunate Circumstance Tom wakes up in a strange environment with no knowledge of how he got there. He's soon about to find out, that escape may be impossible.

The Only Half Saga Invasion is nearing a close. Meirakat's army parks itself on the doorstep of the Arturo residence and it's up to Cabal and Company to get them out of the mess Garrett's gotten them into. But at what cost?

BOOKS FOR PURCHASE(Updated 08 June, 2015)

The Only Half Saga: Before the Fall Cabal was born to a vampire mother - his father was human, but turned the night of his conception. That has made Cabal a being wanted by neither human nor vampire societies. With only his mother for company, he's found that there are things even she cannot help him with about his differences. Things are made doubly difficult for them when the bombs fall - and they find they have to struggle through the detritus left behind.

The Only Half Saga: Redemption After 150 years the Earth is finally showing signs of bouncing back from nuclear devastation. Cabal is still tracking his father through the remnants of North America. A lead brings him to the town of Redemption. Though his intention is to gather information and move on, he finds himself remaining. Cabal never thought he would ever find acceptance much less love. In Redemption he manages to find both.

Tales from the Dead Zone(Vol1): A collection of short stories filling the missing years between the Only Half novels.

The Brothers Martin: Forgotten Ties Dr. Tom Martin is brought the worst case of his medical career. Standard medical techniques will not save Ms. Stevenson's life and he is forced to use experimental cybernetic techniques to bring her back from the brink. His efforts to make the process as minimally invasive as possible keep getting thwarted - which leads him to believe there is something much more sinister about the course her recovery is taking. This case is threatening to expose things about Tom's past he would rather remain secret.

Gemutations: Mercenaries and Angels, the 10th anniversary, second edition is now available! Tigershark is a mercenary working for the CEO of a megalomerate. He's there to tie up loose end official channels can't know about. His current assignment is an information sabateur, and hunting her he finds out things aren't always what they seem on the surface!

Gemutations: Plague Six years after the events of Mercenaries and Angels, David has taken on a new role in society, an advocate for gemue rights. Already facing some of the worst prejudice in recent history, gemues' lives only stand to get worse when creatures appear that can spread their mutation like a common cold. It is up to David and Angelina with the unexpected help of Dr. Tom Martin and his brother Steve to stop the virus before it becomes a plague.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to review on the site and those who have written me at home in support of my different lines of stories! And all who recommended my work...you are great!


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Being Alpha reviews
The Elders have fallen, vampire and lycan, leaving a power vacuum that could destroy both species. Michael and Selene must gain control of the factions and stop the war. Chpt 9: Selene and Kahn trek into the Lycan's den, but who really needs saving?
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